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Location Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo

Kotaro is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Kotaro is a peaceful, child-like monk that seems troubled by the pounding pain in his head. When you meet him, he explains that he is searching for a pure white flower and seems to regret losing track of several children he used to know and travel with.

Kotaro Information

  • Location: Kotaro can be found near the Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo Sculptor's Idol, just outside and down the right from where you enter the area.

  • Combat: Possible; by choosing certain options while dealing with Kotaro, the player may find themselves confronting the man as an enemy.

  • Progression: Depending on how you progress and complete his quest, Kotaro may either:
    • 1) Move to the Halls of Illusion, which requires players to give him a White Pinwheel and then use the Double Divine Abduction Prosthetic Tool on Kotaro after he has specifically asked you to "Send him away,".

    • 2) Move to where Anayama the Peddler has set up shop in the Ashina Outskirts, which requires players to both: A) progress Anayama's questline up to the point where he asks you to find him "help"; then, B) convince Kotaro to go work for Anayama, which requires you to give Kotaro the Red and White Pinwheel
       and then select the dialogue option "Tell him about Anayama the Peddler."

    • 3) Move to the Abandoned Dungeon as part of Doujun's questline, which simply requires players to give Kotaro the Red and White Pinwheel and then select the dialogue option: "Lure to Abandoned Dungeon."

  • Rewards: Depending on how the player chooses to finish Kotaro's quest, they may be rewarded with one of the following:

Associated Quests

  • Dealing with Kotaro is required for finishing not only his own personal quest, but also the quests of Anayama the Peddler and a version of Doujun
    's quest. (A possible reward of completing Kotaro's quest in a specific way, the Taro Persimmon, can also be used to progress the questline of the Divine Child of Rejuvenation—though obtaining and giving her this item it is not necessary in order to progress and/or finish her quest.)

Options for finishing Kotaro's Questlines:

  • Option A: Acquire a White Pinwheel, which is located at the top of Mt. Kongo, and return to him with the item. The "flower," is actually a White Pinwheel that you can find in Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo after the Shugendo Idol by taking a detour instead of going through the mini-boss bridge to Armored Warrior. After giving Kotaro the flower, he will state that he wants to be "Sent Away," which requires you to find and then use the Divine Abduction prosthetic tool on him. Doing so will send Kotaro to the Halls of Illusion, which is where this version of his quest ends. When interacted with in the Hall, he will thank you and give you a Taro Persimmon, which can then be given to the Divine Child of Rejuvenation when she asks for a Persimmon as part of her questline, but is not necessary in order to finish her questline. 

    • ATTENTION: if you give Kotaro the White Pinwheel, you cannot then also give him the Red and White Pinwheel in order to try and proceed with either Option B or Option C, below. He simply will not ask you for anything else.

  • Option B: Acquire a Red and White Pinwheel, which is also located near the Shugendo Sculptor's Idol in Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo. Return the pinwheel to Kotaro, then insist he take it even though it isn't what he wants. From here, so long as you have progressed the questline of Anayama the Peddler to the point where he asks you to find him "help," you can speak with Kotaro and choose the dialogue option: "Tell him about Anayama the Peddler," in order to complete both quests. Choosing this option sends Kotaro to Ashina Outskirts, and will both upgrade Anayama's shop to its final level and, later on, also allow you to buy the Promissory Note from Anayama once the Interior Ministry Army has invaded.

    • ATTENTION: though completing Kotaro's quest in this way will upgrade Anayama's shop with new items (including an infinite stock of Ako's Sugar), and net you your Promissory Note, you will NEVER be able to receive the Taro Persimmon should Kotaro be sent to Anayama.

  • Option C: Should you have agreed to help Doujun after speaking with him in the Abandoned Dungeon, you may instead choose the dialogue option "Lure him to the Abandoned Dungeon," when prompted after giving Kotaro the Red and White Pinwheel. Doing so will reward you with 3 x Lump of Fat Wax and helps finish Dojun's questline, but also eventually turns Kotaro into an enemy and will also lock you out of getting the Taro Persimmon.

  • Endings impacted
    • Giving a Taro Persimmon, or any other normal Persimmon for that matter, to the Divine Child of Rejuvenation is required to both progress her questline and ultimately obtain the Return (Dragon's Homecoming) alternate ending. (See the Divine Child or Endings guide pages for specific details.)

    • It is possible to BREAK Kotaro's OPTION A Quest by either:
      • 1) Sending him to the Hall of Illusion BEFORE giving him the White Pinwheel AND talking to him about getting "Sent Away," or

      • 2) Trying to do both Option A and Option B at the same time; though you can send Kotaro to the Hall of Illusion after completing Anayama's quest/getting the final upgrade to his shop, Kotaro will NOT give you the Taro Persimmon if you do this. Only pick ONE of the Options to avoid complications.


First Approach:

  • Kotaro:
    • "They left me here..."
      "Where did everyone go? Why did you leave Kotaro behind?"
      "Now what do I do...?"

Dialogue Opportunity 1 :

Ask him why he's crying:

  • Sekiro:
    • "Why are you crying?"
  • Kotaro:
    • "Everyone's gone, I'm all alone."
  • Sekiro:
    • "Who's everyone?"
  • Kotaro:
    • "Everyone? ...Huh? Who?"
      "Nnh... Ghh... Unhh..."
    • " 'The spinning, spinning, red and white flowers...'
        'Only one, pure white flower...'
        'The pure white flower I cannot find...' "
  • Sekiro:
    • "What?"
  • Kotaro:
    • "Nngh... My head...hurts..."
      "I have...no idea what I'm saying"
      "I just ... I've got to find the 'pure white  flower' "

Dialogue Opportunity 2:

Before finding the White Pinwheel  or the Red and White Pinwheel, Kotaro will continue to repeat the following three lines until either one or both of the pinwheels has been obtained:

  • Kotaro:
    • "They left me all alone..."
      "And I have to find the 'pure white flower' "
      "Where could it be...?"

Dialogue 2A:

  • Do Nothing
    • This ends the conversation.

Spoken to again, after finding White Pinwheel and/or Red and White Pinwheel .
(You will receive the same three lines, as above in 2A, and retain the choice to Do Nothing.)

  • B: Give Red and White Pinwheel
  • C: Give White Pinwheel

Dialogue 2B: Give Red and White Pinwheel

  • Sekiro:
    • "Is this what you're looking for?" 
  • Kotaro:
    • "Uuh... That's a 'red and white flower'. I'm looking for a 'pure white flower'.
  • Sekiro
    • "I see..."
  • Kotaro:
    • "But you... You're trying to help. Thank you... You're a good man."
  • Sekiro:
    • "A pure white flower..."
  • Kotaro:
    • Um... Um... Yes... It flew away... Yes, that's right. The 'pure white flower' flew away. 

You can then choose to Give White Pinwheel (if you have it), Suggest a travel destination (if following Anayama the Peddler or Doujun's questlines) or Do nothing.

Tell him about Anayama the Peddler

  • Sekiro:
    • "There's a peddler named Anayama near Ashina Castle looking for help. You should give him a hand." 
  • Kotaro:
    • "Um... Um... I mean, if everyone comes back, I won't be here but... I AM pretty lonely... All right, I'll do it. I'll go and see. 
  • Sekiro:
    • "You should."
  • Kotaro:
    • "Hehehe. You really are a good man."

If spoken to again before moving

  • Kotaro:
    • "The peddler, Anayama, right? All right, I'll do it. I'll go and see." 

If spoken to after moving next to Anayama

  • Kotaro
    • "Ohh, Mr. Shinobi. Anayama is a good man. He called me here to mourn those who died in battle. We take off the armor, cleanse the body, and make proper graves. Times as they are, decent burials don't happen as much as they should..." (If spoken to again, he repeats this dialogue starting from "Anayama is a good man"). 


Dialogue 2C: Give White Pinwheel

  • Kotaro:
    • "Is this the 'pure white flower'? "
      "Ah... Ahhhhh...! That's...!"
      "Ohhhh... I remember now..."
    • "Everyone... They are children of the rejuvenating waters..."
      "And... I remember I tried to find a pure white pinwheel?"
      "A pinwheel... for that child..."
    • "...Hey, can I ask a favor?"
  • Sekiro:
    • What?
  • Kotaro:
    • "Could you spirit me away?"
  • Sekiro:
    • "I don't follow."
  • Kotaro:
    • "I know about you. You're a shinobi, right?"
      "Those monks say... Shinobi can spirit people away... make them disappear as if they were never there."
  • Sekiro:
    • "Why do you want that?"
  • Kotaro:
    • "I'm sure that everyone will be...wherever I disappear to."
      "And then I'll get to see them!"
      "I'm in charge of looking after the children, after all."
    • "You can do that? Right?"

If you have yet to receive the smaller, autumn-leaf-adorned fan and Prosthetic Tool, known as Divine Abduction, you will receive only 1 dialogue option. The fan is a necessary item to retrieve if you decide to give him the white pinwheel. However, you will still be able to go obtain the tool and return to fulfill his request if you wish. By first choosing Refuse, as seen below, the player does receive a small bit of extra dialogue. If you were to choose to accept straight away, you would not see the second section of dialogue lines, which you will receive upon speaking to him the next time, whether you've gotten the fan or not.

1: Refuse
  • Sekiro:
    • "I cannot."
  • Kotaro:
    • "I see..."
      "If you change your mind, please...tell me."

Once he has been refused at least once, Kotaro will begin any attempts to speak with him again with the following:

  • Kotaro:
    • "Please, can you spirit me away?"
      "I'm sure that everyone will be...wherever I disappear to."
      "And then I'll get to see them!"
      "I'm in charge of looking after the children, after all.
      "You can do that? Right?"

 If you have obtained the Divine Abduction, return to Kotaro and speak to him for what will be the last time in this location.

2: Accept
  • Sekiro (after Kotaro has repeated the 5 lines and accepted):
    • "Alright."
  • Kotaro:
    • "Ohhh... Thank you! Thank you!"
    • "I'm ready. But also a little frightened..."
      "But yes, do it!"
      "Alright then. Okay"
      "Go ahead and do it, right now!"

At this point, it's up to Sekiro to wreath himself in a swirling vortex of leaves by pressing R2 once with the Divine Abduction equipped. Once the leaves have encircled him, press R2 once more while standing near Kotaro and the leaves will indeed spirit him away. At this point, Kotaro let's out a yell, in what may be either fear or pain:

  • Kotaro:
    • "Uwaaagghh!"


Notes & Trivia

  • Voiced by: ???

  • Giving the Divine Child of Rejuvenation a Taro Persimmon when she asks for a Persimmon as part of her questline will both give you unique dialogue and progress her quest. (It has been confirmed that giving her the Taro Persimmon also consumes it.)

  • It is confirmed that Divine Abduction in both its original and upgraded forms can be used to complete Option A of Kotaro's quest.
  • It is possible to Quick kill Kotaro with the Double Divine Abduction tool in Option C when he is turned into a red eyed enemy, Making the fight significantly easier.


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    • Anonymous

      **** that divine heir and dragon heritage bullshit
      the only ending I care about is sending this guy to the Hall of Illusions

      • Anonymous

        Crazy that not even the wiki has this info, but if you spirit him away before giving him either pinwheel, he goes to the halls of illusion and stays there, only saying "Ahhh", and you can't progress his quest any further.

        • Anonymous

          literally my first time playing and i choose the worst ending for this guy, i felt bad for him, well doing NG for a better ending i guess

          • Anonymous

            who wrote this... why was this dude so turnt up about not getting the dumbass taro persimmon bro chill the **** out lmaoo

            • Anonymous

              Ya’ll missed this. After you send him to Anayama, and then use Divinde Abduction on him, he will vanished and then scream “Gyaaaah...Hiroiii yooo...” (Gyahhh... So mean). However this won’t send him to the Hall of Illusion, and also won’t break Ayanama quest as well. Simply reset the area and he will be there again.

              • Anonymous

                So i used Divine Abduction on him while he was sick with Dragonrot. He appeared in the Hall of Illusions, but he doesn't speak with me, his only reply is always the same: "Ahhhh.....". I wonder if Dragonrot caused this?

                • Anonymous

                  I used Divine Abduction on him after I met him on the stairway and he was quite sad about it. I can't seem to find him in the hall of illusion, I think he might be dead :(

                  • Anonymous

                    I sent him to work for the merchant and I don't feel bad about it. It gave him a sense of purpose and a friend and he seems content.

                    • Anonymous

                      BEST OPTION B : Altho you get infinite amount of Ako Sugar from Anayama is a very good idea... not only that but also when u kill the Divine Dragon then ( Set a Blaze ) you can find Anayama & Kotaro lying back of where the Shop is.. there is the Promissorey Note ( 10% On All Merchant Items ). This Note also carries on NG+'s which is great for grinding divine confetti's & other sugars. I see this the best option. All other options are only a 1 use Item like Taro Parsimmon & the Red Lumps which is a waste. The child of Reju waters quest for dragon's homecoming is well surely done by normal Persimmons ( The Mob Merchant behind Shugendo Idol sells 3 Persimmons ). So Option B is Best

                      • Anonymous

                        I think every member of the Taro Troop giants are childlike like Kotaro. The way they attack when you fight them also shows it. It makes me feel bad whenever I have to kill one of them because they really seem like gentle giants who were manipulated into becoming soldiers because of their size and strength. In fact, when you fight the giant shield taro guy (there is one in Senpou temple and one in the second Hirata memory), if you break his shield with the axe, he will stop attacking, start crying and cover in fear. The guys with hammers and bats will also start tantruming if you fight them for a while and you keep hitting them and deflecting (thats when they do the big combo bashing attack).

                        • Anonymous

                          Less subtle than the other lore theories here, but it's so sad to see Kotaro cry when he was definitely tasked with protecting the children being experimented with when they died. That's what makes sending him to the Halls of Illusion is the best ending, he at least gets to be with them again.

                          • Anonymous

                            Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was able to send him to Anayama without giving him the Red and White pinwheel

                            • Anonymous

                              So you can Abduction him next to Anayama. He's something like "So mean..." and it may have killed him. He's not in the Halls of Illusion and I kinda feel bad now. I really didn't think it was going to work.

                              • Anonymous

                                So if gave him the red and white pin wheel and the used the divine Abduction is his quest line broken? Can I not send him to the merchant? I was trying to play though the game blind, and didn’t realize I had to talk to the merchant again after finding out about the salt and telling him, so I didn’t have an option to Send Kotaro to the merchant yet.

                                • Anonymous

                                  I know it's not specifically stated, but I wonder if the actual flower Kotaro is looking for isn't the pinwheel, but the Lotus of the Palace. Here's my reasoning: Kotaro works with the other monks of Senpou Temple, and we know that the monks are looking for ways of immortality, and one way was experimenting on the Rejuvenating Waters. But, maybe to better progress their water they figured out that getting water from the source (Fountainhead Palace) was a better solution. In Ashina Depths, you can find the Rotting Prisoner's note; which not only talks about how the prisoner was looking for the Shelter Stone mentioned in the Okami letter, but that he also apologized to Kotaro specifically in the note. So perhaps the monks found out the ingredients they needed to get to Fountainhead Palace, and Kotaro was tasked to find the Lotus while other members were to find the other ingredients. May not be true, but interesting to think about

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Most rewarding questline for him is the one you send him to Anayama the Peddler. The Taro persimmon is pretty much useless beside some lore bonus if you bought the two normal ones and for Doujun's questline you can use the samurai.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I would like to warn you guys: Do not use the Abduction Tool on Kotaro after giving him the Red and White Pinwheel. I was on my second playthrough and thought that is how you transfer him to his location, i was wrong and now he is gone on my playthrough

                                      • Anonymous

                                        I've got a theory. When luring him to the dungeon, he mentions his father was locked away there. Coincidentally, the 2nd prayer bead necklace mentions a "Towering pink ogre of a man" who went red eyed and was locked away in the dungeon. I think this towering ogre could be his father. As for where his father is now, well, the dungeon and Ashina depths are connected, so perhaps they dispose of prisoners/experiment failures through there but the only particularly large figures through there are the Shichimen warrior, headless, and the glutton. Shichimen and the glutton lack red eyes, but the headless-- perhaps it was his father once before decapitation? All speculation though.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          When you lure him to the Abandoned Dungeon he says his daddy is there after doing something bad. Who is his father?

                                          • I have both pinwheels in my inventory, but he keeps saying " Guys, Don't, don't go not without me " There is no option to give him pinwheels! :( Merchant asked me he needs someone for fight, someone strong and big I'm playing it on PS4.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              I accidentally sent him to Doujun but try to help him out by killing Doujun, then dive into the cell, found a letter from Doujun's master, then I unlocked cell door, but Kotaro just sit there and speak nothing. Any suggestion???

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Great, i just decided to give him the Red-White pinwheel, but accidentally gave him the damn white one.. oh god why, and Juzo is dead, it seems i never Complete the Shop quest nor the Dojun quest... So fustrating..

                                                • Confirmed that the Divine Abduction tool does not need to be upgraded to use on Kotaro, but per previous notes the upgraded forms can be used. Page updated to reflect this

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Edited the page to clarify that you CANNOT GET THE TARO PERSIMMON if you do anything BUT GIVE HIM THE WHITE FLOWER and SEND HIM TO THE HALL OF ILLUSION. You can break the quest, as well, by either SENDING HIM WITHOUT GIVING HIM THE WHITE FLOWER FIRST or by GIVING HIM THE RED AND WHITE FLOWER and SENDING HIM anyway. I repeat: the ONLY way to get the TARO PERSIMMON is by following OPTION A of his quest.

                                                    • Ending spoilers! So, I've read up on different ending requirements, for one you need to feed persimmons to a npc.. Does anything special/different happen if you give that npc the persimmon from the end of kotaros quest (white flower quest line)? If not, I think the shop is the best route for this npc.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        I spirited him away after giving him the red flower, now in the dreamworld with the monkeys he just sits there and says "Ahh..." i now have the white flower but cant interact with him, did i mess up? :c

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          IF YOU WANT HIM TO WORK DO NOT GIVE HIM THE WHITE PINWHEEL I *****ed my quest because I thought I had to give him both pinwheels and I gave him the white one first.

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            So I have both pin wheels n idk if i broke it but i cant give him***** when i try n talk to him he just complains about ppl leaving please help

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              What does the "Taro Perssimon" do? The page for it doesn't exist, no one is talking about it online, and I want to know which pinwheel I'd rather give him

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                After you spirit him away, he is with the Folding Screen Monkeys, and he thanks you with some item i forget right now

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  Alright I have done another run through and there are more options to send Kotaro too. This one is a little long. Anayama The Merchent you meet in Ashina outskirts before the first Red eyed Ogre. Talk to him and purchase his Info, Rest and he will have items for sell. Purchase those and he states if he can find a way to make more money he can bring in new products. The next part is going to Ashina Castle towards the back of the castle before you get to the serpent shrine there are two guards on a bridge, use eavesdrop and the guards talk about needing more salt. Relay this info to Anayama, rest and he will have new items for sell. Once again buy his items and talk to him. He will state looting corpses can be a lucrative business but needs someone big, strong, and well dumb. Now following the below path of providing kotaro the wrong pinwheel you can send him to meet with Anayama the Peddler.

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    There are two pin wheels you can find in this area, a Red and White one and a pure white one. Given the red and white pin wheel he will state it is the wrong one and tell you more about the white pinwheel. He then has two options, He then can be given the White pinwheel or a new option to send him to the dungeon appears. If you give him the white pinwheel he thanks you and asks for you to kill him. Only option is to refuse. There is no option to send him to the dungeon after this altering his quest line. He can be Spirited away with the Divine Abduction prosthetic.

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      You can come back with Divine Abduction and "Spirit him away" with it, but I'm not sure where he goes or if you ever see him again.

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