Lady Tomoe

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Location Ashina (Passed)

Lady Tomoe is a character in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. She was the partner of Takeru, the former divine heir, in an earlier time, and also mentored Genichiro Ashina. She is the one that taught Genichiro the Lightning of Tomoe. In the base game, she is referenced in dialogue or descriptions.


Lady Tomoe Information

Lady Tomoe came from the Divine Realm and has a special connection with Takeru, as evidenced by the "Spiral Cloud Passage" combat art description: "Tomoe would watch her young master as he gazed longingly at the coiling clouds. The sight meant everything to her."

She was a Teacher To Genichiro Ashina and taught him the Way of Tomoe (The Lightning). Since this power is referred to as heretical, and heretical in the context of Sekiro means not from Ashina, it can be inferred that Lady Tomoe is not from Ashina.


Associated Quests

  • Since Lady Tomoe is a mentioned-only character, she is not an active part of any quest
    • However, she is referenced in several notes and dialogue you get while pursuing the Purification Ending.
  • Tomoe, while serving Lord Takeru, tried to help him achieve Purification from the Dragon's Blood, which would sever Takeru's Immortality without killing him. However, since they could not acquire the Mortal Blade, this could not be done.
  • Related NPCs include Isshin Ashina, Emma The Physician, Genichiro Ashina, and Lord Takeru (Passed)
  • Tomoe has no direct effect on any Endings 



  • Lady Tomoe is a mentioned only character. She has no dialogue.


Notes & Trivia

  • Emma mentions that before Wolf caused a Dragonrot epidemic, there had been one previous. It can be inferred that Lady Tomoe caused this epidemic while trying to achieve Purification for Lord Takeru. 
  • Could be inspired by a real historical figure, Tomoe Gozen.
  • There is a theory that states Lady Tomoe is an Okami Warrior, is of Okami descent, or was a human trained and raised by the Okami. In the description for the Key Item "Fragrant Flower", it states, "It is said that relatives of Tomoe once gathered the Fountainhead Fragrance and arrived at the palace." There are an abundance of Okami Warriors at the Fountainhead Palace, which indicates her relatives are Okami. This would also explain why her powers are referred to as heretical, since she would have originated not from Ashina, but from the lands of the Okami. The Okami Warriors also use lightning attacks, which Lady Tomoe is known for.


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    • Anonymous

      crackshoot theory: malenia is the remnants of the lady tomoe fight from a canceled sekiro dlc, thats why she can cancel staggers, has a kick move similar to the the senpou monks' kicks, and why the waterfowl dance is similar to that one esoteric art and the moves the tomoe followers use

      this is a breakthrough

      • Anonymous

        Looks like Tomoe got reincarnated as Malenia in Elden Ring. Anyone who says Waterfowl Dance isn't a scrapped Sekiro move is either stupid or blind.

        • Anonymous

          This may be an old piece of info, but concerning the theory of Tomoe being the shrine maiden: If you look closely at her feet during the cutscene just before the DD fight, the following sequence plays out: 1. blank unscarred feet - cut - Sekiro closeup - cut - back to the girl, whose feet now have lightning marks ( the mark even shimmers through her garments up to the knee). I thought that might be food for thought on the subject and I couldn‘t find this detail here.

          • Anonymous

            I just defeat for the first time Inner Genichiro. That was so sick, I dream to fight Tomoe one day. She was probably such a divine fighter.

            • Anonymous

              Couldn't that Painting in the Ashina Dojo (where you fight Ashina Elite and later those two ministry Ninjas) portrait Genichiro and Tomoe? The Samurai could be Genichiro and the heavenly Woman Tomoe. Notice her Shoulders; looks similar to the Armor the Okami Warrior Women are wearing and it would fit, since she taught Genichiro the lightning. Of course the painting would be an artists conception, thus making her 'godlike' in this scene.

              • Anonymous

                "Tomoe" means "eddy/whirlpool", which links her to the several hints about "spiraling clouds" above the Fountainhead Palace. In addition to that, originally it was the representation of a coiled snake, which further links her not only to the place where Sekiro fights the Lightning Dragon, but also to the Dragon itself. My theory, is that the "sleeping shrine maid" just outside the entrance to said place may be the human form of the Dragon/Tomoe.

                • Anonymous

                  I had a theory about what happened to Takeru and Tomoe. Tomoe finds the Black mortal blade and kills Takeru to get purification for herself. Maybe thats why Emma knew about purification and the fact that one of them must die in the process. Ishin kills Tomoe. As there are two different dialogues, one says he killed a shura (hence this cant be sculptor) and one says he fought with Tomoe and that was the closest he came to death. So it was a fight to death with Tomoe and in the end he killed her with the red blade. Thats probably the reason he knew about the red mortal blade in the first place. (Genichiro had some lines supporting this at the final fight). Tomoe did not know the black mortal blade had the power to create life and hence created Kuro by sacrificing the dragon-blood of Takeru ( Kuro means Black according to google). This probably explains why Kuro has no parents. Isshin gave it to owl for safekeeping and Owl uses it in Hirata estate to kill Sekiro, hurting Kuro in the process. So Kuro was able to resurrect Sekiro. If you chose to kill Owl, Genichiro, knowing his grand father gave it to Owl, retrieves it. If you side with Owl, he kills Genichiro and puts his head beside Ishin after the fight. Then you can see the black mortal blade at his back.

                  • Anonymous

                    Tomoe better be in a DLC, if one is ever going to be made. One of the most, if not THE MOST, badass samurai in the history of Japan.

                    • Anonymous

                      The line "Tomoe would watch her young master as he gazed longingly at the coiling clouds. The sight meant everything to her." is about Lord Takeru, not Genichiro. While she was his teacher (as evidenced by Isshin and the fact that he uses the Lightning of Tomoe), he was never her master. Lord Takeru on the other hand, the previous Divine Heir, is revealed by Emma during the Purification Ending dialogue that Tomoe tried the Purification Ending with Takeru. This implies that Takeru was Tomoe's master in the same way that Kuro is Sekiro's master.

                      • Anonymous

                        Bet you five bucks that a future DLC is going to have you go back in time or through another memory where you get to fight her. She's set up too much as being a strong fighter by Isshin and her being Genichiro's master. Similarly to Lady Maria in Bloodbore. I am expecting a lot of lighting shenanigans

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