Lazulite Sabimaru


Sabimaru blessed with the favor of the Fountainhead lapis Lazuli. Cost Spirit Emblems to use.

The combination of Lapis Lazuli and the rusted blue blade produces a poisonous mist with every swing.

Dissolving the Lapis Lazuli over the blade caused the ancient blue rust to bubble to the blade's surface.

Spirit Emblem Cost 1

Lazulite Sabimaru is a Prosthetic Tool Upgrade in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, equipped via the Prosthetic Arm and which can be used alongside the primary weapon, the Kusabimaru, in the other, biological, hand.

These Tools, varying from the Loaded Shuriken to the Shinobi Firecracker, are equipped via the Prosthetic Arm and can be swapped out on the fly, allowing for creative and innovative solutions to the many exploratory challenges the player may face. 


How to use Lazulite Sabimaru

  • Sabimaru now leaves a mist trail in the air with every slash that lingers for a few seconds
  • Highly effective against the enemies in Fountainhead, even more so than the previous (piercing) upgrade 


Where to find Lazulite Sabimaru in Sekiro



Lazulite Sabimaru Notes & Tips

  • You do not lose access to the previous versions when you upgrade.
  • The Prosthetic Tool Upgrades Tree is unlocked after obtaining the Mechanical Barrel.
  • Changes the sheath's appearance from brown to blue.  



    • Anonymous

      15 Apr 2019 01:09  

      Idk what people talking about,lazulite version apply poison way faster than piercing and doesn't matter if enemy blocking or not,actually from all 3 lazulite upgrades only sabimaru worth it.

      • Anonymous

        04 Apr 2019 15:57  

        as posters have stated, It works good in fountainhead palace.. but still, the piercing one is better against the general horde of guarding enemies you'll find earlier on in the game.. cloud is probably better against bosses like guardian ape though

        • Anonymous

          27 Mar 2019 15:25  

          Worse than Piercing Sabimaru since it loses its piercing ability in exchange for a poison cloud that is nearly worthless.

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