Loaded Shuriken

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 A Shuriken Wheel Prosthetic Tool, fitted to the Shinobi Prosthetic. Costs Spirit Emblems to use.

Pull a shuriken loaded into the wheel and launch it at a target in a single, flowing motion.

The swiftly thrown shuriken damages enemy Vitality and Posture, particularly against those with a tendency to take to the air.

Spirit Emblem Cost 1

Loaded Shuriken is a Prosthetic Tool in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The Loaded Shuriken fires ninja stars at targets, often defeating animals in one hit, and helping interrupt enemy attacks.


How to use Loaded Shuriken



Where to find Loaded Shuriken in Sekiro

  • You will need to obtain the Shuriken Wheel that can be looted next to a corpse.
  • Location: Ashina Outskirts - Inside a building with a hole in the wall near the "Outskirts Wall - Gate Path" Idol.


Loaded Shuriken Notes & TIps

  • Give the Shuriken Wheel to the Sculptor for it to be upgraded into the Loaded Shuriken.
  • The Prosthetic Arts skill Chasing Slice allows Sekiro to follow up with a quick slash that carries Sekiro several feet forward, allowing him to quickly pressure the enemy.
  • The tool, when used against regular enemies, can keep them pressured and prevent their Posture from recovering if they try and back off, especially when the Chasing Slice followup is used.
  • Very useful for killing dog, geckos, archers, firearm users, and other low-Vitality enemies from a distance.
  • Deals bonus Vitality and and Posture damage to airborne enemies; very powerful against enemies with the tendency to jump (for example: Nightjar Ninja, Lady Butterfly, Senpou Assassins, etc.). Throw a Shuriken while they are in the air to deal heavy Posture damage.
  • Deals 0.5x health and 0.17x posture damage, 1x and 1.33x to airbone enemies.



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    • Anonymous

      Does ok around the start of the game, for picking off grunts. Once you unlock chasing slice is where this thing shines. 1 Spirit emblem to gap close a very large distance lets you put so much pressure on bosses, it's unreal. Highly recommend using it for late game bosses that love to use retreating attacks or for when you deflect a big attack that sends you backwards.

      • Anonymous

        Gouging shuriken should be taken off of the upgrade list. It's not only not an upgrade, but it already leads to the gouging top page, which is the actual name of the upgrade, and is present in the upgrade list.

        • Anonymous

          Love **** like this in games where there's a really simple effect but it actually has tons of applications.

          • Anonymous

            Not sure if anyone found out, but the shuriken autolocks onto targets. Just make sure your target is close to the center of the screen and it will home in on it.

            • Tbh, this is only actually useful in early game, at least for me. Compared to other Shinobi tools in the later game, this is essentially worthless. I mean sure, the phantom kunai can provide a good source of reliable damage across the board, firecrackers are just much better to use with chasing slash when you go further on, especially considering that they can actually stun an enemy to allow you to capitalize on chasing slice with a Mortal Draw follow-up

              • Anonymous

                Make sure you get the "chasing slash" ability, it makes the shuriken an excellent way of taking down rifle and bow enemies as it will stop them form shooting then allow you to quickly close in for a kill if they detect you. the tracking on the shuriken themselves sucks though, so don't expect much regular usage.

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