Loaded Spear


 A Prosthetic Tool loaded with Gyoubu's Broken Horn. Costs Spirit Emblems to use.

Unleash far-reaching thrust attacks. Lighter enemies struck by the spear may be dragged towards the wielder.

Those of large build will at times force themselves into poorly-fitting armor. Such armor could be torn clean off; coined by Gyoubu as Armor Stripping.

Spirit Emblem Cost 1

Loaded Spear is a Prosthetic Tool in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The Loaded Spear executes far-reaching thrust attacks that can build up enemy posture.



How to use Loaded Spear

  • Press the Prosthetic Tool button to perform a thrust attack with the spear, piercing forward with an unblockable attack. Repressing the button pulls the spear back, tearing armor off larger enemies and drawing lighter enemies towards you.
  • For later upgrades, Sekiro can Rush or Cleave by holding the Prosthetics Tool button:
    • Rush: Sekiro takes several steps forward and hits the enemy (or group of enemies) multiple times.
    • Cleave: Sekiro swipes the Spear across a wide area in front of him, hitting multiple nearby enemies.
  • Upgrades: Loaded Spear Cleave Type, Loaded Spear Thrust TypeSpiral SpearLeaping Flame





Where to find Loaded Spear in Sekiro



Loaded Spear Notes & Tips

  • Give Gyoubu's Broken Horn to the Sculptor for it to be upgraded into the Loaded Spear.
  • With the Prosthetic Arts skill Chasing Slice, press the Sword attack button to follow up with a quick slash that carries Sekiro a few steps forward, allowing Sekiro to add some extra damage quickly against more distant foes that he would not normally be able to reach.
  • With the Fang and Blade skill, pressing the Sword attack button after pulling an enemy in will cause you to do a quick horizontal slash.
  • The spear can be used during the second phase of the Guardian Ape fight to pull the Immortal Centipede out from inside the ape, dealing significant Vitality and Posture damage.  The Ape becomes vulnerable to this move when it falls to the ground after certain vertical overhand attacks are Deflected.
  • The Rush and Corkscrew Rush moves of the upgraded variants deals significant Vitality and Posture damage and enemies rarely Deflect all hits, making the Spear one of the most cost-effective (i.e. Spirit Emblem cost) tools on generic foes that lack other weaknesses. 
  • Despite the armor stripping qualities of the spear, it cannot be used to remove the armor of the Armored Warrior.
  • Thrust deals 0.95x health and 0.93x posture damage to most enemies, 1.28x and to 1.23x to fat warriors (like Hammer Monk). Pulling spear back is only 0.12x additional health damage.







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    • Anonymous

      What a misleading item description, it sounds like an item suited for the armoured warrior fight but it can't strip it's armour at all. Even though there is dialogue when on your way to him in an overheard conversation talking about a guy in heavy armour that doesn't like what he's wearing and will come off easily, apparently it's supposed to be about the ****ing bell guy. The ****ing bell guy? Really? the thought of him wearing armour never came to my mind, especially not when I encountered the very clearly heavily armoured man who kept going on about how invincible he was in his armour.
      Just dumb and not very clear, at least I know now...

      • Anonymous

        As a noob i find it really useful whenever an enemy, miniboss or boss steps away for a long range combo

        I caught genichiro so many times, it feels like he underestimates its reach lol

        • Anonymous

          Confirmed: Pulls chestplate off of Red Guard miniboss during Ministry invasion of the Ashina Outskirts. Requires 2 uses. Enjoy.

          • Anonymous

            This thing is great for the Centipede Men that like to backstep and throw fire at you. Yanks them in real close so you don't have to burn your toes.

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