Loaded Umbrella


A Prosthetic Tool created by fitting an indestructible Iron-ribbed Umbrella to the Arm. Costs Spirit Emblems to use.

When spread open, it will protect against attacks from all directions. Hold it out while moving to protect from light attacks.

But this is an umbrella after all. It won't protect you from low attacks such as sweep attacks.

Spirit Emblem Cost 1

Loaded Umbrella is a Prosthetic Tool in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The Loaded Umbrella acts a shield from projectiles and some light attacks.


How to use Loaded Umbrella

  • Hold R2/RT: Shelter. Spread the Loaded Umbrella to guard from attacks in all directions. You can also move with the fan deployed, and it will continue to block lighter attacks as you move. Your posture bar will not decrease until you close the Umbrella.
  • R2/RT the moment enemy attack lands: Umbrella Deflect. Spread the Umbrella to deflect enemy attacks. Umbrella Deflects are easier to time than sword Deflects and deal more posture damage to enemies (how much?).
  • With the Projected Force skill unlocked, the Umbrella can also be used offensively. Pressing the attack button while the Umbrella is open will activate a cross slash attack, dealing 1x-2.3x (depends on enemy) health and 2x posture damage.
    • Blocking projectiles will cause the Umbrella to smoke. Using Projected Force then will launch a projectile. Closing the Umbrella will not stop the smoking, but switching to any non-Loaded Umbrella type prosthetic will.


Where to find Loaded Umbrella in Sekiro


 Loaded Umbrella upgrades


Loaded Umbrella Notes & Tips

  • Speak to the Sculptor located at the Dilapidated Temple to unlock a Prosthetic Tool Upgrade
  • You do not lose access to the previous versions when you upgrade
  • These Tools, varying from the Loaded Shuriken to the Shinobi Firecracker, are equipped via the Prosthetic Arm and can be swapped out on the fly, allowing for creative and innovative  solutions to the many exploratory challenges the player may face. 


Loaded Umbrella / Iron Fortress Story & Lore

  • The idea of utilizing this extraordinary device may have been derived from the DS Dark Hand, which manifests as a vortex-like shield, when it's left-handedly. Such vortexes represent The Abyss, at times rendered as a headpiece Vortex Hat Souls Franchise. The Darkness, which The Abyss represents, was often reputable for its heavy weight. Hats like these are called kasa and share their etymology with the Japanese word for "umbrella" (which is also pronounced "kasa", but written 傘). The fan's function as an umbrella (shadow) or parasol (sun ward) may explain its function annulling Darkness/Terror and Fire.





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    • Anonymous

      30 Jul 2021 14:49  

      There doesn't seem to be a clear way to build up the power of the counter attack with the umbrella apart from deflecting big attacks, though the smoke and mechanism shift are good indicators. This might not be the best case study, but since most people don't really use the Suzaku against mobs, I used the Demon of Hatred as an example.

      His attacks come in 2 types; light & heavy. Most combo attacks are light and not enough to build up damage one level, which is indicated by smoke. The second level of damage of the umbrella counter is indicated by more smoke and a gear shift sfx. They might have some value assigned to the under the hood, and if you build enough light attacks, the umbrella might start to emit smoke. Attacks that do chip damage and burn build up on deflects seem to have greater value than most light attacks. On the other hand, heavy attacks easily increase the damage level. Like the 3 variations that shoot fire projectiles, his jumping crash, and jumping lunge with his right fist. These attack seem to have the most value, and increase the counter damage fastest.

      So, if you stack 3 light attacks, it won't be enough. You may get smoke if you stack 4. If deflect 2 heavy attacks, you're sure to get the 2nd level of damage & gear shift. If you stack 3 light attacks and 1 heavy, it gets you to the 2nd level all the same, but it might depend on your timing and interval of umbrella deflects. The counter attack value that increases your damage level might go down if you don't deflect enough in a certain amount of time.

      • Anonymous

        22 Apr 2021 22:39  

        Deflecting with the umbrella also negates the "heavy deflect" animation from attacks like the Headless Ape's huge downward slams. It's very useful for creating huge openings to punish with heavy moves like a fully charged Empowered Mortal Draw.

        • Anonymous

          15 Mar 2020 22:03  

          I don't know but, to me if i absorb more than one projectile attack, the power of the umbrella projectile becomes stronger. I try it with Snake Eyes of the Ashina Dephts area, but i need confirmation, maybe it's only me.

          • Anonymous

            17 Apr 2019 12:31  

            Best prosthetic in the game. Makes fighting apparitions less stressful and makes Demon of Hatred and Isshin possible to beat. Also good to use at the gun fort.

            • Anonymous

              03 Apr 2019 17:26  

              If you forgot to buy it , you can still pick it up at the same spot as the NPC were. I picked it up during p3 of Ashina Castle raid. (after Divine Dragon)

              • Anonymous

                26 Mar 2019 08:08  

                After Ashina castle idols become unavailable, the spot where Blackhat badger was previously hiding will have some blood stains on the floor along with the iron fortress as a drop. I have not been able to find him after this so it seems likely that he got found and killed. (NOTE:This happened after I did not buy the iron fortress from him when it was available)

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