Lump of Grave Wax


A lump of fatty wax that has formed inside the body and turned pitch black.

Used for occultic Prosthetic Tool upgrades of an advanced nature.

A long-suffered illness will see the growth turn large and blacker still. It is customary to run water over the site of an extracted growth.

Lump of Grave Wax is a special Upgrade Material in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Lump of Grave Wax is required for upgrading advanced occultic Prosthetic Tools, and can be found in specific Locations or by defeating specific Enemies.



Lump of Grave Wax Usage

  • Bring this material to The Sculptor located at the Dilapidated Temple to upgrade the Divine Abduction and Mist Raven Prosthetic Tool.
  • Used for final upgrades for the Shuriken Prosthetic Tool, the Axe Prosthetic Tool and the Sacred Flame Prosthetic Tool



Where to Find Lump of Grave Wax

  • One can be found near the headless through the underwater cave(requires mibu breathing technique) near the Under-Shrine Valley idol in Sunken Vallley.
  • Rare drop from the monks in Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo
  • Drops rarely from the flute players in Fountainhead Palace
  • Ashina Depths - dropped by the Mist Noble upon defeat.
  • Fountainhead Palace - from entering the first house upon reaching the area, head outside to explore and you'll find 1x by an enemy on a broken wooden bridge before the lake.
  • Fountainhead Palace - inside the house of the noble courtyard, you'll find a patrol of a noble and 2 masked warriors, take a right at the first intersection then a left and you'll arrive at a chamber with the item.
  • Fountainhead Palace - from one of the Great carp Attendant's daughters located on the rooftops of a half-sunken building, dive under the building to pick locate and pick up 1x.
  • Ashina Outskirts - after being set on fire, found at the base of one of the sniper towers near the Ogre.
  • Very rare drop from Bell Ogre just before the Water Mill Sculptor Idol in the Ashina Depths. (Golden Vortex prosthetic tool essentially gives you a 'reroll' on the loot. (This test was done with both Temple Art Item Discovery latent skills "Virtuos" and "Most Virtuous Deed."))
  • You get x2 for giving the Red Carp Eyes to Doujun in the abandoned dungeon



Lump of Grave Wax Notes & Tips

  • Players can only carry a maximum of 99 for this material.






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    • Anonymous

      09 Nov 2020 18:52  

      Fastest method for me was to go to the Senpu Temple idol, equip Golden vortex prosthetic, pop a balloon and demon bell. Kill the first 3 monks however you want and then use the golden vortex on 2 groups of 3 monks (it insta-kills them). I got an average of 2 grave wax and 3 fat wax per run.

      • Anonymous

        11 Feb 2020 06:13  

        Step 1: activate Demon Bell. Step 2: Travel to Fountainhead Palace - Flower Viewing Idol. Step 3: kill the flute noble behind you repeatedly. Step 4: Obtain 2 Grave Wax every 5-10 kills!

        • Anonymous

          20 Nov 2019 12:18  

          Ok so the last tier of weapon upgrades(mercury/grave wax/adamantum) besides lazalui will not drop until you kill Guardian Ape... I did 100 consecutive runs on the bell fatty in Mibu village and got only fat wax... then i killed the Guardian Ape and the bell fatty started dropping grave wax after ever 5-10 kills with both vitues deeds and the bell.

          • Anonymous

            28 Sep 2019 02:46  

            Can confirm that Bell Giants in Mibu do drop Lumps of Grave Wax before reaching Fountainhead Palace, though likely after defeating the Corrupted Monk (though they do drop before picking up the Shelter Stone).

            • Anonymous

              28 Aug 2019 08:14  

              I read somewhere that they start dropping from the monks after the Gaurdian Ape is killed although this is not confirmed, might be worth looking into.

              • Anonymous

                05 May 2019 14:07  

                There’s not only a grave wax under the sunken hut on top of which the lady stands but also on the tiny roof piece of the hut that is kinda half way between the shore where the area started and that hut. This one is almost completely submerged but in the structure of the roof there is another one.

                • Anonymous

                  28 Apr 2019 12:44  

                  From the idol Senpou Temple, Mt Kongo idol I got two grave waxes straight away from the first two monks I killed. Then 3 more after that. This is an extremely good farming run if you're A) End game B) Bell demon C) Virtous Deeds. But still worth a try otherwise!

                  • Anonymous

                    18 Apr 2019 05:56  

                    Using Golden Vortex with Bell Demon and Vrtuous Deed, after reaching Fountainhead I get 2-4 drops from the first 3 groups of monks at Senpou Tenple.

                    • Anonymous

                      11 Apr 2019 15:05  

                      It should be mentioned that material drops is tied tu progression. As such, grave wax is extremely hard to find before killing the corrupted monk in mibu village. For example, Mt. Kongo monks never dropped one for me. I did however find out that, at this stage of the game (with bell activated and the virtuous deeds talent): 1/ the bell demon down the stairs close to the watermill idol will very rarely drop one and 2/ so will the "farmer demons" in the area where the 4 revenants pop, left of these same stairs (where you can find som ashina sake in a little shrine). The drop rate is quite low, but it seems that they will always drop one the first time you kill them with the bell on (if someone can confirm this...), because they both got me one that time and the drop rate seems hella low. I had killed them before without the bell. You can easily farm this area from the mibu village watermill idol, backtracking across the bridge and going through the house with the two hags. As the revenants pop when you kill the second zombie thing, and always in the same place, it's quite easy to prepare and backstab them. Good xp, too!

                      • Anonymous

                        09 Apr 2019 21:36  

                        I farm bell boy in mibu village and monks in kongo for quite time,zero result,farming was done with bell and balloon,got over 99 of fat wax, never seen a grave one.

                        • Anonymous

                          04 Apr 2019 14:41  

                          I've found using golden vortex on the monks at Senpou Temple to be by far the best method to get both lumps of grave and fat wax.

                          • Anonymous

                            30 Mar 2019 21:16  

                            bell demon + golden vortex go to flower viewing stage idol one mob(mist noble)behind and stick to left wall on the outside of courtyard another one there run back rest rince repeat spin them twice execute em ceremonial tanto blade make its free and its fast got 10 in 10 mins

                            • Anonymous

                              29 Mar 2019 01:15  

                              With the first Virtuous Deed skill, a mibu possession balloon and the Golden Vortex, I managed a good drop rate from the monks at Senpou temple (first idol, Senpou Temple - Mt. Kongo) Roughly 3-4 drops from 11 monks per run, on average Additionally the two monks at the top, near the first building, seemed to have a particularly higher drop rate (the ones that typically buff themselves immediately)

                              • Anonymous

                                27 Mar 2019 11:45  

                                Confirmed that the Senpou Temple Monks drop them rarely, though I was late game and have both Vrituous Deeds and the Bell Demon.

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