Malcontent's Ring


An old ring well-suited for slender fingers. "Kingfisher" is engraved on the underside. Can be used to upgrade the Finger Whistle Prosthetic Tool.

Wearing this ring as you blow the finger whistle will create a somber tune.  The weeping voice is full of solitude and beauty. Possible somber enough to temporarily quell a voice of rage.

Malcontent's Ring is a special Upgrade Material in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is required for unlocking the Malcontent upgrade to the Finger Whistle Prosthetic Tool. and requires that players defeat the Shichimen Warrior which spawns in the Guardian Ape's Burrow to obtain it.


Malcontent's Ring Usage

Where to Find Malcontent's Ring

Malcontent's Ring Tips & Trivia

  • The description of the the Malcontent's Ring, along with the descriptions of the Slender Finger and Malcontent, each give us the most information available in the game regarding whom it was exactly that accompanied the Sculptor during his time spent training in the Sunken Valley. In this case, we learn that the name of the Sculptor's partner was "Kingfisher,".





    • Anonymous

      19 Apr 2019 09:46  

      Completing Mibu Village isn't necessarry for Shichimen Warrior's spawn. I have killed the Headless Ape and after that, went to Hidden Forest and killed the Drunkard boss then come back to Guardian Ape's Burrow and Shichimen Warrior was there.

      • Anonymous

        17 Apr 2019 09:09  

        You don't need to purchase Valley Apparitions Memo for the Shichimen Warrior to appear. I think he just appears once you've defeated Headless Ape and warp away.

        • Anonymous

          16 Apr 2019 18:58  

          I didn't buy the memo from Fujioka before I fought the Shichimen Warrior. I was travelling back to get a prayer bead I had forgotten and the headless apes idol was greyed out and when I went to see why, the fight began.

          • Anonymous

            09 Apr 2019 03:50  

            You have to buy the Valley Apparitions memo from Fujioka after severing the immortality of the headless ape for the warrior to spawn.

            • Anonymous

              26 Mar 2019 22:55  

              To get Fijuoka the info broker to sell the Valley Apparitions Memo you need to kill the headless ape it is near the poison pool idol in the area after you fight the mini boss there.

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