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Master of Senpou Temple is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Master of Senpou Temple's short description goes here.


Master of Senpou Temple Information

Master of Senpou Temple information or lore description goes here.

  • Location: Master of Senpou Temple Can be found in the cave near the Main Hall Sculptor's Idol, after the hidden crawlspace partially filled with water.
  • Progression: Master of Senpou Temple moves to the ?? after ??
  • Combat: Does not take damage Master of Senpou Temple.
  • Rewards: Finishing a quest grants X, killing them grants Y


Associated Quests

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  • Initial dialogue when meeting him before killing Genichiro:
  • Children of the Rejuvenating Waters... Forgive me...
  • That child... She's the only one left...
  • She must be lonely in that room by herself... Trapped in that room by herself...
  • Hm you there, who are you?
  • What business do you have with the Senpou Temple?
  • Dialogue once spoken to afterwards:
  • Is there... Something else?
  • This temple... It's no longer a place where decent people should be.
  • That smell...
  • So you're the one who works for the Divine Heir of the Dragon's Blood.
  • Wolf/Sekiro: That's right.
  • The Divine Heir is truly exalted....
  • But exalted or not... man is still man...
  • Ohhh... I'm so foolish... I didn't understand that myself...
  • Don't... Don't leave your Divine Heir on his own.
  • Leave... It's too late to regret once you've already lost them...


  • The monks of Senpou Temple practice what is called "Sokushinbutsu Sokushinbutsu - Infested Monks": self-starvation to the point of mummification. The practice was introduced by Kukai, the founder of Shingon Buddhism in Japan. The design of the Master appears heavily influenced by Daisoujou Daisoujou, Shin Megami Tensei - the demonic manifestation of Kukai seen in Shin Megami Tensei. A monk practicing sokushinbutsu had a bell with him and every day, someone would listen for the bell to make sure the monk was still alive. When the bell no longer rang, the tube that supplied his tomb with air was removed and the tomb was completely sealed. A thousand days later, the body would be exhumed. If it was preserved, it was revered as a god.

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    • Anonymous

      27 Apr 2019 17:21  

      Are there any other NPCs or event flags similar to Master Monk here that only appear at certain points before advancing the story?

      • Anonymous

        08 Apr 2019 14:44  

        A couple observations: He's normally next to the "Main Hall" idol of Senpou Temple. 1. If you go there before fighting Genichiro, he'll bemoan the actions of the temple, and give you the Infested text to give to the divine child. Talking to him after that for the most part will just have him notice your association with Kuro, and tell you to stay close to him. 2. If you talk to him **AFTER** beating Genichiro, but **BEFORE** talking to Kuro about any sort of gameplan, he'll be mostly silent. There's literally a dialog that has Sekiro say, "Hello?..." and not get a response. 3. After speaking with Isshin about the mortal blade, he's gone from the altar room, and only the bell granting access to the monkey boss is present. It should be noted that he's not the same monk that the Divine Child believes to be the master of the temple. Rather, that "body" is already present in the cave prior to meeting the Divine Child and at the same time that this monk is kneeling before the altar. You see glowing red worms flowing around the face/body of this monk if you pan the camera around.

        • Anonymous

          05 Apr 2019 22:30  

          The image used here, and on the NPC page, are not correct for this NPC. The actual Master of the Senpou Sect wears green and yellow robes, and can be found in the area where one normally prays/rings a bell/whatever to enter the Halls of Illusion. He can only be met in this area if you travel to Senpou before fighting Genichiro for the first time, however; if you go there afterward, he will have left.

          • Anonymous

            31 Mar 2019 09:18  

            he not dead I ever talk to him on senpou before fight with monkey on NG+4. My way is after go ashina castel I go to ashina depth and go to ashina depth after that I fight with corrupted monk and I go to senpou to get immortal blade but before fight with monkey he sit on front buddha statue close to bell to fight monkey

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