Mibu Balloon of Soul

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A Mibu balloon filled with fountainhead water, imbued with a blessing for departed souls

If one pops this sakura-pink balloon and prays, those its water splashes upon will acquire more Resurrective Power for a time.

The oldest of the Mibu Balloons, Mibu priests are known to pop them as an offering of peace of [sic-to] the departed.

Mibu Balloon of Soul is a Quick Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to acquire more Resurrective Power for a time.



 Mibu Balloon of Soul Usage

  • Acquire more Resurrective charge from killing enemies for 2 min 30s (150s)  



How to Find Mibu Balloon of Soul

  • Drop from the big bell enemy before the Corrupted Monk.
  • Hirata Estate - Head to the green path surrounded by bamboo and defeat 1x White Spear Monk and 1x Blue Spear Monk. These enemies have a chance to drop Gokan's Sugar and Scrap Iron and will reward you with a Bulging Coin Purse. At the dead-end where the Blue Spear Monk was, there's 1x Pellet and 1x Mibu Balloon of Soul.
  • Hirata Estate - The same room as  Inosuke Nogami's Mother.
  • Sunken Valley - 3 can be found on a ramp, pass another passage located in the hole of the floor of the room where the Long-Arm Centipede Giraffe was encountered.
  • Sunken Valley Passage - 1x can be looted from dropping down the ledge near the Bodhisattva Valley Idol and an old woman.
  • Sunken Valley Passage - 1x can be looted at a nearby ledge at the bottom floor of the Valley Floor Poison.
  • Sunken Valley Passage - 1x can be found inside the temple of the Serpent's cave.
  • Sunken Valley Passage - After performing a finishing deathblow on the Great Serpent, you will land on the other side of the hanging bridge that the serpent broke earlier where 1x can be looted from the path ahead.
  • Ashina Depths - Drop down the first branch to the first landing near the Hidden Forest Idol to find 1.
  • Mibu Village - 1 can be found near the shore where a group of small villagers will pass by, and another can be found around the village.
  • Mibu Village - 2 can be found nearby the shrine of the village.
  • Mibu Village - 2 more can be found from the area where you find the Pine Resin Emblem - from there, jump and grapple to a branch on your far left, then double jump to a ledge across.
  • Abandoned Dungeon -  Crumbling Offering Tower, that reads "Here lie the vassals of the Ashina Clan executed after the great rebellion. May their spirits rest". Continue forth and you'll arrive at a room with an apparition mini-boss. On a plan nearby there's 1x Mibu Balloon of Soul. Backtrack a bit and drop down a ledge to get 1x Pacifying Agent.
  • Abandoned Dungeon - The room in which the Shichimen Warrior is fought would have the items.
  • Abandoned Dungeon - In the diving loot area after grappling from gateway would be the item.
  • Fountainhead Palace - From the vista of the celestial palace,  reach the palace level, walk toward a tree and into the nearby structure to find 1.
  • Fountainhead Palace - As you approach the bridge from the Flower Viewing Stage idol, the Great Colored Carp will destroy it. You can grapple across then drop down to your left to pick up 1.
  • Fountainhead Palace - After defeating the Shichimen Warrior, explore the nearby waterfall under the platforms and head further down this path to find 1.
  • Fountainhead Palace - At the palace grounds and into the palace area, you can pick up 3x by the waterfall.



Mibu Balloon of Soul Notes & Tips

  • A reddish, circular icon will appear in the bottom-left corner below your health bar while in effect.
  • The buff effect vanishes if you go through a loading screen; either by traveling to another Sculptor Idol, using the Homeward Idol, or exiting the game. This applies to the other 3 balloons as well.
  • Other notes...


Mibu Balloon of Soul Story & Lore

  • The Rejuvenating Water that springs from the Dragon's Blood and begets Stagnation and Undeath fills this paper balloon. This paper balloon-like design could have been selected to emulate the Japanese lanterns of the Obon Festival bon odori paper lanterns thumb2. The bonshō bells of the Mibu Taro Troopers strengthen the link to the Obon Festival, which honors the dead and offers them guidance in the form of Japanese lanterns which are placed on water. The logic of this being that the paper lanterns offer guidance, so you, an undead protagonist, find more items. The kanjis that compose "kamifusen" can be read as both "paper balloon" and "god balloon". The Obon festival also involves the “hozuki” or “Japanese Lantern”, "Physalis" or "bladder". Hōzuki - 鬼灯, Demon Lantern - was also the Japanese name of Bloodborne's jellyfish-like Winter Lanterns. 

  • The Dragon's Blood Droplet is a tomoe or soul-shaped stone that exhibits a pink aura. More evidently pink stones, like the Shelter Stone, will appear in the bodies of those who have long drunk from the Fountainhead Waters. The color pink belongs to a large number of things in Sekiro dragon blood remnant rejuvenating waters dragon blood is not sacred thumb1, like cherry blossoms fountainhead palace sakura moon thumb1, resurrection resurrection dragon lineage bulletin thumb1, and soul related items.


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    • Anonymous

      if you are weird like me and came here hoping to find good places to utilize this balloon, well, all told there pretty much aren't any. when I burn all my resurrection trying to beat Isshin, I would use this at Ashina Dojo and backstab the interior ministry shinobi right around the corner - he's worth 1/8th of a pip on his own, slightly increased with the balloon. you might save yourself one kill filling up both of your missing rezzes. but he's still my preferred spot to farm up resurrective power, the mibu villagers and the red guard at ashina outskirts stairway don't seem to be worth much.

      • Anonymous

        one of the useless things in the game. we need an EXP BALLOON, we can easily get out res back by assassinating common mobs.

        • Anonymous

          Extremely common drop from the Okami warrior women in Fountainhead Palace. I farm the five of them behind the Great Sakura idol and get at least 1-2 per run.

          • Anonymous

            Wtf does “acquire more resurrection power” mean!? I keep seeing things explained in that way and I see there’s a bunch of people confused on that explanation. Can anybody clarify what that means exactly?

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