Mibu Balloon of Wealth


 A Mibu balloon filled with fountainhead water, imbued with a blessing of wealth.

If one pops the golden Mibu balloon and prays, those its water splashes upon will acquire more coin for a period of time.

"Mibu" means "aquatic life" or "life born of the water". The Ashina consider the fountainhead water itself to be worthy of worship.

Mibu Balloon of Wealth is a Quick Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to increase the amount of sen collected from slain enemies.



 Mibu Balloon of Wealth Usage

  • Increases the amount of Sen collected from enemies by 50% for 150 seconds (2 minutes 30 seconds). This is calculated by taken the standard amount Sen from an enemy and then multiplying it by 1.5.
  • This bonus does NOT apply to sen obtained through Light Coin Purse, Heavy Coin Purse, and Bulging Coin Purse.
  • This effect applies to sen collected, sen dropped by enemies killed prior to consuming this item will still be increased by 50% when collected.



How to Find Mibu Balloon of Wealth

  • Scattered occasionally throughout the landscape.
  • Ashina Outskirts- After the eavesdropping opportunity about Gyoubu, there would be a group of enemies. In particular Rifle enemies. In one such rifle enemy, would be a structure where the enemy would be shooting. In its ground floor would be the item.
  • Ashina Depths - 3 can be found in the area of the Headless.
  • Ashina Castle - Close to Fujioka the Info Broker
  • Ashina Castle - Inside the caste, it would be on the staircase close to three enemies of two samurais and one woman.
  • Mibu Village - 2 can be found on top of a boat by the shore of the village.
  • Fountainhead Palace - right by the waterfall before reaching the large courtyard, 1 can be found nearby a flute player.
  • Rare drop from monkey before the Great Serpent Shrine.
  • Drop from monkeys in Sunken Valley.
  • Rare drop from Fat enemies. (have tested on most. *confirmed* in ashina reservoir before ashina is set ablaze.)
  • Can be farmed by killing the axe-wielding bandits in Hirata Estate. Note that they only start dropping the balloon after you defeated genichiro/guardian ape/corrupted monk (when they also start dropping iron scraps and black gunpowder). You can alternatively use the Demon Bell buff, as this will achieve the same effect (tested with the buff before even killing Gyobu Oniwa)



Mibu Balloon of Wealth Notes & Tips

  • A yellow, circular icon will appear in the bottom-left corner below your health bar while in effect.
  • Since this item works by increasing sen when collected rather than dropped, you can clear an area of enemies, consume this item, and then run back through and collect 1.5x sen for the entire area. This way you will not need to be concerned with the 2 1/2 minute timer.
  • Very useful when you need to farm a large amount of sen for items & upgrades. For best results, find a group of enemies you can quickly kill near a Sculptor's Idol so you may kill them and reset multiple times per use.
  • The buff effect vanishes if you go through a loading screen; either by traveling to another Sculptor Idol, using the Homeward Idol, or exiting the game. This applies to the other 3 balloons as well.
  • Other notes...


Mibu Balloon of Wealth Story & Lore

  • The Rejuvenating Water that springs from the Dragon's Blood and begets Stagnation and Undeath fills this paper balloon. This paper balloon-like design could have been selected to emulate the Japanese lanterns of the Obon Festival Obon Festival Lanterns. The bonshō bells of the Mibu Taro Troopers strengthen the link to the Obon Festival, which honors the dead and offers them guidance in the form of Japanese lanterns which are placed on water. The logic of this being that the paper lanterns offer guidance, so you, an undead protagonist, find more items. The kanjis that compose "kamifusen" can be read as both "paper balloon" and "god balloon". The Obon festival also involves the “hozuki” or “Japanese Lantern”, "Physalis" or "bladder". Hōzuki - 鬼灯, Demon Lantern - was also the Japanese name of Bloodborne's jellyfish-like Winter Lanterns. 


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    • Anonymous

      Fat guys at Main Hall in Hirata Estate (from owl's bell) drop these, if you're trying to farm the guards but you entered the modified version Estate, they won't drop them anymore, so farm the three fat guys near the idol instead.

      • Anonymous

        I've noticed that if you use a homeward idol while the effect is still active, it returns the balloon to you.

        • Anonymous

          The best early game sen farm is in Hirata Estate behind the bamboo thicket slope(where Shinobi Hunter Enshin of Misen) plus these enemies drop MBoW.

          • Anonymous

            Just started playing. I get mibu wealth drops even without beating the bosses mentioned above. Someone please correct the page.

            • Anonymous

              I get a lot of the baloon drops from hirata estate and I do it as my first area. I have bell demon active at all times though so it probably why

              • Anonymous

                Directly behind bamboo thicket slope guards drop them as well. Instead of the tedious locations you noted.

                • Anonymous

                  Mibu Village seems to be the safest farm spot so far. Aside from the 4 giants and 4 nightjar apparitions, everything is a one hit kill. Clearing out everything from the Mibu Village statue to the Water Mill statue (aside from the small rice paddy with the giants and ninjas) net me about 1300 in sen for little to no danger in the run.

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