Mibu Pilgrimage Balloon


Mibu balloon made in the year of the Dragonspring pilgrimage, sealed with a prayer for healthy upbringing.

Burst the white Mibu balloon while clasping one's hands in prayer. Those splashed with the water will enjoy increased gains of all sorts for a time.

On it is crudely scrawled: "To Tenkichi, from Badger".

Mibu Pilgrimage Balloon is a Quick Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is a consumable item received for completing Blackhat Badger's associated questline. When consumed, this item gives the players the effects of the Mibu Balloon of Wealth, Mibu Possession Balloon, Mibu Balloon of Soul, and Mibu Balloon of Spirit for a period of time.



Mibu Pilgrimage Balloon Usage



How to Find Mibu Pilgrimage Balloon



Mibu Pilgrimage Balloon Notes & Tips

  • This item has the same effect as using one of each of the individual Mibu Balloons.
  • Can be sold to any merchant for 20 sen.



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    • Anonymous

      13 Jan 2021 11:01  

      Apparently if you go to the Old Grave Idol and you don't talk to him and leave travel to another area, he'll die and you won't be able to get it?

      • Anonymous

        14 Dec 2019 19:59  

        Has anyone tried using it near the divine child? because isnt she supposed to become the cradle, and the balloon is for "upbringing" just a thought i had.

        • Anonymous

          03 May 2019 02:06  

          The old lady at the very start of Ashina Castle who mentions the Divine Child gives you rewards for popping balloons near her. I’m too scared to try this one though I’ve always been a collector. Anyone know if she has unique dialogue for this one?

          • Anonymous

            10 Apr 2019 00:30  

            did u know when u pop mibu balloon (not this rainbow) near the old hag, she will talk about praying and give us candy buff ? maybe perhaps we can do something like that to npc related to this blackhat badger, or maybe we could meet his son in dlc memories

            • Anonymous

              05 Apr 2019 15:02  

              What a worthless reward. None of these balloons should even exist in the first place, they should be caches of money or xp instead.

              • Anonymous

                01 Apr 2019 11:58  

                For some reason when Badger died for me i could see that he had an item but i couldn't take it (and i also had that happen to the offering box at the end of the game), did that happen to someone else? is that a common bug?

                • Anonymous

                  31 Mar 2019 12:32  

                  If there's ever an NPC named "Tenkichi," (perhaps accessible through the bell's "fashback" to the Hirata estates) one should definitely try to give this to them.

                  • Anonymous

                    27 Mar 2019 19:40  

                    Don’t have to do any quests I stumbled on him without even having the hat prosthetic and got the balloon

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