Mist Noble

mist noble
Location Hidden Forest
XP NG: 257
NG+: 643
Sen NG: 39
NG+: 146
Deathblow Markers 2
Weakness Kusabimaru
Reward Lump of Grave Wax

Mist Noble is a Mini-Boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This Complete Mist Noble Mini-Boss Guide gives you strategies on how to beat the Mist Noble easily, as well as tips, tricks and lore notes. Mini-Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named, and have 2 or more health bars. This means they require at least 2 Deathblows in order to kill, they are generally much more difficult than normal enemies (this mini-boss is an exception), and they drop some of the best loot in the game.


Mist Noble Location

Where to find Mist Noble in Sekiro?

  • Hidden Forest: Found in the abandoned temple in the misty area just after the Hidden Forest idol. Can be accessed by the second floor, through a hole in the wall.
  • This boss is not optional.


Mist Noble Rewards

What do you get from defeating Mist Noble in Sekiro?

  • 1 x Lump of Grave Wax
  • Dispels the mist in the area, opening up the road to Mibu Village.
  • Once the mist in the area is dispersed, all of the ghosts in the area disperse as well.
  • 3470 XP without Kuro's Charm (NG+7)


Mist Noble Notes & Tips

  • It appears to be of the same species as The Mist Noble are encountered as normal enemies in the Fountainhead Palace, only wearing much nicer robes.
  • The easiest mini-boss in the game to beat. His design became a joke among the fans.

Mist Noble Story & Lore

  • Okami, written as "淤加美 (okami)" in the Japanese version, is a dragon deity of water, rain and snow from Japanese mythology. According to Kojiki, the god was born from the blood of the slain god Kagutsuchi. The name can be alternatively written as "龗 (okami)" and "闇龗 (kuraokami)", which all hold the meaning of "dragon". It's likely that the Divine Dragon (called "桜竜/sakura-ryu" - Sakura Dragon in Japanese) is inspired by Kuraokami.

Mist Noble Mini-Boss Guide Strategies

Sekiro Mist Noble Video Strategies


Sekiro Mist Noble Strategy Write-up

This Mini-Boss can be defeated in mere seconds using a Drop-Down Deathblow. As the boss attempts to stand after the plunge, just use normal attacks until it dies. It's more than likely you'll never see it do anything other than take hits from you.





Mist Noble Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      this is my 5th day i've tried to beat this boss and it still no progress. His attack is hard to understand. So dissapointed

      • Anonymous

        Such a BS boss, made me quit Sekiro for months after killing me with his insane grab attacks. He probably has the worst hitboxes From Soft have ever made he could grab me from across the room, and BEHIND HIM. This boss seriously needs to be patched, I may not even buy Elden Ring if From Soft doesn't fix this impossible boss, it shows they're just trying to make their game "hard", without even caring for balancing or its accessibility for players. As a Games Journalist, it's my JOB to play games, and I can't even finish to write my article because of this broken boss. Literally unplayable.

        • Anonymous

          Unlike all of the other mini bosses, it's possible to perform a second deathblow instantly by using divine abduction on this guy lmao

          • Anonymous

            Bruh i tried killing this guy so many times, i tried using all the sugar and all the techniques but I still can't kill them, they are so hard to kill from plz fix this guy. Anyone got any tips i really need them thanks in advance

            • Anonymous

              Is nobody even slightly curious how the most noble got to the forbidden woods from all the way up at the fountain palace? It makes no sense

              • Anonymous

                Made me quit the game, screw this overly difficult BS, who thought it was a good idea to give him 17 phases? and did they just have him summon every soulsborne boss because they ran out of ideas? how do you beat him?

                • Anonymous

                  Oh. My. God. He is just too hard. In the 2nd phase, he summons Manus, Fume Knight, Midian, orphan of kos, not to mention Sword Saint Isshin. Quit Sekiri because of this guy.

                  • Anonymous

                    i wonder if grouping pinwheel,the congregation,deacons,witch of hemwick and the mist noble would make a decent challenge.

                    • Anonymous

                      Guys my humour sense needs to be updated when I saw people saying you can't defeat him without confetti and they spent 12 hours on him, I was like: What? He looks cute! How can he be so scary?

                      • Anonymous

                        Don't worry guys, he gets easier after the 14th phase. I'm glad they didn't put him in the mortal journey roster

                        • Anonymous

                          Hardest boss in the game. When he enters the second phase and pulls out all four swords as well as summoning the ghost of the Headless Ape in that tiny room it's impossible to do it without glitching yourself outside of the arena... Except then you discover that isn't a glitch, and they were kind enough to let you run past... Until you realise that if you have any other From Software game installed, it can spawn bosses from them too... Enjoy fighting Headless Ape, Headless, Shichimen Warrior, Sister Friede, Nameless King, Fume Knight, Artorias, Manus, and most terrifyingly of all, Mist Noble 2nd phase, all at once.

                          • Anonymous

                            My heart was almost stopping when i finally beat this dude. Had to use all my divine grass and jinzo statues to kill that nightmare

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