Mist Raven


A Prosthetic Tool loaded with the feather of a Mist Raven. Costs Spirit Emblems to use.
When attacked in the assumed stance, disappear like the mist and move away.
Once you think you've caught one, all that will remain is feathers.
That is the mark of a true Mist Raven.

Spirit Emblem Cost 2

Mist Raven is a Prosthetic Tool in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Mist Raven is an evasive tool useful for avoiding enemy attacks, giving Sekiro a chance to reposition.


How to use Mist Raven

  • R2: Mist Stance. When attacked in this stance, instantly move in the direction chosen with L.
  • This gives you a teleport of sorts through enemies, granting some invulnerability.
  • This tool can be used for Lightning Reversal.
  • This tool does not work against grab attacks.
  • It costs 2 Spirit Emblems.
  • Upgrades: Aged Feather Mist RavenGreat Feather Mist Raven


Where to find Mist Raven in Sekiro

  • Hirata Estate - Bamboo Thicket Slope Idol
  • You'll find the Mist Raven's Feathers inside a hidden temple. To access it, go up from the idol, grapple left and drop into a body of water. Swim past the bridge and then grapple to a branch. You'll pick up an item and can look right to slash through bamboo (there's 3x Spirit Emblem inside). Wall-jump up to the next clearing and you'll face an enemy that is defending the location.



Mist Raven Notes & Tips



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    • Anonymous

      11 Oct 2020 07:31  

      it is effective against genichiro because the tomoe mode you can actually send it back to him without using the lightning revearsal

      • Anonymous

        11 May 2020 20:44  

        Man I feel dumb. I missed this until I got to dragon palace and when I came to grab it I had already fought the ministry ninja dozens of times so when he dropped down I was really underwhelmed. At least I have it now. Not quite as good as the firecrackers or the shuriken but it helps a lot when getting overwhelmed.

        • Anonymous

          05 Dec 2019 02:48  

          Ironic that the feathers mention it is hard to catch the Mist Ravens, but when using the tool, it's the grab attacks they can't help you deal with.

          • Anonymous

            26 Apr 2019 19:28  

            I get the guards attention and then jump off the cliff on the far left and grapple to the tree. Go back in to the shaft up and use an Invis sugar before jumping up and circling around to backstab. Works every time.

            • Anonymous

              25 Apr 2019 13:36  

              Underrated but more reliable than most prosthetics. Probably on par with the firecrackers if not more when it comes to reliability.

              • 18 Apr 2019 18:17  

                It's a really good tool against enemies that have a slow swing or a predictable set-up. Lady Butterfly's frontal attack, when she gets on hit toes before striking forward, or Juzo The Drunkard's slow swing. You can get some good health damage on them if used properly.

                • Anonymous

                  03 Apr 2019 15:09  

                  My pride forced me to kill this guy without cheesing. Took me like 10 deaths tried a bunch of stuff, he doesnt let you get many hits but one gauranteed hit is if you parry is lunge - which is actually a kick. He has 2 inavoidable moves one is a sweep that he'll use after a few sword swings, other is a lunging kick he ONLY does after kicking a few times. Chip away his health then break his poise. He also respawns on rest!

                  • Anonymous

                    03 Apr 2019 07:22  

                    That gaurd kicked me ass repeatedly until I drew him to the ledge, jumped off and quickly scrambled back up as he was still looking over. Quickly snuck up behind him and stealth killed... an FYI in case anyone else is struggling

                    • Anonymous

                      30 Mar 2019 11:10  

                      Can someone confirm this item does not work against grabs ? I was experimenting stuff to defeat Snake Eyes Shirahagi and tried to use this tool to dodge her grab, but no matter the timing I always got caught. I'll try it out on different ennemies but I'd like to know if someone already tested this.

                      • Anonymous

                        29 Mar 2019 12:47  

                        Free tip, this blocks the damage of lighting. You will still be stunned but take no damage, makes Genichiro a joke.

                        • Anonymous

                          27 Mar 2019 17:48  

                          If you want to beat the guard without cheese, try fighting more aggressively. When you land a hit, keep attacking even when they start blocking. Don't stop until they are perfect parrying you, then dodge/parry a few times until they leave an opening, then rinse and repeat. Be aggressive, works better in this game.

                          • Anonymous

                            26 Mar 2019 20:00  

                            Get the floating passage combat art, weave in a full volley of swings with it, then jump back. Keep out of range of his combos, then repeat the process when he's open. Took me a few tries but ended up killing him with vit damage alone in around 2 minutes.

                            • Anonymous

                              26 Mar 2019 05:36  

                              So youll notice he flies around like crazy. I (without meaning to) made him jump off the cliff and die. Just fight near there and try the same

                              • Anonymous

                                26 Mar 2019 01:49  

                                If you just run directly to the door and open it he won't be able to hit you (cut scene invulnerability) and you can hit E or the console equivalent, Dodge his next attack and high tail it outta there lol

                                • Anonymous

                                  24 Mar 2019 09:26  

                                  Guys how can u use this prosthetic in combat..?Cause when i use it ,i can see the animation but nothing else happens..I mean whats the purpose of it.??

                                  • Anonymous

                                    24 Mar 2019 02:20  

                                    I snuck up on the ninja guard and assassinated him. Idk why it was so easy for me but that's how I managed to kill him after barely escaping the initial fight with my life.

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