Monkey Booze

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 Alcohol created by dew pooled in a hollow tree.

Fruits hidden by monkeys in tree hollows can sometimes ferment and turn into sake with a bit of luck.

While it's known for its brutally harsh flavor, some find this acquired taste irresistible.

Monkey Booze is a Key Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to obtain dialogue from Emma, Isshin, and The Sculptor.



 Monkey Booze Usage

  • Can be given to either the Sculptor, Lady Emma or Lord Isshin Ashina in exchange for additional dialog at various points in the game.



How to Find Monkey Booze

  • Obtained by defeating the large group of monkeys (approx. 20) in the Sunken Valley Passage past the Riven Cave Sculptor's Idol.
  • One can be obtained on the approach to Senpou Temple, in the hands of a statue in a side room nearby the White Pinwheel, by the barred door which leads to the Demon Bell.
  • One can be obtained from a skull next to a monkey enemy in the Ashina Depths by taking a grapple upwards shortly after fighting Snake Eyes Shirahagi.



  • After giving to the Sculptor:
    • "... Monkey Booze, is it? Haaa! It burns the throat, same as ever. This really brings back memories. I trained in the techniques of the shinobi in the valley where the monkeys dwelled... ... No. There was two of us. We were rogue Shinobi... There was no proper master for the likes of us. That's why we went to the valley. To run, to jump, to clash swords... where one slip would mean your doom. That was how we trained. ... We came to move exactly as monkeys did after a time. I'd drink this Monkey Booze whenever I tired of training. And I'd listen to the howl of my partner's whistling finger while I drank. It was from his unique ring... Whistling through that ring... Would fill the valley with a somber melody. Strangely enough, I enjoyed that sound. I listened to it so often."
  • After giving to Isshin Ashina:
    • "Ah, Sekiro! You know me well. Why, if this isn't monkey booze! Hahh! So this is what it's like to breathe fire! Do you know what other name this sake goes by? You don't? They call it Shura's wine. I killed one once, long ago... Shura... Or something very much like it. Those who go on killing will eventually become Shura. They don't even remember why... Simply enraptured... They kill solely for the joy it brings them. I see it in your eyes, too The shadow of Shura. Give me cause, and I will kill you. It would do you well to remember that."
    • After defeating Owl on the top of Ashina Castle: "Ah, Sekiro! You know me well. Why, if this isn't monkey booze! Hahh! So this is what it's like to breathe fire! Do you know what other name this sake goes by? You don't? They call it Shura's wine. I killed one once, long ago... Shura... Or something very much like it. Those who go on killing will eventually become Shura. They don't even remember why... Simply enraptured... They kill solely for the joy it brings them. I saw it in your eyes, too. The shadow of Shura. Or at least, I thought I did. (......) However, it appears I was mistaken. If Shura were to appear, I would have cut it down myself. (laughs)
  • After giving to Emma:
    • "Oh, this is Monkey Booze. Well, let me try it. Augh!~ It... It burns so bad. Let's see... Yes, monkeys... I seem to have a strong connection with monkeys. Yes. I was rescued by a monkey after all. You don't believe me, do you? When I was young. I stood alone in the aftermath of a battlefield. I was alone, and staring dumbfounded. I could do nothing... neither cry nor even get angry. Complete shock. And then there was a monkey eating a rice ball. maybe... either way. He gave me the rice ball. (What a kind monkey.') Yes. He was a very kind monkey."


Monkey Booze Notes & Tips

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    • I really think what Emma talking about "rescued by A monkey" meant "Hideyoshi" as he was called "a monkey" by Nobunaga in Sengoku Jidai. Although the game is not setting in real Japan's Sengoku Jidai and there no real Sengoku's generals name mentioned in the game at all.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, giving the Dragonspring Sake to the Sculptor confirms that it was him who gave Rice to Emma. "That was a long time ago...I found her on a battlefield. ('...a battlefield.') She crept up slowly towards me, her eyes fixed, unwavering on the rice I held in my hand. It became too much to bear, so I gave it to her."

        • Anonymous

          ¡SPOILERS! The japanese translation gives a bit more on Emma's. After she says she couldn't feel anger or sadness that once she saw the monkey enjoying the riceball she was filled with rage, but then the monkey gave it to her. Possible theory, the monkey could be the sculptor or his friend since he mentioned moving like a monkey. Would also tie into how they know each other.

          • !SPOILERS! I gave this to Emma and she tells a story about how she was rescued by a monkey when she was young, she was alone in the aftermath of a battlefield and a monkey... maybe an ape, gave her a rice ball, and it was good. Wtf ... I love this game.

            • Anonymous

              !Minor Spoiler ahead! I gave this to Isshin, he will then tell you about "Shura" and what Shura seems to be.

              • Anonymous

                ¡SPOILERS! I was able to give this to the Sculptor, but all that come of it is a nice slice of lore: He admits that he used to be a shinobi with a partner in the "valley of the monkeys." He mentioned how his partner had a ring that he could whistle through. It might be a clue towards getting him another key item.

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