Nightjar Monocular

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 A bamboo tube used to see distant objects.

While shinobi aready have good vision, looking throught this tube with one eye enables one to see even further.

The Nightjar Ninja serve Isshin Ashina, guarding the rooftops of Ashina Castle, their sharp eyes on the lookout for any would-be trespassers.

Not much escapes the eyes of a Nightjar.

Nightjar Monocular (寄鷹筒, Kiyōtō - Hawkman Pipe) is a Quick Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to view objectives, enemies, or parts of an area from afar.



 Nightjar Monocular Usage

  • Used to view distant objectives.
  • While in use, up and down on D-Pad zooms in and out.



How to Find Nightjar Monocular



Nightjar Monocular Notes & Tips

  • Useful to scout an area in order to know more about how to engage the location and its inhabitants.
  • Useful to take screenshots of Character, Boss and Enemy details.



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    • Anonymous

      This is arguably the best quick item in the game, especially for general exploration or "cheesing" one deathblow marker off mini-bosses. With the Nightjar Monocular selected as your quick item, highlighting targets while crouched (or from above while standing) causes your red cross-hair to be applied from a much farther distance. Your attack animation also changes when performing your stealth kill, as you "lean in" and fly like a homing missile to your target. You can even fall from a great height and use this mid-fall, zeroing in on your target earlier in your descent than normal. I cannot explain in words how fulfilling it is to kill enemies with this technique; it greatly reduces the anxiety of performing distance kills from any height/angle and exemplifies your grace as an elite shinobi. Hesitation is defeat.

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