Nogami Gensai

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Location Hirata Estate

Nogami Gensai is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Nogami Gensai is a noble warrior who stood by the Ashina and is dedicated to protecting his young lord.


Nogami Gensai Information

Nogami Gensai information or lore description goes here.

  • Location: Nogami Gensai Can be found at Hirata Estate
  • Progression: Nothing happens if you win alone or with him, there's no special outcome.
  • Combat: Players may kill Nogami Gensai.
  • Rewards: No quests , killing him grants Sen.


Associated Quests

  • Speak to him before or while fighting Juzou the Drunkard, and he will aid you in battle.



  • First Encounter:
    •  You've done well to come this far.
    • For a rogue, you are a worthy shinobi.
    • My duty is to protect the young lord, lord Kuro!
    • Let us fight together!


  • Charging into battle:
    • Hear me! My name is Nogami Gensai!
    • I stood with the Ashina when they claimed this land!


  • After defeating Juzou the Drunkard:
    • (Panting) 
    • That fight was hard...on this old body...
    • Go on ahead.


  • After defeating Juzou the Drunkard (without his assistance):
    • Hmm...
    • Looks like this place is clear.
  • When attacked:
    • What are you doing!?
    • Stop!
    • Nothing but a rogue after all!
    • I am betrayed!


  • When killed:
    • You...bastard...
    • You honor...


Notes & Tips

  • Voiced by: ??
  • Trivia and such go here




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    • Anonymous

      it's so funny to me how he charges out if you kill everyone before talking/aggroing him and he acts like he's gonna fight you, then just puts his sword away and says "oh theyre all dead"

      • Anonymous

        Here is how I keep him alive. Clear all adds around Juzou, just back stab one of em, then run for you life. But DON'T go through middle as it will most likely aggro Gensai. Just run through western part of the building to escape,.....then come back to back stab another ones.

        This took quite awhile. Then when all adds downed, backstab Juzou. (you have to walk quite close to his back).

        Now you only have to deal with one bar and no adds. When you take hit, just go to Gensai and ask for his help.

        With this set up, Gensai should be able to survive....

        • Anonymous

          To keep him alive I went around through the building on the left and fought all the enemies than talked to him for biggy fight and used firecrackers to cancel the poison that normally kills him.

          • Anonymous

            Dude can be a really good distraction, and he can still survive the fight easily if you leave him with 3 bandits, unless you take like forever with the fatso, but one hit from the fatso and he most likely ded. Best strategy to keep him alive is to kill the archer, the torch guy asap, maybe one other bandit and then focus on the fatty, while he keeps the shield guys busy. Not that you gain anything from keeping him alive, but it's always a fun extra little challenge.

            • Anonymous

              It would be better if you could meet him again later in the story if he survived the Juzo fight. Maybe team up again during the final Ashina invasion or something.

              • Anonymous

                You forgot one other bit of dialogue: If he’s killed by everyone during the fight, he’ll say “I have failed you,... Lord... Kuro.......”

                • Anonymous

                  A small translation note: for some reason, the translators forgot to switch his name to Western order like they did for everyone else; he should actually be Gensai Nogami, like how they changed "Nogami Inosuke" to "Inosuke Nogami".

                  • Anonymous

                    he makes fighting juzuo really fun. But he is super vulnerable to the shield holding guys so make sure you take them out first. He can hold his own against Juzo though but he still will die if you let him 1v1 Juzou. Best strat is to tag team Juzo and hit him right after this guy hits him to stunlock him.

                    • Anonymous

                      I *****ing killed him accidentally and I'm in need of his aid. What should i do? Please help... Retarting the last memory did not help...

                      • Anonymous

                        His corpse can be found in the 2nd Hirata Estate memory, near Juuzou and one of those purple cloak shinobi, with a fistful of ash in his hand.

                        • Anonymous

                          If you fight him he calls you nothing but a rogue. If you kill him he calls you a bastard and that you have no honor. Lmao

                          • Anonymous

                            He died while i fought Juzou, and i only noticed once Juzou was dead that Nogami was dead, too and now i am sad :(

                            • Anonymous

                              Someone on another game site said that this NPC goes to the temple nearby to the left and starts selling stuff like a prayer bead for 2000 sen. And quote from that person " he joins you after the doctor leaves the area she's in. thats when i discovered him" Upvote if true.

                              • Anonymous

                                Such a unit. i LOVE how he introduces himself while posing before charging into battle. Got chills from it, and I felt the need to rush in with him only to be poisoned to death along side him. 10/10 game.

                                • Anonymous

                                  I didn't talk to him and killed Juzou and every other enemy in the vicinity. After the miniboss died, Nogami stormed forward and shouted his name but couldn't find anyone to fight. He just stood there and when talked to says "Hmm... seems this place is clear."

                                  • Anonymous

                                    I killed the Drunkard and kept Gensai alive, nothing happens but a dialoge with him. So maybe something occur in the future? Who knows yet.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I managed to beat the Drunkard while Gensai was still alive, but he died from poison before I could speak to him. He respawned every time he died in battle as long as I die as well, but now suddenly he doesnt respawn.

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