O'Rin of the Water

Location Mibu Village
Deathblow Markers 2
Useful Tools Malcontent
Sabimaru (piercing)
Loaded Umbrella
Mist Raven 
Divine Confetti
Reward 1530 Exp (NG)
Prayer Bead
Breath of Life: Shadow

O'Rin of the Water (水生のお凛, Mibu no Orin) is a Mini-Boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Mini-Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named, and have 2 or more health bars. This means they require at least 2 Deathblows in order to kill, they are generally much more difficult than normal enemies, and they drop some of the best loot in the game.



O'Rin of the Water Location

  • Mibu Village: Found after Large Blossom Tree area, by taking a right turn from the Water Mill Sculptor's Idol
  • This boss is optional, however her fight will trigger regardless of speaking to her or not.
  • Fleeing and resting at the Idol will reset her dialogue.



O'Rin of the Water Rewards


O'Rin of the Water Notes & Tips

  • The Japanese transliteration O’Rin can translate to “Lady Rin” (in the sense of respect and/or affection, but not nobility).
  • Her title "of the Water" in the English version is not a direct translation. In the Japanese version, she is called Mibu no O'Rin which means "O'Rin who lives in Mibu" or "O'Rin who comes from Mibu".
    • On the other hand, the location name Mibu (水生) itself means lit. "Water-Life", that is, a marsh, a lake, or a riverside. Possibly it implies the villagers of Mibu are somehow connected to the Water Gods or Okami.  It is possible that the translation team decided to avoid a direct translation so that players who play the English version can infer that O'Rin is related to Okami.
  • The instrument O'Rin plays is known as a Shamisen.
  • O'Rin is considered an Apparition-type enemy, so using a Divine Confetti will increase damage dealt to her.
  • Without Divine Confetti effect all damage on her is reduced in 1.5 times.
  • O'Rin may be a homage to the Blade of the Immortal (Mugen no Juunin) character of the same name, Rin (literally the same kanji 凛). This Game Informer interview with Hidetaka Miyazaki also confirms that Sekiro was influenced by Blade of the Immortal.
  • She is weak to the Sabimaru weapon, implying she is Okami or a descendant of one.
  • Floating Passage is an excellent combat art to employ against her, as its quick number of slashes breaks through her posture with ease, and is quickly cast, negating her speed. By maintaining a close distance, or keeping her in a corner, it's possible to stun-lock her for an easy victory.
  • You can use the Loaded Umbrella - Magnet to deflect her attacks more easily, and if you have Phoenix's Lilac Umbrella and Projected Force, you can hit her for great damage.
  • You can use the Great Feather Mist Raven to set her on fire and get behind her when she attacks giving you openings.
  • O'Rin is able to be Puppeteered if backstabbed as a second, final deathblow (tested on PC version 1.05 by jumping over her after breaking her Posture on her last life). Therefore, it should be possible to bring her along for assistance to the nearby Corrupted Monk fight. Of course, if you are going to do this, you should clear out the group of enemies before that boss so she doesn't get caught up in fighting them.
    O'Rin as a Puppet



O'Rin of the Water Lore

  • O'rin of the Water, Snake Eyes Shirahagi, Snake Eyes Shirafuji, and the enemies found in the Gun Fort are all descendants of the Okami Clan mentioned by various items, which is why they all share a weakness to poison. As explained in the description of the Sabimaru prosthetic tool: "Wielded in wars of old, the blade's blue rust was used to drive off inhuman Okami warrior women. Even now, it is likely to be effective against their descendants."
  • The connection O'rin shares with Jinzaemon Kumano is nebulous, at best—while the items Jinza's Jizo Statue and Bundled Jizo Statue seem to imply a familial connection (Jizo Statues, according to their description, are enswathed "to express feelings of parental love,"), there is absolutely no other mention or information available in-game regarding how O'rin, Jinzaemon, and the character Lord Sakuza mentioned by O'rin might be related.



O'Rin of the Water Strategies

Video Strategies

Strategy Write-up

Old Deathblow Method: Before triggering her fight, it is possible to knock her from her standing position by jumping on her head (single jump - not double jump/stomp). After doing so, you will be able to perform a deathblow from behind her without needing to deplete her health as if in stealth. NOTE: this is now patched  and you cannot get a free deathblow this way.

New Deathblow Method: Before triggering the fight, one can get behind O'Rin and then throw a ceramic shard, opening her up for a deathblow for about half a second.

Fighting O'Rin traditionally requires either learning her combo timing or having very quick reflexes. She hits hard but after successfully parrying/dodging her full combo she will allow a couple counterstrikes before going ethereal and retreating. As soon as she phase shifts and retreats use that time to heal if needed. Trying to run away to heal can lead to a quick death due to her being able to close in on you from almost any range inside the arena. Once you get good at her timing and pull her health down, she's very easy to stagger with repeated attacks.

Due to O'Rin's unpredictable movement, staying still and focusing on deflections without performing counter-attacks is a viable strategy. She attacks frequently enough that you can deal a deathblow without damaging her health, and when you aren't moving she is much easier to track. The largest damage she takes to her posture is jump kicks off her in response to her Perilous sweep attacks. Consistently landing these will result in her posture failing soon. 

Strategy for using Sabimaru Prosthetic:

O'Rin will easily get poisoned by blue rust. Two full combos will always poison her. Run around while she destroyed by the poison, her attacks are easily dodged while sprinting. Deathblow when she has no vitality left for easy execution.

Slow Walk around the Rock strategy:

You can get O'Rin stuck in a passive slow walk on the stairs just after the wooden bridge. From here you can use Nightjar Slash or the Ichimonji to deal heavy damage safely. Be sure to get her down low enough to drop down and deal the final blow before jumping back up.


Cheese Strategy:

Instead of parrying or dodging O'Rin's attacks, one can simply circle O'Rin at a distance (while sprinting). This will prompt O'Rin to close the distance with a short 2-slash combo, after which the player can safely and easily make 1-2 hits before retreating again. Slowly but surely, this strategy can be repeated indefinitely until O'Rin's vitality is depleted.

Safety Cheese Strategy:

O'Rin can be lured towards the idol nearby. If she is lured far enough, she will naturally return to her fighting area. In this state, she will not attack, but only block. The fight is made trivial by getting her stuck on a rock to the right side of the valley, near Jinzaemon. She will slowly walk around the rock, but will be pushed back into the corner from the player's attacks. She will block attacks, but some will go through. A two-hit combo is the most that can be done without her blocking, so simply keep doing that. Over time, her health will deplete, and her posture will break, opening up a deathblow. Repeat the strategy for the second health bar for a victory with minimal effort.



O'Rin of the Water Image Gallery


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    • Anonymous

      08 Mar 2021 10:17  

      No way Sakuza is Jinzaemon's father. He's called LORD Sakuza. If Jinzaemon were his son, he'd be a noble, and he neither looks like it nor does he have the position of one (guarding the moat).

      Plus, if the trivia section on Jinzaemon's page is correct and he has a "Westernized" accent, that'd mean his father is/was from the there as well. Do you think a foreigner would be a noble in rural Japan?

      I think it's more likely that Jinzaemon's father knew about O'Rin because it's common folklore. In case you want to argue with fate: Remember O'Rin never called to Jinzaemon. She's even surprised when he shows up. I don't know why Jinzaemon heard O'Rin's melody from so far away, but we don't know a lot about his background and motivations in general.

      People should be careful with assumptions about this sidequest because otherwise they might end up ruining its simple beauty.

      • Anonymous

        10 Feb 2021 04:12  

        I geared up for this mini-boss, reading the wiki and learning of the cheese methods due to how tough the community says she is... beat her first try, no cheesing :) (although i did try to get a backstab on her unsuccessfully). I’m shocked i was able to pull it off. She’s one of my favorite mini-bosses now.

        Strat i used: consecutive deflects, stick to her like glue, use Senpou Leaping Kicks or jump kick during her sweep attacks, and get her poisoned at the beginning of both her health bars (any version of the Sabimaru will work). This is a posture break fight and using Gokan’s sugar helps a lot because she will very quickly fill yours (seriously she dishes out a ton of posture damage).

        • Anonymous

          21 Dec 2020 14:03  

          If you're having trouble with the deflects I'd recommend not deflecting at all and instead looping the same way she does. This fight got way easier once I started sprinting around instead of trying to deflect/dodge.

          When she is preparing to lunge--or any time she phases out--start sprinting away from her (still target locked) and then loop either left or right. Her lunge will come up short or miss, and the follow-up attacks can be avoided by continuing to sprint to open space. After her last attack she'll be vulnerable to 1-2 hits or a poison combo.

          If she gets too close to the edge of the map DON'T follow her. There isn't enough open space at the edges to avoid her attacks like this. This all needs to be done with the middle of the arena between you and her.

          If she's doing that thing where she's just very slowly walking, she's waiting for you to rush her so that she can slice you. If you rush in you'll likely get hit. Better to throw a shuriken--she usually comes at you again after that. Or you can wait, but those moments feel long af.

          The momentum of this fight is really cool with this strat. It has a very 'push and pull' feel to it, and the symmetry of both her and you looping back and then rushing forward to strike is really satisfying.

          • Anonymous

            12 Nov 2020 07:51  

            Very easy, very fast: Use some Gokan's Sugar (golden candy, 1 per health bar should do) and the High Monk technique. Don't even try to hit her: just deflect the attack, and use the High Monk when she starts a perilous attack. The High Monk with destroy her posture really quickly, the constant deflection will keep her from getting some posture back in the meanwhile, the Gokan's Sugar keeps you from losing your posture.
            PS: He you need to unlock the High Monk technique, you can get easy and fast skill points with the two Nightjar spirits just before the Hidden Forest idol.

            • Anonymous

              09 Oct 2020 11:45  

              I'm surprised to hear that so many people had so much trouble with her. I'm an incredibly average player, but she's one of the few (mini)bosses that I killed on the first try. Every time I created distance, she did the exact same charge attack that was easily blocked and gave an opening afterwards. Just repeated this until she was dead.

              • Anonymous

                21 Sep 2020 18:07  

                I didn’t have trouble at all with her. I didn’t have any confetti, but you don’t really have to attack her. I just deflected everything and use Senpou Leaping Kicks to dodge her sweep and hit for posture.

                • Anonymous

                  06 Sep 2020 04:45  

                  *floats through your sabimaru attacks, unleashes her chainstun string attack* psssh nothin personnel wolf

                  • Anonymous

                    20 Jul 2020 03:48  

                    If you really have trouble with this boss, you can stuck her behind the tombstone and spam mortal blade skill.

                    • Anonymous

                      02 Jun 2020 01:36  

                      Not sure if this was a bug but i was able to completely skip her by jumping into the river before the idol. Then grapple up the bridge and when i did the monk cheese monk actually didn't die but just started going into some weird praying stance and after a while standing back up and fighting.

                      • Anonymous

                        17 May 2020 08:38  

                        The guy that you visited after defeating rin wasn’t there for me so I never got a statue. Anybody know why he doesn’t appear sometimes and how to get him to appear? Thanks

                        • Anonymous

                          01 May 2020 07:29  

                          This was just long, patient fight for me. Learned her patterns, deflect-chained followed by Floating Passage, and jump kick after her sweep. Jump away after you've counterattacked and guard to restore posture. Once I did that, beat her taking only 2 or 3 hits.

                          • Anonymous

                            21 Apr 2020 01:05  

                            I think Jinzaemon was the son of O'rin, his father (presumably Lord Sakuza) tells him never to go into the forest as a child, O'rin says "you've brought this child in his stead" and this Jizo statue has pink instead of red cloth wrapping a child, similar to O'rin's cloth, almost like she's caressing her child after death. Also explains how he is the only one who can hear her music from afar. She could have just lured Sekiro, but didn't. There's a strong connection between Jinzaemon and O'rin.

                            • Anonymous

                              15 Apr 2020 01:39  

                              This game feels like you have to buy a luxury car with the change jar but then you do buy the car with the change jar.

                              • Anonymous

                                04 Mar 2020 19:23  

                                She gave me so much trouble before I remembered the description for Sabimaru. Decimated her after that. I was also at the endgame by then, so....might have had something to do with it.

                                • Anonymous

                                  24 Feb 2020 15:15  

                                  Had an easy time with her... just use mortal draw an decimate Her life bars. She only hit me 4-5 times with her vanishing thrust. But you can side step that pretty easily with the right timing.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    11 Feb 2020 08:15  

                                    I'm surprised to hear that so many people had a lot of trouble with her. I had to try more than once, but I think I killed her on like my fourth try or so? She wasn't substantially more difficult than the average mini-boss up until that point IMO.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      10 Feb 2020 06:03  

                                      Floating passage and divine confetti... Don't stop performing the skill, she'll be dead in a matter of seconds

                                      • Anonymous

                                        04 Feb 2020 23:09  

                                        She has massive posture in NG+4 when you have only 14 attack power. And charmless/demon bell, a deflecting-focused strategy just doesn't work for me. Sabimaru poison? Yes but 10 of them for just a half of her health. Then you cant chip his vitality, or only after spacing her. Because, despite what is written in this wiki, you can rarely punish her after a good deflection… At this state, the most difficult enemy in the game for me.

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