Plain Oil.

When the jar breaks, the oil covers everything nearby.

Enemies doused in oil are easily set alight, causing them to take additional Vitality damage from fire attacks and making them more vulnerable to the Burn status abnormality.

Oil is a Quick Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Throw it at enemies to increase their vulnerability to the Burn status abnormality.



 Oil Usage

  • Covers an enemy in oil and increases its vulnerability to the Burn status twice.
  • Flame Vent deals 25% more health damage to an oiled enemy.



How to Find Oil

  • Hirata Estate- After gaining Flame Vent, the player encounters Thieves that may drop this item.
  • Hirata Estate- After returning, up the slope and past the archer enemies would be the item.
  • Hirata Estate- After the green path surrounded by Bamboo and the cave. You will encounter the Sculptor's Idol where the oil item will be.
  • Hirata Estate- After defeating Juzou the Drunkard , beyond the fog gate and main door. You will encounter the enemies and then you can pick up the item.
  • Ashina Depths - grapple twice from the ledge ahead near the Poison Pool Idol where you'll find 3x of this item.
  • Ashina Depths - Before reaching the branch to reach a blue-tinted huggable wall, go left from the structure to find the item.
  • Ashina Depths - 1x can be found in the room where the Mist Noble is encountered.
  • Abandoned Dungeon - On the way toward the Shichimen Warriror in the lower floor you will face Crickets and you will find the item. This area is close to the Underground Waterway Sculptor's Idol.
  • Chance to Drop from Fire Archers & Torch-wielding Bandits throughout Hirata Estate.
  • Scattered occasionally throughout the landscape. 



Oil Notes & Tips

  • Useful as an offensive item to inflict Burn easily towards multiple enemies.
  • Use in combination with the Flame Vent Prosthetic Tool to inflict Burn on enemies.
  • Very useful against bosses with weakness/fear towards fire based attacks such as the Chained Ogre and the Guardian Ape.



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    • Anonymous

      >shinobi floats on oil
      1) cover youself in oil
      2)cover other people in oil
      the flame vent incident, Japan - Ashina state, 1555

      • Anonymous

        Does it wear off? I notice that if I throw it at the guardian ape and wait too long before flame venting it doesn't work.

        • Anonymous

          I've done some damage tests on Juzou with the flame vest, here are some results for anyone interested if oil adds damage or not: 1. Full charged attack + oil does the most damage. 2. Full charged attack without oil does the second most. 3. Normal attack + oil does around 2/3 of number 1. 4. Unupgraded flame vent normal attack + oil does the same as number 3 (no point on using it after you get the upgrade). 5. All attacks caused the burn status. So TL:DR. Being oiled augments burn damage received.

          • Anonymous

            Oil also drops from the bomb throwing monks in Senpou Temple as well some of the Interior Ministry enemies in final stage of Ashina Castle.

            • Anonymous

              You use this mainly for the relatively large stun the fire inflicts upon enemies rather than its actual damage potential

              • Anonymous

                How long are its effects? Do you need to keep using the flame vent to reapply the burn? What are the damage stats?

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