Okami Leader Shizu

Location Fountainhead Palace
Weakness ??
Reward ??

Okami Leader Shizu is a Mini-Boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Mini-Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named, and have 2 or more health bars. But unlike other mini-bosses, Okami Leader Shizu has only 1 death mark, make her relatively easy to kill.


Okami Leader Shizu Location

  • Fountainhead Palace: Found after xx area, by taking a xx turn from the ?? Sculptor's Idol
  • This boss is optional.


Okami Leader Shizu Rewards


Okami Leader Shizu Strategies

Video Strategies

Strategies for this boss will be added on Sekiro's release


Strategy Writeup

A extremely weak miniboss.  After grappling onto the tree branch rush her and you will take her down in 3 to 4 strikes.  

If you defeat the boss you will see the writing "SHINOBI EXECUTION" upon the screen.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Example Attack Example Counter
Example Attack Example Counter
Phase 2
Example Attack Example Counter
Example Attack Example Counter



Okami Leader Shizu Lore

  • According to the key item Okami's Ancient Text: the Okami were said to be a clan who once "who sought to reach the divine realm," of the Fountainhead Palace.

  • According to the Prosthetic Tool Sabimaru: the Okami Clan were originally a group of "inhuman warrior women," with an innate weakness to rust and/or the particular "blue rust," mentioned to be part of the poison coating the Sabimaru.

Okami Leader Shizu Notes & Trivia

  • Though the official strategy guide and translations/names for the enemies found in the Fountainhead Palace has not been released yet, it can be inferred that each of the enemies sharing the same character model as Shizu are members of the Okami Clan.



Okami Leader Shizu Image Gallery





    • Anonymous

      07 Apr 2019 07:38  

      Who wrote that Notes and Trivia section? There's no contention whatsoever. Tomoe is a *person* who mentored Genichiro, the Okami Warrior Women are a *Group* who previously invaded Ashina in the past. It is very clear that Tomoe was simply an exceptional swordswoman, and that she managed to harness Lightning. The Okami can harness Lightning because Lightning itself is a force of the Gods, they worship the Divine Dragon, and the Fountainhead Palace is partway between the Mortal Realm and the Divine Realm. For the Okami it's natural because of where they are and what they're around. For Tomoe it's exceptional because Lightning is a Divine force.

      • Anonymous

        06 Apr 2019 00:05  

        using shinobi anti air deathblow technique is also very effective whenever she is preparing her lightning strike, since she is up in the air for a few seconds and you can kill her in one strike

        • Anonymous

          05 Apr 2019 18:13  

          i should have known better by this point, but i died twice keeping my distance and trying to redirect the lightning attacks. i really didn't expect her to have absolutely no counter to the "wail on you with my *****in sword" technique

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