Okami Leader Shizu

okami leader shizu1
Location Fountainhead Palace

Anti-air deathblow

Sabimaru Prosthetic Tool

Reward Sen & Prayer Beed

Okami Leader Shizu (淤加美の長・静, Okami Leader - Shizu) is a Mini-Boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This Complete Okami Leader Shizu Mini-Boss Guide gives you strategies on how to beat Shizu easily, as well as tips, tricks and lore notes. Mini-Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named, and have 2 or more health bars. But unlike other mini-bosses, Okami Leader Shizu has only 1 death mark, make her relatively easy to kill.


Okami Leader Shizu Location

Where to find Okami Leader Shizu in Sekiro?

  • Fountainhead Palace: Found immediately after the Great Sakura Sculptor Idol. Use the nearby grappling hook point to reach her.
  • This miniboss is optional (If swimming and diving in a very specific and obscure route). However, it's recommended to kill her to be able to explore the waters below in peace.


Okami Leader Shizu Rewards

What do you get from defeating Okami Leader Shizu in Sekiro?



Okami Leader Shizu Mini-Boss Guide Strategies

Sekiro Okami Leader Shizu Video Strategies

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Sekiro Okami Leader Shizu Strategy Writeup

An extremely weak miniboss.  After grappling onto the tree branch rush her and you will take her down in 3 to 4 strikes. 

She's also extremely vulnerable to Anti-Air Deathblows when charging her lighting ball in the air. One only needs to wait for the attack, jump towards her and kill her. 


Sekiro Okami Leader Shizu Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Example Attack Example Counter
Example Attack Example Counter
Phase 2
Example Attack Example Counter
Example Attack Example Counter



Okami Leader Shizu Lore

  • According to the key item Okami's Ancient Text: the Okami were said to be a clan who once "who sought to reach the divine realm," of the Fountainhead Palace.

  • According to the Prosthetic Tool Sabimaru: the Okami Clan were originally a group of "inhuman warrior women," with an innate weakness to rust and/or the particular "blue rust," mentioned to be part of the poison coating the Sabimaru.

  • She may be a tribute to Lady Shizuka (1165–1211), a court dancer and a mistress of the hero Minamoto-no "Kuro" Yoshitsune. Along with Lady Tomoe, she is one of the most famous Japanese women in this period.
  • Okami, written as "淤加美 (okami)" in the Japanese version, is a dragon deity of water, rain and snow from Japanese mythology. According to Kojiki, the god was born from the blood of the slain god Kagutsuchi. The name can be alternatively written as "龗 (okami)" and "闇龗 (kuraokami)", which all hold the meaning of "dragon". It's likely that the Divine Dragon (called "桜竜/sakura-ryu" - Sakura Dragon in Japanese) is inspired by Kuraokami.

Okami Leader Shizu Notes & Trivia

  • Though the official strategy guide and translations/names for the enemies found in the Fountainhead Palace has not been released yet, it can be inferred that each of the enemies sharing the same character model as Shizu are members of the Okami Clan.



Okami Leader Shizu Image Gallery





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    • Anonymous

      Hardest boss of the game (before mist noble of course) make sure you have the following items before fighting her.
      -Phoenix Lilac Umbrella
      -Ako's sugar
      -Gokan's sugar
      -Eel Liver
      -Mist raven Feather
      -Divine confetti
      -Skill: Ichimonji: Double
      Despite her being one of the hardest bosses in the game she is also one of the hardest. Make sure you watch out for her grab attack in her third phase. Have fun!

      • Anonymous

        I'm so mad I didn't mind waiting for another 4 seconds for her to charge up a lightning attack for me to do a reversal.

        • Anonymous

          Read something that made the fight sound hard. Walked up to her and first thing she did was jump...


          • Anonymous

            So we all know mist noble is the biggest meme of Sekiro. But the weakest/easiest boss? It's shizu. She has one health bar and can be immediately anti aired. While mist noble takes atleast 10 slashes for two death blows.

            • Anonymous

              >Be her chilling on the giant tree branch. >Watch a spider-man wannabe ninja swimming. >Toy him on water with your faith build lightning spear. >Dude dived underwater. Now, you can't see but you use FP hacks to spam your lightning spear. >Having a good time with some of your fellow playing football behind you. >You hear your friends scream but once you look back there is nothing. >You notice and you infuse your football with gold pine resin. >You kicked the ball only to get your **** thrown back at you. >You are low on HP but the immortal man decided light the bonfire and rest. >This process goes on until the immortal man feels like he can deflect your attack every time. >You then decided to go for a different method by not infusing your football. >You jump with your last breathe to kick the ball but you get one-shotted by anti-air deathblow. >That's not the end, the one armed wolf decided to take out your anal sex toy and use it as a prayer necklace to increase his health.

              • Anonymous

                Who wrote that Notes and Trivia section? There's no contention whatsoever. Tomoe is a *person* who mentored Genichiro, the Okami Warrior Women are a *Group* who previously invaded Ashina in the past. It is very clear that Tomoe was simply an exceptional swordswoman, and that she managed to harness Lightning. The Okami can harness Lightning because Lightning itself is a force of the Gods, they worship the Divine Dragon, and the Fountainhead Palace is partway between the Mortal Realm and the Divine Realm. For the Okami it's natural because of where they are and what they're around. For Tomoe it's exceptional because Lightning is a Divine force.

                • Anonymous

                  using shinobi anti air deathblow technique is also very effective whenever she is preparing her lightning strike, since she is up in the air for a few seconds and you can kill her in one strike

                  • Anonymous

                    i should have known better by this point, but i died twice keeping my distance and trying to redirect the lightning attacks. i really didn't expect her to have absolutely no counter to the "wail on you with my *****in sword" technique

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