Okami Warrior (Bow)

Location Fountainhead Palace
XP NG: 513
NG+: ??
Sen NG: 86
NG+: ??
Drops Scrap Magnetite
Scrap Adamantite
Eel Liver
Mibu Balloon of Soul
Weakness Any Variation of Sabimaru

Okami Warrior (Bow)(淤加美の武者-弓, Okami Warrior -Bow) is an enemy in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.


Okami Warrior (Bow) Location


Okami Warrior (Bow) Rewards



Okami Warrior (Bow) Notes & Tips

  • This variation of the Okami warriors is incredibly weaker than her fellow counterparts.
  • Their first attack will usually have them shooting an arrow, and the timing can be odd due to how they can briefly float in the air for much longer than you might think



Okami Warrior (Bow) Story & Lore 

  • Okami, written as "淤加美 (okami)" in the Japanese version, is a dragon deity of water, rain and snow from Japanese mythology. According to Kojiki, the god was born from the blood of the slain god Kagutsuchi. The name can be alternatively written as "龗 (okami)" and "闇龗 (kuraokami)", which all hold the meaning of "dragon". It's likely that the Divine Dragon (called "桜竜/sakura-ryu" - Sakura Dragon in Japanese) is inspired by Kuraokami.
  • The weapons and armors wore by Okami warriors heavily resemble those from Japan's Heian period. Similar to other enemies in the Fountainhead Palace, they pose a stylistic contrast to the Sengoku period the game's main events take palace.

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      Really wish the fan theories connecting all the soulsborne games would get scrubbed the hell off of all these pages. Here I am trying to understand some more about Sekiro lore and some idiot posts their fan theory as if it's canon.

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        Please stop with the whole "SEKIRO IS CONNECTED WITH SOULSBORNE XDDDDDDD", ffs Sekiro is it's own game, god damn

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            These guy's remind me of Kamaro from Majora's Mask, the ghost dancer guy. Are they based off something in Japanese Myth? Both look similar, dance, and have ominous flute noises.

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              "Okami" means "Great God" but also "Wolf" in japanese language. "Kuraokami" or "Kura-okami-no-kami" is indeed a powerful Dragongod and his name means "Dark Great God"

              • Anonymous

                Maybe there's an aspect of translation I don't understand about the word "Okami," as I don't speak the language, but can anyone tell me what on Earth these people have to do with wolves? I know "kami" means divine, and they are in a divine palace (so I'd normally just chalk it up to some localization mistake), but it also happens with the women in the Sunken Valley being "descendants of the Okami Warrior Women." Not to mention you play as a character who is already called "Okami." Though is localized to "Wolf," in both the sub and dub despite them clearly saying "Okami" in the sub. Just makes me wonder if they're even called "Okami" in the real Japanese version. Or I'm just ignorant about something and would like to learn.

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