The Old Hag is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. She is a mysterious, decrepit old woman dressed in rags that can be found either praying or kneeling in various places around Ashina Castle and its environs. When spoken to, she gives you vague information on where to find the "fruits" needed for one of the endings. Offering the poor woman a bit of food or other kindness can sometimes lead to unexpected insights about the world.

Old Hag Information

  • Location: You will first meet her in Ashina Castle on the bridge near the Sculptor's Idol. She can then be found in the Abandoned Dungeon, near the Bottom Hole; in Senpou Temple, near the Red and White Pinwheels; in the Sunken Valley, near the cliff overlooking where the Guardian Ape is fought; and then, finally, again in Senpou Temple after certain conditions have been met.

  • Progression: The Old Hag can be found in various places throughout the story, and changes her location depending on how far you have progressed. She will first move from Ashina Castle to Senpou Temple after you've encountered her at the temple, but will also show up at the Bottomless Hole in the Abandoned Dungeon regardless if you've spoken to her/she has moved. She will then stay in Senpou Temple--though is still encountered in the Bottomless Hole, and later in the Sunken Valley, near the Buddhavista Sculptor's Idol after you have defeated the Guardian Ape--and can possibly end up back in Ashina Castle after you have given the Divine Child of Rejuvenation both the Fresh and Dried Snake Viscera items. After the Divine Child of Rejuvenation has finished eating both visceras and the door of the Inner Sanctum of Senpou Temple is open again, she can be found next to the shortcut door between the inner sanctum and the main hall, where she will thank the player for giving the visceras to the divine child and finally die. She does not give the player any reward after this final dialogue.

  • Combat: No; players cannot kill the Old Hag.

  • Rewards: the Old Hag has no quests unique to her, and will only trade information or reward the player with items when given certain consumables.

Associated Quests


Hmm? You there...have you heard of the Senpou Temple?

The Senpou Temple on Mount Kongo...

A very special, holy person lives in that place.

Go on, join me in prayer.

Thank heavens, thank heavens...

If you speak to her again at this point

Thank heavens... Thank heavens...

The Senpou Temple on Mount Kongo...

A very special, holy person lives in that place.

Go on, join me in prayer.

Thank heavens, thank heavens...

If Sekiro "Prays" (Pops One Mibu Balloon) In Front Of Her

That's right, yes that's the way... That's how one prays.

You have a pious temperament. I offer this to you.

Sekiro Receives One Ungo's Sugar


If Sekiro "Prays" (Pops A Second Mibu Balloon) In Front Of Her 

Yes, yes... Pray as much as you please.

Such a good, pious temperament. I offer this to you.

Sekiro Receives One Ako's Sugar

If Sekiro "Prays" (Pops A Third Mibu Balloon) In Front Of Her

Yes, very good... What devotion.

Lastly, I offer this to you.

Sekiro Receives One Divine Confetti

If only someone like you could stand with the Divine Child...

Those monk scoundrels...always chase me away...

Oh, Divine Child...

When Speaking to the one found at Senpou Temple:

Ah, fruits of the serpent, yes... There are two kinds.

One is fresh.

The other is dried.

It's over there.

The fresh one is over there.

Over the cliff, through that hole...

That's where you'll find it.

Sekiro Speaking: ...fresh? What are you talking about?

Heh? Something troubling you?

Rice for me, that's the way.

Rice, I say!

If something troubles your mind--

Bless me with rice, any time!

If the player chooses to Give Rice: ... here's some rice.

Ohhh, ohhh, there's no doubt... this is the Divine Child's rice!

Oh thank heavens, thank heavens...

Sekiro Speaking: Tell me, what do you see?


(munch, munch, munch, munch)

Ahhhh.... (murmuring in sleep)

"If it's fresh fruit you want, fly a kit..."

"Wind the puppet... fly a kite!..."


(sleepy murmurs)... delicious...

"If it's fresh fruit you want, fly a kit..."

"Wind the puppet... fly a kite!..."

Sekiro Speaking: Hmm... wind the puppet? Not sure what she's talking about...

If you speak to her again thereafter in this location next to the cliffs

"If it's fresh fruit you want, fly a kit..."

"Wind the puppet... fly a kite!..."


(sleepy murmurs)... delicious...

"If it's fresh fruit you want, fly a kit..."

"Wind the puppet... fly a kite!..."

Sekiro Speaking: Hmm... wind the puppet? Not sure what she's talking about...



If you speak to her after giving the Divine Child both "Fruits":

 "The fresh and dried fruits -- did she eat them?

Sekiro Speaking: Yes.

"Ohh, ohh, ohhh... Then all is well..."

"Divine Children..."

"May you be safe on your long journey..."

"Over there..."

*points forward*



Notes & Trivia

  • Voiced by: Ako Mayama (aka Rin Mizuhara)

  • There seems to possibly be at least three different "Hags" the player can encounter throughout the game--one is the Hag which travels from Ashina Castle to Senpou Temple and back again; the other seems to be the one which lives in the Bottomless Hole; and the Third seems to be the one encountered near the Guardian Ape boss fight, though it can be debated that this third "Hag" could simply be the first based on how they "both" offer you advice regarding how to get the "fruits" of the Great Serpents. As the "third hag" before the first dies, it is reasonable to assume they are one and the same. The second hag at the bottomless hole never disappears, though this may be an oversight by the game developers.
  • Can be afflicted with Dragonrot.
  • When also dispelling the bell demon near one of these women its possible for them to give you an item (i.e. Ungo's Sugar, Ako's Sugar, Divine Confetti)



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    • Anonymous

      14 Feb 2021 15:18  

      I have a story about old hag. At list this is what I believe it was. I was 33 when this happened, back then I just written my bord exam and had to live with my parents. I just woke up one night to use a washroom. As I approached to the washroom door, I noticed a woman standing in a living room. She was old, overweight and completely naked. My first though was that it was my mom, I yelled something like “mom are you crazy. What are you doing?” Suddenly a small create came out from the her behind. It was maybe 3 ft tall, had a long sharp nose, a hump and one of creatures legs was shorted then the oner so every time it made a step the whole body would move in an unnatural way. To say they I was terrified would be to say nothing. I probably had first grey hair appear on my head after that night. I run back to my room and the old woman run after me. I leaned against the door but she was way to strong. She just push the door open so hard I though it will break. By that point the primordial fear kicked in. I was beating her as heard as I could and she never tried to cover herself from my punched, it’s like it was nothing to her. Then she said “Ella, I don’t like you anymore” and she grabbed me by throat. At that moment I woke up and she was there still but I couldn’t see her anymore. She had her hand on my throat for a good 4 or 5 second. During this whole time I tried to fight her. I was punching against the wall so head the clock fell from the wall. It wouk up my mom, who rushed to my room to see if I was ok. I don’t care what anyone say this woman was real I fought her for 5 seconds when I was awake. I never experienced a sleep paralysis, not even ones.

      • Anonymous

        30 Jun 2020 06:23  

        But in my case the old lady said '' I don't know the way '' instead of the serpents fruit. What should I do.

        • Anonymous

          28 Jul 2019 15:53  

          After you gave the Devine Child both "Fruits" and the doors to it are closed, you can find the Old had one last time in the Senpou Mainhall near the entrance to the Devine Childs sanctum, where she asks you wether you gave the Child the fruits and dies...

          • Anonymous

            20 Apr 2019 20:59  

            Is it just me, or does her outfit look like a dirtier version of the one worn by the sleeping maiden that leads to the Divine Dragon? Not to mention both are knelt down in reverence to dragon-related entities (either the Serpent, the Divine Child, or the Divine Dragon itself). I wonder if it has to do with the “bridal offerings” mentioned throughout the game in relation to both the Serpents and the Fountainhead Palace, hence the palanquins?

            • Anonymous

              07 Apr 2019 13:31  

              Something I just found out: In the first area where you see her, the Bridge, if you use the Bell Demon item, she gives you a Blue Candy in thanks for you praying

              • Anonymous

                05 Apr 2019 10:15  

                To those wondering about what she's pointing to before dying: I think she's just pointing westward, since the divine child literally says the dragons homeland is somewhere to the west. This makes sense when you compare the position on the map

                • Anonymous

                  03 Apr 2019 09:04  

                  I just confirmed that there are indeed more than one Hag. I did these steps: 1. Got the Rice from Divine Child. 2. Did the Blackhat Badger quest line until the kite part. Met him at the Senpou Temple and talked to him about how to cross the valley. 3. Went to the Senpou Temple's Old Hag and gave her the rice. She gave hint about the kite & the puppeteer ninjutsu. 4. Returned to Blackhat Badger and talked to him about the matter. A new dialog option appeared. He responded, "One of those old crones? You can't take what they say lightly." There you have it. :)

                  • Anonymous

                    02 Apr 2019 04:20  

                    She asks if the divine child ate the serpent fruits before dying then points to the journey she has to do.

                    • Anonymous

                      01 Apr 2019 14:14  

                      Nope I'm pretty sure i'm wrong about the sculptor connection and she's most likely just pointing toward the general direction of west to foreshadow the true ending of the game. Which seems pretty solid considering there's nothing but the clifftop and pagoda to the west. The other stuff is still pretty plausible for the sculptor and apparition though

                      • Anonymous

                        01 Apr 2019 06:24  

                        I think I may understand what she's pointing at while at senpou temple. She seems to be pointing towards the red and white pin wheels which is when an apparition samurai appears there. Now from what I can figure of it this may be the sculptor's mentor because of all the carved dolls surrounding him of moderately happy buddas. I also think this is reinforced by the fact that the finger whistle when upgraded has effect on apparitions along with what the sculptor mentions of the finger but other than that I can't figure out anything else to interact with it. Now if I want to get into real conspiracy theory level stuff then I also think that the finger belongs to the instrument playing boss who is looking for him(So ghost samurai is now potentially sakuza and sculptors mentor). Going off that far stretch and the description of Jinza's Jizo Statue("Lord Sakuza... Please take this cloth and use it to bundle this little one, so that he may live on in peace.") it can be inferred that sakuza either raised Jinza or Sculptor as a son but it is more likely that he raised sculptor since the description refers to peace(so while i didn't get the jizo statue from jinza because i'm an evil asshole X3 it could have interactions with either the ghost(possibly by using it near him) or with sculptor(should be tested during demon of hatred fight as well as pre fight in temple)). The other possibility is the ghost is Nogami Gensai (as I let him die during the memory and I'm not certain if that had any trigger to the apparition).

                        • Anonymous

                          01 Apr 2019 00:28  

                          In the Main Hall she talks about the dead Children of Rejuvenation and points at something before dying. I didn't know what she meant, but then I noticed she was pointing at a bunch of black pots. Dark stuff, but I think the corpses of the dead children are inside those pots.

                          • Anonymous

                            31 Mar 2019 04:51  

                            can confirm she gives 3 rewards for using bell demon near her. I used it first at the location near guardian ape, which she said something along the lines of "Now, that's the right way to pray" and gave me a candy (i think ungo sugar). I tried again at the senpou location and she had different dialogue and gave me another candy (ako?). the third time I used it again at guardian ape and she said that she had a final gift for me and then talked about how she was worried about the divine child. The third gift she gives is divine confetti. I recorded the conversation for the final gift, but it seems to have been corrupted somehow. If I can fix it, I'll try to upload it so the information can be verified

                            • Anonymous

                              29 Mar 2019 20:22  

                              This is not the same NPC over and over again. My old hag at the bridge got the dragonsickness while the rest is fine.

                              • Anonymous

                                28 Mar 2019 16:59  

                                She doesn't give you anything after breaking balloons near her in Abandoned Dungeon... Or my game is bugged.

                                • Anonymous

                                  28 Mar 2019 03:52  

                                  She appears in Main Hall after feeding the divine child both serpent organs and promptly dies. She pointed to a direction and I'm trying to figure out if it meant anything.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    27 Mar 2019 17:43  

                                    using item with pray animation (bundled jizo statue, dragon blood droplet,bell demon,etc) near her will give you item : 1st time ungo's sugar x1 2nd time ako's sugar x1 3rd time divine confetti x1 at least for me, hope it help

                                    • Anonymous

                                      27 Mar 2019 00:20  

                                      1. Ashina Castle idol (nearby drawbridge) 2. Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo idol (run outside, drop down, run up hill past the monks, grapple into the building, go past the praying monks and undying, just outside the window) 3. Bottomless Hole idol (run ahead) 4. This one I can't find in the Sunken Valley, ANYONE know where she is located?

                                      • Anonymous

                                        26 Mar 2019 22:12  

                                        You can talk to her when you give hearts to a girl in the tample, she remains in the building where you fing a bell and will ask you did you give fruits to a child then she will direct her hand to one direction... i tried to search in that way... and dont find anything...

                                        • Anonymous

                                          25 Mar 2019 20:21  

                                          After the mask guy leaves you can talk to her and she says begone i doubt you want to meet a demon, when you hit her it makes deep sound

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