Old Priestess


Location Ashina Outskirts

Old Priestess is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. She gives the player lore information.


Old Priestess Information

Old Priestess information or lore description goes here.

  • Location: Ashina Outskirts, in the same building as Tengu.
  • Progression: She does not leave the building
  • Combat: Players may not kill Old Priestess. Any attacks will pass straight through her. 
  • Rewards: Additional dialogue


Associated Quests

  • Foreshadows Demon of Hatred's identity
  • Endings impact



  • Example Dialogue Lines
  • After defeating the Demon of Hatred and if Sekiro has figured out his identity before doing so.
    • Old Priestess - "Oh... You're still alive? You know don't you? You know who the one-armed demon was before..."
    • Sekiro             - "Yes"
    • Old Priestess - "(Hmph...) Then you know there's no reason to lose heart. To Carve and sculpt buddhas for so long, only to be wreathed in the flames of hatred and turn into a demon. It was the fate he made for himself, to pay for his own mistakes. And you put an end to that. You sent him on his way. I'm sure he's grateful for that."


Notes & Tips

  • Voiced by: ??
  • Can't catch Dragonrot.



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    • Anonymous

      how to recognize the demon of hatred as the sculptor though? I've played the game until NG+7 and never got that dialogue where Sekiro said yes.

      • Anonymous

        If you eavesdrop on the Sculptor and find out that he will become the demon, she will tell you more. Also she will tell you more stuff after you kill the demon. And lastly, she hints at what will happen at the end if you choose the normal ending. Sekiro is going to become consumed by the flames of hatred that he banished from the Sculptor's body eventually. He will likely become a demon too.

        • Anonymous

          I guess she tries to let you know about the optional boss battle later in the game, because of the demon thing shes is talking about

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