Palace Noble (Blue Garb)

Location Fountainhead Palace
XP NG: 530
NG+: 1018 (without Kuro's Charm)
Drops Lump of Fat Wax

Lump of Grave Wax
Weakness ??

Palace Noble (Blue Garb) (宮の貴族・青衣, Palace Noble - Blue Robe) is an enemy in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.


Palace Noble (Blue Garb) Location


Palace Noble (Blue Garb) Rewards

  • Rewards: ??


Palace Noble (Blue Garb) Notes & Tips

  • Although it lack means to directly harm the player at first, it will attempt to drain the life force of the player in the way of applying a special 'Enfeeble' abnormality, once the abnormality gauge is full, the player will become enfeebled(essentially robbed of youth and vigor, as Sekiro will be hunched over and using his katana as a cane), which will make them unable to dodge, having maximum HP severely reduced and the regular attack will become a very slow and weak swing.    
  • The Palace Noble (Blue Garb) will unleash a grab attack after the player becomes enfeebled, which will instant-kill them if succeed. The player's death is counted as a real death, as resurrection is not possible while they are enfeebled.
  • The 'Enfeeble' status will wear off after a while, the player will get a 'youth restored' notification.  
  • If the player manages to deal a deathblow to the Fountain Palace Noble while enfeebled, a special animation will play out as Sekiro is seeing taking back his vigor/life force from the noble, in a way very similar to what the red robed nobles are doing to the Okami warriors in the palace grounds gatehouse.  
  • The Palace Noble (Blue Garb)'s attack range is quite large, and the 'Enfeeble' abnormality can be applied fairly quickly if not careful.  The attack requires direct line of sight to work, thus making it easier to escape in the indoor areas. 
  • Most of the blue robe nobles will have their backs turned towards the player, making stealth kill a viable option.


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