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A red, ripe persimmon, ready to eat. For a time, allows one to recover Posture even when attacking or taking damage.

Ashina persimmons are particularly nutritious, perhaps because the trees grow in such pure water. Persimmons become blood, blood becomes rice.

This may be of help to one short of blood.

Persimmon is a Quick Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to temporarily allow posture recovery while attacking or taking damage.


Persimmon Usage

  • Can be given to  the Divine Child of Rejuvenation in the Inner Sanctum after she requests one, which happens when you have asked her to give your Rice around three-to-four times.

  • Giving the Divine Child at least one Persimmon, and/or a Taro Persimmon, is a requirement for getting the Return (Dragon's Homecoming) ending. (Refer to the Endings Guide for further details.)

  • Lasts 30 seconds when used.


How to Find Persimmon

  • Shugendo Memorial Mob - 2 can be bought for 30 sen.  Additionally, "Talk" after meeting Divine Child of Rejuvenation gives another free persimmon.
  • Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo - The Apes/Monkeys in Senpou Temple sometimes drop them.
  • Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo - In a lower area with a close broken bridge would be the Persimmon and some other items.

Persimmon Notes & Tips

  • You will need at least one Persimmon, or the Taro Persimmon, in order to finish the Divine Child of Rejuvenation questline. If she becomes sick again after you have given her one or the other, simply give her another Persimmon to progress the quest, as it sometimes loops if you do things out of order or incorrectly. (Because both items are relatively "rare" however, take care to only use them for progressing the Divine Child's questline.)

  • The line "Persimmons become blood, blood becomes rice," in the item description implies that why the Divine Child gets sick when you continue to ask her for Rice is because she is literally harming herself to create the rice she gives you. 


  • Diospyros - particularly Diospyros kaki - is the national fruit of Japan. Diospyros is found all over Mibu Village mibu village ebony tree persimmons thumb2, which likely caused these trees to absorb great amounts of Rejuvenating Water. The trees produce a deep dark heartwood which makes for excellent firewood and can be polished to a glass-like shine. For this reason, Diospyros is also called "the ebony tree". The viscera of Great Serpents are, allegedly, a lot like persimmons The name of the genus means "divine fruit" and it's theorized to have inspired the mythological lotus tree, the fruit of which took away all worries.
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    • Anonymous

      Should really clarify that you can give her more than one persimmon; ate all of mine so I'd automatically use the Taro Persimmon. However, it gives no additional dialogue if that's what you use the first time she requests it.

      • Anonymous

        this item is very strong and worth farming, when you use one it will be very difficult for any enemy to posture break you

        • Anonymous

          For anyone having trouble, you need to give the Divine Child the Holy Chapter: Infested, and everything will continue normally. Hope this helps!

          • Anonymous

            Her back is turned to me, I keep resting and I farmed extra persimmons in case. What do I need to do? Ive given her one already and done the stuff with Kuro

            • Anonymous

              "Persimmons become blood, blood becomes rice." wait! wait! you mean that when the divine child gives me rice she is literally killing herself to do so?!?! noooooooooo

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