Repeatedly getting hit by poison-based attacks will apply the "Poison" status abnormality. Guarding such attacks does not prevent Poison from accumulating.

Poison affects the body and mind when it enters the body, gradually reducing Vitality over time.

Poison is a Status Abnormality in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The Poisoned effect can afflict both enemies and the player character, dealing damage to hitpoints over time.



How to Cure Poison

Players can cure Poison by using the Antidote Powder item.

Sekiro might obtain the Poison status if he is hit by multiple poisoned attacks. Enemies with Poison attacks include (but are not limited to):



How to Inflict Poison

  • Sekiro can use the Sabimaru Prosthetic tool  to stack up poison. Note that enemies weak to Poison will take huge Posture Damage and will be staggered when afflicted with the Poisoned Status.
  • Sekiro can inflict the poison status effect on himself by using Contact Medicine, which inflicts a much weaker poison effect but prevents all other poison statuses from enemy attacks.
    • If Sekiro is suffering any poison status abnormality, then the Mist Raven and its upgrades can be used at any time while the poison status is in effect.



Enemies Weak to Poison



Enemies Resistant to Poison

Those who live in Poisonous areas have very high resistance to the "Poison" status abnormality. Some are even completely immune to it.

  • Snake Eyes Shirafuji is highly resistant to poison, making the Sabimaru impractical against her. However, she is not completely immune and can be poisoned if she is lured into the surrounding poison pit for long enough.
  • Lone Shadow enemy variance have high resistance to poison, requiring 12 emblem of piercing sabimaru hit to inflict poison status. Some miniboss varaince such as the Lone Shadow Swordsman are even immune to poison completely.
  • Example



Status Abnormalities
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    • Anonymous

      All the interior ministry samurais are weak to poison, they dont receive posture damage but just 1 or 2 hits from sabimaru poisons them

      • Both Snake Eyes have been wrongfully mixed up. Shirahagi is the one highly resistant to poison, whilst Shirafuji is the one with a weakness against it.

        • Anonymous

          I don't know about the peoples around Gunfort area, even after the 1.03 patch. Don't get me wrong, Shirafuji is very weak to poison, no question about it but I tested Sabimaru on the big fatties, those who're using the large guns that shoots fragmented bullets (the only one worth using Sabimaru on, to be honest) and even after a couple full combos they were still not poisoned. Nothing compared to Okami warriors who gets destroyed by it after taking a few hits (you don't even have to finish a single combo). Those seems very much weak to poison to me, the peoples around Gunfort area, not so much.

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