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Hirata Estates Found up the river by jumping off the bridge at the beginning of the Hirata Estates.

Pot Noble Harunaga (壺の貴人・春長, Pot Noble - Harunaga) is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. He is one of the two merchants that sells special items in exchange for Treasure Carp Scales, the other being Pot Noble Koremori.

Harunaga Information

Pot Noble Harunaga is a slender arm reaching out of a pot that asks you kindly for Treasure Carp Scales. You can trade the scales you have collected for several items in his inventory. 



Associated Quests


  • After trading enough scales, and burning the Fountainhead Incense, exhausting Harunaga's dialogue will result in him giving you Truly Precious Bait and asking you to feed it to the Great Carp.This is one of two Truly Precious Baits that have differing rewards depending on whose bait is used. 
    • *WARNING*
      • Both Pot Nobles can give you Truly Precious Bait  but you can only use one. Whichever pot noble's bait you do not use will die and the living one will gain their available inventory.





Endings impact



  • Option BGreat Colored Carp and Harunaga die. Returning to Koremori's Pot rewards you with 1x Lapis Lazuli.
    • Koremori  is transformed into a Carp, living now in the pond area below his Pot ledge and his inventory expands to include Harunaga Stock.


  • Option C: Great Colored Carp and Koremori die. Returning to Harunaga rewards you with 1x Lapis Lazuli
    • Harunaga  is also transformed into a carp, and can be found right next to his pot in Hirata Estates. His inventory expands to include Koremori's Stock.


Vendor Inventory

Expanded Inventory 

Inventory updates after using this Pot Noble's specific Truly Precious Bait



"Maybe...Just Maybe." - Said when passing by Pot Noble Harunaga without interacting.

"Hey, you there. Do you, perhaps..." - Said when passing by Pot Noble Harunaga without interacting, after talking with him for the first time.

"Know of any Carp Scales? The sparkling, shiny scales of the Treasure Carp...Bring them to me, and I'll reward you handsomely." - Said once interacting with Pot Noble Harunaga for the first time.

"Did you bring me any scales? If you have any, I'll reward you handsomely." - Said once interacting with Pot Noble Harunaga after talking with him for the first time.

"Bring me some scales next time..." - Said after finishing talking with Pot Noble Harunaga.

"Listen... I want to become a carp. A giant carp that will continue growing, and live a long, long life. A carp that never grows old..." Said when the 'Talk' option is selected.



  • Those with Red Eyes are dangerous, and filled a with rage that is difficult to control through the power of man alone. They do, however, fear the flame above all else. This loathing of flames is shared by the undead inhabitants of Mibu Village.
  • The Legend of the Dragon's Gate tells the story of carp that may transform into dragons if they can leap up a massive waterfall. As a consequence, carp are considered symbols of success and transformation in Japanese culture.


Notes & Tips

  • This is the only NPC that was worked on by Hidetaka Miyazaki himself. Since he was unable to bring back Patches from the previous "Soulsborne" titles, he decided to create a mysterious NPC like this one. [citation needed]
  • The player can attack the Pot Noble Harunaga, but he can't be killed, being protected by his pot. He hides inside, resulting in silence if he is interacted with again. Resting or teleporting to an Idol will cause him to behave normally again.
  • His stock changes slightly in New Game Plus, as he will now sell Red Lumps for 3 treasure carp scales each 


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    • Anonymous

      If you are in NG+ and it just seems like he won't give you the truly Truly Precious bait, it worked for me when I beat corrupted monk and rested at the idol right as you get into the fountainhead palace

      • Anonymous

        it seems to me that keeping koremori alive is the best preferred course of action ONLY because it is tiresome to travel to hirata to transact with harunaga.

        • Anonymous

          Location: Can be found by the bridge in Hirata Estate. You could just as well have said he's in this game somehwere.

          • Anonymous

            Dialogue: "The damned fools at Fountainhead Palace... Soon I'll be a carp. And as age withers you away, as you sit powerless in the face of eternity... I'll be the new Great Carp. Hehee, Heeheeheehee! Heeheeheeheehee!" - Said once the 'Talk' option is selected, once you have been given Harunaga's Truly Precious Bait.

            • Anonymous

              I feel like letting Harunaga live on forever in the past (Hirata Estates) is the good end to this questline, rather than letting the Koremori remain in the real world. Koremori says that Harunaga is a traitor, but I feel this only means that Harunaga wishes to live on forever in the inconsequential world of the bell charm, forsaking the eternity of the fountainhead.

              • Anonymous

                What I wanna know is why are they both dead. And why I'm stuck unable to buy the important items and shiz

                • Anonymous

                  Based on the appearance of their arms and hands, pretty sure they're the same as the rest of the "Nobles" at Fountainhead. Though how/why these particular Fountainhead nobles came to be in pots is a mystery.

                  • Anonymous

                    Once you buy everything from him and cant give him more scales is anything left to be done or is that it til ng+?

                    • Anonymous

                      after feeding the giant carp I purchased everything from both vendors then fed the giant carp the truly precious bait from the Hirata Estate guys. After going back now all he says is “too small, too small...” but I can’t give him any other scales to grow, did I mess something up

                      • Anonymous

                        Based on his dialogue, apparently he asks you to feed the bait to the carp because he smells the incense from you. So I'd assume burning the incense with Kuro is the actual trigger for he to give you the Truly Precious Bait. Besides trading enough scales and exhausting his dialogue.

                        • Anonymous

                          "After trading enough scales, exhausting Harunaga's dialogue will result in him giving you Truly Precious Bait and asking you to feed it to the Great Carp." This is inaccurate. He'll give you the Truly Precious Bait after you've been to the Fountainhead. I'm not sure if there's a specific number of scales you'll need to trade first, but that's the key requirement for receiving the Truly Precious Bait to nuke the Giant Carp.

                          • Anonymous

                            Finished the game,fed the carp using koremori bait,but wanted to get the mask fragments b4 2nd playthrough, how come i cant see koremori or the other pot noble? I got the lapiz lazuli though. Just want to buy all their stuff b4 proceeding.

                            • Anonymous

                              The dead body of the Great Carp can be found in the Watering Hole where you fight the Guardian Ape in Sunken Valley.

                              • Anonymous

                                [SPOILERS] Once you reach the divine realm and then return to him (after purchasing all of his stock I assume) he'll give you an item, Truly Precious Bait. When this item is fed to the great carp in the divine realm the salesman will transform into a carp himself and renew his stock with some items. (Mask Fragment: Left [12 scales] and 2 Lapis Lazuli [6 scales each]). Keep in mind feeding the great carp with the Truly Precious Bait will make him disappear which might make getting new scales difficult.

                                • Anonymous

                                  After completing the quest he becomes a sort of super scale vendor (he turns into a red-eye carp in the water)

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Bought him out, no special dialogue or extended wares, a shame since I wanted to know more about him and get more guud items.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I have 5 scales, can't decide to save them, buy Floating Passage Text, or get 2 more so I can buy the Mask Fragment: Right. Has anyone bought these? What do they do exactly?

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Software version 1.00 has the above items. I just updated to 1.02 (current as of 3/23/19) and the Divine Grass is now 1 scale instead of 2. And the Dragon Drop is gone.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          iv found 16 so far he doesn't sell dragon drop for me BUT the divine grass is 1 not 2 carp scales wonder what my spare is for and if i can find more further in the game

                                          • Anonymous

                                            There are more than two carps in the river, possibly five. Be careful when trying to catch those carps in deeper water near the pot noble, as you can hit him and miss the carp pretty easily. If you do hit him, he ll only respond with “...........” when interacted with

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