Red Guard (Dual Kodachi)

red guard dual katanas
Location Ashina Castle

NG: 634
NG+: 3706

Sen NG: ??
Drops Scrap Iron
Scrap Magnetite
Adamantite Scrap
Gachin's Sugar
Weakness Consecutive Deflects

Red Guard (Dual Kodachi) is an enemy in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice


Red Guard (Dual Kodachi) Location


Red Guard (Dual Kodachi) Rewards


Red Guard (Dual Kodachi) Notes & Tips

  • Has deceptive attack speed, as he can actually mix fast attacks with slow attacks.
  • Some combos of him end with a perilous thrust.
  • When he charges his body for a seemingly powerful attack, he can actually follow it up with two fast swings.
  • His swords aren't actually Katanas, but rather the slightly shorter variant of Japanese blades called Kodachi.
  • Other notes



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    • Anonymous

      These dudes are actually so easy by the time you get to them. You should be able to destory their posture in three or four blows and they give such a nice fat xp. I had more trouble getting ganked by the blue samurai mfs then getting ganked by three of these. All you need to do is parry like twice and their posture breaks. Do keep in mind for posture, I recommend after every slash delaying a bit so they attack you and then you can hit them before that.

      • Anonymous

        I love the design of most entities in this game... these guys though, ****ing wet dream, the character designers did a top job

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, all of these guys need more vision range. In fact, they should be able to see you in the beginning area all the way from Tokio. They should then instantly teleport to you and attack you with five guys at once. Oh, and of course there needs to be a Chained Ogre.

          • Anonymous

            The second I saw these guys and realized they were part of Interior Ministry, I fully understood why Genichiro was so desperate for Kuro's immortality.

            • Anonymous

              The best way to deal with these guys is just to deflect until you get the kill shot, they’re attack patterns are simple enough to memorize after a few encounters

              • Anonymous

                These guys use dual kodachi btw, not dual katanas. Also, when they do their jumping double slash attack, they follow up with two fast double slash attacks, if you deflect these attacks altogether their posture hurts significantly.

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