Red Lump


A round, red lump.

Consume to gain red-eyes and reduce flinching from enemy attacks, but also prohibits the use of Resurrection.

A red mass is the lingering trace of one who was unable to achieve their desires. Slightly warm to the touch. It pulsates softly.

Red Lump is a Quick Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to gain red-eyes and reduce flinching from enemy attacks. But also prohibits the use of Resurrection.



 Red Lump Usage

  • Consume to gain red-eyes and reduce flinching from enemy attacks. But also prohibits the use of Resurrection.
  • The effect lasts for 30 seconds.



How to Find Red Lump

  • Mibu Village - 2 can be found hidden inside a pot near the window of the house where the drinking NPC is (see Water of the Palace page on how to get there)
  • Abandoned Dungeon - Before you encounter Underground Waterway Sculptor's Idol you will encounter the item.
  • Fountainhead Palace - dive down further under the bridge the Great Carp broke by the Flower Viewing Idol to find 1.
  • The Doujun quest chain yields a special Red Lump with an unique description.
  • Rare drop from RED EYE enemies after Ashina is set ablaze. - Two can be located on the rooftops surrounding the Ashina Castle idol where you first encountered nightjar lurkers on the roofs.
  • In NG+, pot nobles have an infinite stock of Red Lumps for 3 Treasure Carp Scales.


Red Lump Notes & Tips

  • By itself, Red Lump is more of a handicap rather than an actual buff consumable. However, it is extremely powerful when combined with many other consumables, and a handful of the prosthetic arm tools.
  • Enemies that like to do quick jabs, or "guard breakers" can be dealt with easily when Red Lump is active. Guard breakers are attacks such as elbows, shield bashes, front kick, and shoves that are used to interrupt the player's attacks or to throw off posture(especially the latter in New Game Plus). These attacks are quick, and often immediately follow up from normal enemy attacks that are blocked, and less often on deflections(larger enemies are often exempt from this rule). Since these attacks don't do much damage but will stagger you if not deflected perfectly, Red Lump can be used to plow through enemies.
  • Since these follow up "guard breaking" attacks are often the only way for a lot of enemies to create space from the player to be able to perform a complete attack, Red Lump can essentially make the player able to relentlessly attack without the need to worry about a counter-attack, suffering only a small amount of damage every so often. The exceptions to this are large enemies, bosses, and a majority of mini-bosses. These enemies have perilous attacks that have hyper armor, only being interrupted by select few combat arts or items.



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    • ...Ah. Just realized that the Red Lump isn't an eye of the Red Eyes, it's one of the eyes of the carp they were forced to eat -- since the carp eyes are "everlasting," they naturally wouldn't get properly digested. The bonus tidbit from the unique version (mentioned elsewhere in the comments here) implies this. The desires mentioned are the late carp's, same as those of the Pot Nobles: to become an immortal Great Carp.

      • Anonymous

        here is what this item is
        its a secret art from a lost land known as lordran, it grants the user a lost ability known as 'poise' this means you will be able to tank hits, but there is a cost of course

        • Anonymous

          This combined with Ungo's Sugar is basically what the Rejuvenating Waters do. They make you resiliant to enemy attacks, but you can still die.

          • Anonymous

            On NG+ i paired this Item ( Red Lump ) & Ungo Sugar 33% Red. + Divine Confetti... In a straight Brawl with Sekiro's INSANE Father ( Owl ) on top of Ashina Castle. Is a good cheesey strat for if it was Hard enough... since Owl is a Shinobi he is a FAST mother***** specialy how Big his body is & on Top of Ashina Castle ( Little Space ) makes this Item worth saving for only ( Main Bosses ). Specialy on NG+'s you can buy em from Pot Nobles per 3 Carps each. It only Works for 30 seconds ( Note that you can still Drink Healing Gourd & Healing Items even when struck by an Enemy ). This Item Makes as if Sekiro wore Smough's Armor from Dark Souls seriously & specialy when u get those Red eyes. Note that Fire based attacks against "Sekiro" when using Red Lumps can instantly build "Burn" status to Full.

            • Anonymous

              this is sooo vague , gain red-eyes? reduce flinching from enemy attacks? nulls Resurrection ya that ones clear but what does the rest of this crap even even mean :/ because it sounds useless its just a testicle im supposed to eat that fks me up :P

              • Anonymous

                Is there a timer for this thing? I'll use it in an attempt to beat the Owl in Hirata Estate but he goes out after 2 hits and I get my revives back? Unless there was some sort of patch to where you can't cheese his fight anymore, this shouldn't be happening.

                • Anonymous

                  Anyone seen a LEFT SOCK? 1 Left SOCK.... ANYBODY? It’s missing and throwing me off my game and now I cannot beat Lady Butterfly.

                  • Anonymous

                    Luring Jinzaemon to Doujun and then killing him after he appears as a red eye provides a unique red lump (no unique name) which adds "The red mass does not mold nor wither, and though it does no harm, it will likely remain in the stomach even after it's potency has worn off."

                    • Anonymous

                      These are also farmable from these two red-eyed 'tengu'-like shinobi assassins on the Ashina Castle rooftops in the final act. They respawn upon rest/death.

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