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Rice that spilled from the palms of the Child of Rejuvenation.
Gradually recovers Vitality for a time.
Even in falsehood, the power of the Dragon's Blood brings a bountiful harvest.
Rice is precious.
The flavour grows richer with each bite and is sure to raise one's spirits.

Rice is a Quick Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used to recover Vitality for a while, as well as progress a quest in Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo and Sunken Valley


 Rice Usage

  • Consume to recover Vitality for a set time
    • Recovery rate appears to be faster than that granted by a Pellet.
    • The healing lasts for 30 seconds.
    • Overall Vitality regen is probably a minimum of 4 Pellets worth of HP. (confirmation needed)
  • Give to the Old Hags at Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo and Sunken Valley to unlock dialogue.


How to Find Rice


Rice Notes & Tips

  • Rice can be a very powerful consumable in drawn out boss fights as your standard sources of healing start to run out
  • Rice can still be used when other healing items are disabled, very useful for certain boss fights.



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    • Anonymous

      I do not think the rice is centipede eggs. The Red-Eyes and Infested are imperfect forms of immortality. The Divine Child, on the other hand, is the closest thing possible to a false Kuro.

      • Anonymous

        Rice was actually precious back then, because the Japanese used it to pay taxes and trade for other goods. When the Spainards and Portugese arrived they only accepted gold for trade.

        • Anonymous

          I’m pretty sure that the rice is centipede eggs in this game. think about it, it would be a start to an explanation of where the centipedes came from and how the divine child can only give so much rice then instantly have more replenished in a short amount of time. She never specifically says that the “harvest” was of crops. It would make sense why they are a great healing item in the game. Kuro even says to “chew the rice thoroughly”. Maybe Sekiro doesn’t have a centipede in him because he’s the oathbound of the dragon’s heritage?

          • Anonymous

            I managed to get two Rice at once. If you go to TDCoR for your third gift of Rice, rest, and go back to her and trigger the dialogue for her sleeping, then rest again and trigger her Persimmon request, when she eats it, she will give you more Rice along with Rice for Kuro. Handy for the crappy Glock Saint fight ahead. I'm gonna try to see if I can score some Fine Snow to go along with it.

            • Anonymous

              Nah guys, I solved it, it's not centipede eggs. "Ashina persimmons are particularly nutritious, perhaps because the trees grow in such pure water. Persimmons become blood, blood becomes rice. This may be of help to one short of blood." So she was weak because she was short on blood.

              • Anonymous

                It netted me my first try Guardian Ape kill on my very first Playthrough. It was harsh, Ungos Sugar, Pellets and Gourd were completely depleted, my health at 20% when that ... thing just stood up after beeing decapitaded. My feeling of Accomplishment turned to pure Horror. My heart raced. I needed to get distance, my brain told me to just die already and fight him anew. I pause the game. Take a deep breath. Hastely look through my inventory, skills, prosthetics, non could be helpful, I thought at the time, and than, than I found it, my heart nearly jumped, there it was, plain, simple ... Rice, 2 prestine Stacks. I knew I could make, I sinceraly thanked the Devine child for this Gift. In the end, I stood atop a rotting pile of rotting Ape meat, barely standing, a gale wauld bring me to my knees, just... starring. No sense of achievement, no glorious cheers, I felt no joy nor saddnes at that point. I just tried to piece together what happened. Nirvana. I sat in my chair and just blankly stared at Sekiro on the screen. The Devine Child now has a VERY special place in my memory. I think you can not come any closer to an enlightened moment in a Video game. Thank you FROMSOFT

                • Anonymous

                  Updated the page so it includes actually useful info about the the potency and duration of the heal. I found out that you could use it when suffering from the debuff that disables healing items on accident earlier today so I added that to notes as well.

                  • Anonymous

                    I highly suspect this 'rice' is actually the divine child's blood. If you look at dragon blood's droplet, it's opaque and transparent similar to rice. The shape isn't that much different either. While not exactly the same, the divine child and divine heir (kuro) shares connection in their dragon heritage. Both kuro and the divine child have immortal body, and thus like the dragon, their blood solidifies. How did they procure it, do you ask? Personal theory: menstruation.

                    • I some how doubt this is actually rice, since there are no rice fields or stores anywhere. Kuro laughs at Sekiro for eating rice raw, even though two other NPCs and the flavour text of the rice say that it is perfectly fine to eat it as it is. The divine child of rejuvenation states clearly that sekiro should chew properly before swallowing. Kuro also mentions that each rice grain glistens. Many of the immortal and "enlightened" monks have a centipede coming out of their rear, and it is hinted that the divine child is a product of horrible experiments that cost the lives of many of her(his?) brethren. The facts are lining up together...

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