Sakura Bull of the Palace

Location Fountainhead Palace
Weakness Shinobi Firecracker
Reward Prayer Bead
A Beast's Karma

Sakura Bull of the Palace (宮の桜牛, Sakura Bull of the Palace) is a Mini-Boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.


Sakura Bull of the Palace Location

  • Fountainhead Palace: Found Fountainhead Temple area, by taking a left turn from the Flower Viewing Stage Sculptor's Idol
  • This boss is optional.


Sakura Bull of the Palace Rewards



Sakura Bull of the Palace Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

This enemy is easier if you can manage to get an initial aerial stealth blow on it. Rather than approaching it head on you can grapple up to the roof where there will be 3 Noble Warrior on guard.
Eliminate these enemies and then approach the outer edge of the palace to see the bull patrolling the area, use this opportunity to land a stealth blow and deal heavy damage to its Vitality. Proceed through
the rest of the fight using a similar strategy to Blazing Bull, keeping behind it and attacking its rear and periodically using the Shinobi Firecracker prosthetic to stun it, creating windows for heavy damage.

If you defeat the boss you will see the writing "SHINOBI EXECUTION" upon the screen.


Attacks & Counters

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Phase 2
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Sakura Bull of the Palace Lore

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Sakura Bull of the Palace Notes & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      16 May 2019 03:41  

      Decent boss but... we need more lore theories. The blazing bull made sense as an experiment/desperate measure but this one seems a bit out of place. Is it a normal bull who drank the water and transformed? (same pale skin as the nobles) Are the branches imbued with the divine confetti effect? Was it to drive some apparitions away? (we can mention the shichimen warrior near the waterfall)

      • Anonymous

        22 Apr 2019 12:45  

        I hit it with the mortal blade and it started jumping around, ended up ramming into a wall, filling it's posture meter instantly and stunning it, allowing for an easy deathblow.

        • Anonymous

          13 Apr 2019 16:13  

          If you sneak up behind him, throw firecrackers just as he's turning around to face you, and then run behind him (so you're out of the way), he will rear-up and run into the wall. His posture meter fills up instantly and he loses his balance, with no damage having been given, and you can simply walk up to him and do the death blow. If you want to fight him normally, I'd suggest deflecting over dodging, as his posture meter fills up real quick with consistence deflections.

          • Anonymous

            09 Apr 2019 07:20  

            puppeteer the okami warrior that can do thunder attack near sculptor Idol, take him to the bull, watch them fight each other. One thunder strike from the okami warrior hits the bull around 1/3 of its health.

            • Anonymous

              07 Apr 2019 03:43  

              Idk what happen but I literally did not even touch him(until deathblow). He some way some how ran into the wall and then his posture meter maxed out so I ran up and just dealt the death blow. I again did not hit him, block him or anything. He hit ME then I dodged his second strike and he hits wall and boom deathblow. It happen for anyone else??

              • Anonymous

                05 Apr 2019 11:12  

                Divine confetti + 2 hits of purple fume spark and it's over in less than 10 seconds. Posture bar jumps to almost full on second spark.

                • Anonymous

                  03 Apr 2019 14:36  

                  This bull is a jerk. We were fighting along the pathway and after spending 3 confetti and having him down to a sliver of vit he ran to his spawn spot. By the time I reached him he de-aggro'd and was back at full health. Luckily if you cleared the rooftops you can land a deathblow from there so I aggro'd him again and ran back to the hook point. Since he followed you get a clear shot as he tries to go back to his spot.

                  • Anonymous

                    01 Apr 2019 21:29  

                    As soon as I started the fight he rammed into a wall and his posture meter went to 100% and I killed him. It's complete random, but the easiest way to do it.

                    • Anonymous

                      31 Mar 2019 14:09  

                      Idk why every guide says to dodge and get behind. You can actually deflect his attacks and doing it to the charge inflicts huge posture damage.

                      • Anonymous

                        27 Mar 2019 21:47  

                        Someone already posted this but they weren't sure how they got it to work so i'll clear it up. I firecrackered him two or three times to get a bunch of damage in (after jumping off the roof for a deathblow which for the bulls just does a third of their HP) and this caused him to do his rampage thing in which he ran straight into the wall and filled his entire posture bar up. So I believe you just need to stay in that confined area and get him to do his rampage for a relatively easy kill.

                        • Anonymous

                          27 Mar 2019 21:31  

                          Note that you CANNOT stealth kill this one I tried and got the red dot and everything and he just threw me off Easy boss nonetheless just firecracker and stay behind him Ako when hes close to death and you eviscerate him

                          • Anonymous

                            26 Mar 2019 20:34  

                            I'm not sure is it a bug or a feature - I scared it with a firecracker then used a purple umbrella (Phoenix's Lilac Umbrella) and then hit him immediately with a sword (triggering Projected Force skill) - got his poise 100% instantly - few hits and it's done.

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