Samurai Spirit

Location Ashina Castle
Sunken Valley
Senpou Temple
XP NG: 620
NG+: ??
Sen N/A
Drops Yashariku's Sugar
Weakness Deflect, Mikiri counter

Samurai Spirit is an enemy in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. They behave similarly to the Fencer enemy, but are more dangerous, with many of them appearing only later in the game after night has fallen.


Samurai Spirit Location

  • Three Samuari Spirits appear behind the Under-Shrine Valley idol on the way to the Headless in the area. They hide out of sight on the platform with three pyramid-like structures.
  • Two are found in the Senpou Temple area, one on the clifftop with red and white pinwheels when visited later in the game.
  • A Samurai Spirit be found at the Water Mill across the bridge near where you fight O'Rin
  • Abandoned Dungeon - a spirit will spawn later in the game next to the elevator leading to Senpou 


Samurai Spirit Rewards


Samurai Spirit Notes & Tips

  • Some Samurai Spirits will spawn in previously visited places as the game progresses. This is not tied to New Game Plus or having the Bell Demon  curse, but to the Time of Day in game. 
  • Spirits first appear at evening, with additional spirits appearing at night.
  • They are not affected by Snap Seeds, nor are they particularly vulnerable to Divine Confetti.
  • Their appearance is similar to that of a White Phantom from the Dark Souls series.  


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    • Anonymous

      21 Dec 2020 17:21  

      Part of me wonders if their black aura signifies that Genichiro is somehow using the black Mortal Blade to summon them. They only appear around the time we can infer Genichiro acquires the blade, and Isshin remarks to Emma that if he keeps "swinging the blade, the Tengu will be no more." This is exactly when the black scroll appears outside his watchtower, so I assume he's referring to the black blade. As we know, the black Mortal Blade can create life by drawing spirits from the beyond, but if no one's blood is sacrificed to the blade, can it only create these specters?

      • Anonymous

        29 Nov 2020 03:21  

        I believe that the time progression is as follows:
        Dawn: Begins when the you awake in the Dilapidated Temple after the prologue.
        Noon: Begins when you've defeated either Corrupted Monk's illusion or Genichiro. Lighting change only.
        Twilight: Begins after you've killed Corrupted Monk's illusion or Guardian Ape when it's noon. Nightjar and samurai spirits begin spawning at this time.
        Night: Begins when you first enter Fountainhead Palace. Lighting change only.

        • 24 Nov 2020 14:15  

          Me and my friend were both playing simultaneously. I defeated guardian ape first, they defeated corrupted monk first. Phantoms appeared for both of us after each one so it is either triggered by defeating 3 main bosses, not including lady butterfly, headless, or folding screen monkeys; or, more likely, triggered by obtaining 1/3 items needed to create the incense.

          • Anonymous

            25 Jul 2020 05:17  

            I think they are random, two of them spawn in at the fortress in Suken valley in my second playthrough right after I killed the long arm, caught me off guard and almost killed me

            • Anonymous

              29 Apr 2020 04:36  

              I think that the type of vengeful spirits that spawn change depending on the order in which you complete each area. I recently did a play-through in which I cleared the depths before the castle, and vengeful villager spirits spawned instead of the fencers. In other play-throughs I’ve also encountered nightjar spirits.

              • Anonymous

                04 Feb 2020 08:33  

                In my first ever playthrough, I defeated the corrupted monk illusion and find the special stone before defeating Genichiro. Then before defeating Headless ape, I met some Mibu fishermen in their ghost versions at Under-shrine Valley instead of the 3 samurai spirits. And a trap one is hiding for the first item in the path. These enemies are not mention in the wiki!

                • Anonymous

                  02 Aug 2019 00:58  

                  I've found the one in Mibu Village before fountainhead palace. I hadn't beaten the Corrupted Monk (Illusion), but had just defeated the Guardian Ape

                  • Anonymous

                    07 Jun 2019 14:37  

                    "Unconfirmed: It's thought that they start to spawn after your first visit to the Fountainhead Palace and it becomes night in the rest of the world (one of the game's loading screen tips mentions spirits being more prevalent at night)" not true. haven't been at the fountainhead area yet but fought a samurai spirit at the elevator in the dungeon

                    • Anonymous

                      26 May 2019 00:18  

                      The earliest I meet them ingame was at NG+ right after beating the second centipede boss, daylight (before the dusk), two appeared out of nowhere in the boss area at the moment centipede was dead, that scared the***** out of me.

                      • Anonymous

                        17 May 2019 17:10  

                        I used to think they appeared because I had killed too many real samurai (I was farming confetti at ashina castle) and it was the first signs of Wolf becoming a Shura. But then I got the normal ending so maybe it's not a Shura thing but just Wolf's karma coming back to haunt him. It feels like something only Wolf can see because the other ghosts in the game look much more monstrous like the Headless and Shimichen Warrior and O'Rin whereas these guys look like regular samurai just ethereal. Also they don't drop anything which is another indication that they aren't really there (unlike Headless and Shimichen). But they are also not illusion spells created by someone since SnapSeeds don't make them disappear.

                        • Anonymous

                          04 May 2019 16:27  

                          They appeared for me in the dusk phase after collecting everything for Kuro's ritual but before defeating Owl at the castle. In my first playthrough, before I killed Guardian Ape, Mibu villager phantoms appeared in Senpou instead of the samurai.

                          • Anonymous

                            28 Apr 2019 03:23  

                            It's not the first visit to the Foutainhead Palace at least not all of them. I defiantly encountered the one by elevator and the one on the bridge past O'Rinn before completing the incense. The latter was on my first visit to Mibu village as well. On a seperate save I've come to Mibu without encountering the Guardian Ape first and he's not there yet.

                            • Anonymous

                              24 Apr 2019 16:30  

                              Also noticed that I have villager spirits spawning in the Under-Shrine Valley area, instead of samurai spirits, before revisiting Ashina Castle

                              • Anonymous

                                21 Apr 2019 22:58  

                                There are now two of these guys on a farming route at Senpou Temple. On the way down from the Main Hall heading towards the Giraffe Mini-Boss. Any idea why they are there now? NG+, haven't gotten to Fountain Head Palace.

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