Scrap Iron

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 Iron dregs mined in Ashina.

Widely used for basic reinforcement, it can serve as a base material for Prosthetic Tool upgrades.

Ashina is burdened with thick snow and infertile land, but the scrap iron dug from her soil is anything but crude.

Scrap Iron is a special Upgrade Material in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Scrap Iron is required for upgrading Prosthetic Tools, and the player will need to defeat specific Enemies in order to find it.

Scrap Iron Usage

Where to Find Scrap Iron

  • Sold by merchants for 150 sen once started NG+.
  • Dropped by Ashina guards, guards at Hirata Estate, uncommonly by Rats, and other Enemies upon death.
  • Ashina Outskirts - After taking the grapple path from the cannon warrior. The item will eventually be encountered.
  • Ashina Outskirts - Can be purchased from Anayama the Peddler after telling him what the Ashina Samurai want
  • Ashina Castle - After the two heavy weights where you can eavesdrop on the soldiers, grapple onto the pagoda, there's 1x Spirit Emblem behind you and a jump + grapple to a branch to obtain 2x Gachiin's Sugar and 1x Scrap Iron. But BE CAREFUL as Poisonous Lizards hang above the items.
  • Ashina Reservoir revisited- From the Ashina Castle Idol and remnant Kuro and Emma jump over a wall to fall onto some water. Grapple out and you'll find the items.
  • Ashina Reservoir revisited- In the tower with a remnant for Kuro, from outside the tower grapple onto the roof and go around the tower rooftop. From there the item would be a tree to the side of the tower.
  • Ashina Reservoir revisited- After defeating Lone Shadow Longswordman, and you can now grapple and grab the item you saw when you started the game and the scrap iron is nearby.
  • Sunken Valley Passage - 3x can be looted near a large cluster of monkeys.
  • Ashina Depths - 5 can be looted in the area with the Headless.
  • Ashina Castle - The area on the castle wall with poisonous lizards.
  • Ashina Castle - In the section of the walkthrough for Ashina Castle named "Deathblows from Abobe" , Grapple onto the protruding rooftop to go back up. You will then want to go to the furthest side of the empty area and go up a short staircase that leads to a cliff, there's 1x Scrap Iron in this corner, as well as 2x Fistful of Ash.
  • Ashina Castle - From the Kuro and Emma remnant go left jump over a wall too tall onto some water. Grapple out and you'll find 1x Scrap Iron
  • Ashina Castle -You will find 1x Scrap Iron by a tree overlooking the moat and bridge with the Ashina Castle Idol
  • Ashina Castle - Inside the caste,there would be an area with 3 samurais. Grapple onto the ceiling and go into the crawlspace to pick up 2x Gachiin's Sugar and get a good view of their positioning. You can use these grapples to get to a safe space if you are in a tight spot. In the room below you, there's 1x Scrap Iron and 1x Ako's Sugar.
  • Ashina Castle -There would be a gate that leads to a few Monkey enemies, but first jump and grab onto the side of the gate and walk across it and drop down toward the pond to find 2x Scrap Iron.
  • Abandoned Dungeon - From the Underground Waterway Idol , as you go towards the water you will encounter the item.
  • Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo - After exiting the house where the Senpou Temple idol, turn left and go around the corner to find 1x Gachiin's Sugar. Now go the opposite way (right from the exit) and you'll spot another item. This is 1x Scrap Iron.
  • Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo - In the part of the walkthrough named "Straw & Blades",  the net enemies have a chance to drop the item.
  • Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo - Around the area of the Shugendo Sculptor's Idol there would be rat enemies where it would drop.
  • Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo - The cleave enemy patrolling the grounds around the two cleave guards standing back to back just outside Main Hall will sometimes drop 1x Scrap Iron.

Scrap Iron Notes & Tips

  • Players can only carry a maximum of 99 material






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    • Anonymous

      Senpou main hall:

      1) Rest at the idol.
      2) Sprint to the back entrance and turn the corner around the building, backstab the patrolling Spear Adept.
      3) Jump over the fence of the near balcony, grapple to the middle balcony where the two Adepts are back to back.
      4) Sprint over to them. The left one will detect you, but you will have time to backstab the right one and Bloodsmoke to backstab the last one.
      5) Repeat.

      After a few runs this should take you around 40 seconds. Without Demon Bell this results in 558 xp (3x186), 156 Sen (3x52) and 3x guaranteed Scrap Iron and Gokan's Sugar, with a small chance of getting double.

      Requires Suppress Presence and Sound. You can probably do it without if you use sugars and stealth.
      If you don't have or want to use Bloodsmoke, you can just ignore the third Adept and run to rest for two per run instead of three.

      • Anonymous

        So this upgrade material is needed the most in the game - I counted 91 Iron Scraps need for 17 ****ing tools (the Golden Vortex and the Piercing Sabimaru need 8 a piece and they only share the Bronze Medal in the Iron Consumption Olypmics). Considering this is 3 times the Black Gunpowder needed I think the Merchants might be scamming us.

        • Anonymous

          I kinda get the impression that the Merchants are scamming us with this upgrade material as it costs the same amount as the Black Gunpowder while you needing 3 times as many Iron Scraps.

          I won't list all of them but I counted about 17 prostetic upgrades that need some Iron in thier diets and a total of 91 scraps to upgade all of them - most Shurikens, all Spears except the Leaping Flame, all the "Spring-load" tools, the Sparking Axe, the Magnet and Lilac Umbrellas as well as the Double Divine Abduction and Golden Vortex.

          The biggest Iron-eaters among them being the Piercing Sabimaru and Golden Vortex needing 8 each, then the Spiral Spear needing 10 and the Lazulite Sabimaru needing ****ing 12.

          • Anonymous

            Best place in the game for farming late game is Ashina Tower - Antechamber. Purple robed enemy right up the stairs of the idol drops two per death.

            • Anonymous

              The two scary dudes outside Senpou Main Hall. Without bell, you get Scrap Iron and rarely Scrap Magnetite. With Bell, Scrap Magnetite and rarely Adamentite. Results will vary depending on how far you are.

              There are multiple strats here:

              Noob strat: sprint in a straight line to the point between the two. Backstab the right one, collect items while going back to Idol.

              Normal strat: Blood smoke Ninjutsu. If you have, use Ceremonial tanto to save on emblems first. Then do the same as above, but activate Ninjutsu and backstab the second one.

              Peace strat: Golden vortex. Use tanto if you have. Ready the vortex at the door, sprint and release. Backstab one if possible, collect items and retreat.

              Chad strat: combine Golden vortex and bloodsmoke ninjutsu. Sometimes it can fail to get a backstab but you still get the items from vortex.

              • Anonymous

                From old grave idol, you can reliably stealth deathblow the bald glaive guy behind you, if you just run up to him from the side. With demon bell active, he almost always drops Scrap Iron and a Gokan's Sugar. One run takes ~20 seconds, including resting.

                • Anonymous

                  Easy way to farm would be to start from the idol after the drunkard and go to where he was. The enemies have a high drop rate and you get around 1-2 per run+some black gun powder

                  • Anonymous

                    I don't know if this was pure luck but I started dropping a lot more of the stuff after beating the boss of Ashina Castle.

                    • Anonymous

                      "I managed to get some scrap iron as a drop from the little gremlins in rice field hats shortly after the Horse riding boss. They are directly right of the arena" same here

                      • Anonymous

                        I managed to get some scrap iron as a drop from the little gremlins in rice field hats shortly after the Horse riding boss. They are directly right of the arena

                        • Anonymous

                          Drop rate increases dramatically after you defeat the boss at the top of the castle from most regular enemies.

                          • Anonymous

                            Scrap Iron can be bought from the first "Crow's Bed Memorial Mob" merchant, the guy that sits in a tent on top of a cliff; right outside where you encounter the Chained Ogre boss.

                            • Anonymous

                              I found another one. After killing Gyouba, you'll get a spirit idol labeled "Ashina Castle - Gate". If you hug the left wall, you'll eventually reach a hut, near two large hammer wielding enemies. Behind the hut is where you'll find the scrap iron.

                              • Anonymous

                                Yeah, really need to find out where. I'm up to two bosses I just can't defeat without either grinding for skill points for hours, or, upgrading the prosthetic.

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