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The Sculptor, or Busshi of Aredera as he is referred to as in promotional material for the game, is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Located in the Dilapidated Temple near the Ashina Outskirts, he is one of the first characters you meet, and an integral part of both the story and your upgrades. The Sculptor finds Sekiro left for dead in a field near the Ashina Reservoir, and nurses him back to health, before providing him with a Prosthetic Arm capable of equipping Prosthetic Tools.

Sculptor Information

The Sculptor is a mysterious, taciturn old man of advanced age who is missing his left arm. He resides within a ruined shrine deep within the mountainous region near the outskirts of Ashina, and seems to devote all of his time to carving statues of the Buddha with wrathful, rather than serene, faces. For reasons known only to himself, he chooses to aid Sekiro on his quest, saving him from certain death at the hands of Genichiro Ashina after the Wolf attempted to spirit away the Divine Heir from his imprisonment.

As Sekiro gets to know the Sculptor throughout the course of his journey, and with the help of a little tea here and there, he begins to discover more about the man's unknown past. Once, the Sculptor was a shinobi without a master who went by the name of 'Orangutan,' and spent his time training amongst the monkeys of the Sunken Valley. However, after losing a dear friend and almost succumbing to his own bloodlust, he was hunted down by his lord, Isshin Ashina, and lost his left arm in the battle that followed.

Though the loss of his arm led to the Sculptor giving up his life as a shinobi: the Prosthetic Arm he gives Sekiro was originally built for him by his close friend Dogen, a master physician who urged the Sculptor to help him perfect his Prosthetic through years of training and iterating on the device. Sometime later, after Dogen passed—or vanished; no one is quite sure—and the flames of rebellion began to stir around Ashina, it seems that the Sculptor retreated into the mountains around the castle in order to separate himself from the rest of the world. Now retired to his solitude, with Emma (the adoptive daughter of Dogen) the only soul to ever visit him at the Dilapidated Temple where he now resides, the Sculptor lives out the rest of his days seemingly seeking atonement while being constantly plagued by visions—a sea of endless flames, consuming him and all of Ashina...

  • Location: The Sculptor can be found inside of his workshop within the Dilapidated Temple.

  • Progression: The Sculptor does not move from his spot in the Dilapidated Temple until certain circumstances have been met. Note that the player can still install or upgrade prosthetic tools in his absence, with Sekiro performing the modifications himself using the Sculptor's discarded tools.  

  • Combat: Yes; players may kill the Sculptor under specific circumstances

  • Rewards: The Sculptor is responsible for fitting and upgrading the various shinobi prosthetic tools found throughout the game. Will provide certain Esoteric Texts as Sekiro gains skill points and acquires new shinobi prosthetics. When given alcohol, the Sculptor will offer new dialogue.

Associated Quests

  • If afflicted by Dragonrot and then cured of the sickness, speaking with Emma will reward the player with the Sculptor's favorite "tea"--a bottle of Ashina Sake. The physician will ask you to give the "tea" for the Sculptor, which then rewards you with additional background lore and dialogue once you've done so. (The same occurs if you give the Sculptor Unrefined Sake, Monkey Booze, or Dragonspring Sake, each coming with different opportunities to learn more lore and background info.)


  • When you first encounter him:
    • "So you're awake. Looks like death is not your fate just yet. Some time has passed since I found you: your master still lives but they'll soon make use of his bloodline. The limb you have lost will give way to something more... useful. You'll learn to appreciate its worth. Your death won't come easily."

  • After giving him the Unrefined Sake:
    • "Don't mind if I do. Hmm... ......... ... No, it's damn good. Ahhh!  But it does make my old wounds ache. Yes. And this sake was a favorite... of the man who cut it off. Lord Isshin. ......... He... did it for my sake. Ahhh. I was on the verge of being consumed... ...Shura. Well, whether you believe me or not, that's for you to decide. But you'd do well to beware... Shura's shadow."
  • After giving him the Ashina Sake:
    • "(Sniffs) This "tea" smells pretty good. Suppose I'll have some. Oh, I needed that... This tea reminds me of Emma's father. Dogen... He was an extraordinary doctor. He was also very well-versed in mechanisms and devices. ...Better put, he was obsessed with mechanisms to the point that it affected his health... He didn't take much else seriously, but I owed him my life... Ah, and we could day that you owe him your life as well. When I lost my left arm, Dogen created that thing... which has now become your left arm. The first version was a complete failure, didn't work at all. So he remade it. Then he remade it again, and again, countless times. (chuckles) He told me I needed to practice with the prosthetic in order to use it properly... So Emma would pester me into carving her spinning tops and other toys. After of that sort, it came to be called a Shinobi Fang. In other words, that prosthetic arm... is Dogen's legacy. His legacy... Ahh... so much time has passed. ......... While I have abandoned my shinobi ways... That alone, I could not bear to abandon."
  • After giving him the Monkey Booze:
    • "... Monkey Booze, is it? Haaa! It burns the throat, same as ever. This really brings back memories. I trained in the techniques of the shinobi in the valley where the monkeys dwelled... ... No. There were two of us. We were rogue Shinobi... There was no proper master for the likes of us. That's why we went to the valley. To run, to jump, to clash swords... where one slip would mean your doom. That was how we trained. ... We came to move exactly as monkeys did after a time. I'd drink this Monkey Booze whenever I tired of training. And I'd listen to the howl of my partner's whistling finger while I drank. It was from his unique ring... Whistling through that ring... Would fill the valley with a somber melody. Strangely enough, I enjoyed that sound. I listened to it so often."
  • After giving him the Dragonspring Sake:
    • "('I brought sake.') Hooh...Dragonspring...? That's fine quality sake. I'll take it then. Now that really hits the spot...There's nothing quite like this. I often drank this with Dogen...Emma would keep our cups filled. ('Have you known Lady Emma for long?') That was a long time ago...I found her on a battlefield. ('...a battlefield.') She crept up slowly towards me, her eyes fixed, unwavering on the rice I held in my hand. It became too much to bear, so I gave it to her. Then she just started following me. After that...........Well a while later...Ashina became a dangerous place for the both of us. Around then Dogen adopted her as his daughter. I suppose it didn't really matter where she ended up. One thing's for sure, she's happier for the fact she wasn't raised by a shinobi."
  • After presenting the Slender Finger:
    • "What's that you have there...Where did you get that finger? ('The Guardian Ape of the Sunkey Valley...I found it in his belly') ... I see... To think it was in the belly of an Ape... Let me see it. I'll fix it to your prosthetic arm."


  • Sculptor offers additional dialogue after upgrading the Finger Whistle to the Malcontent:
    "Listen...that finger whistle I've attached to your arm. I'm sure it will play a somber but enjoyable tune. Make sure to use it well."

The Sculptor Story & Lore

  • The Sculptor is referred to as "Sekijo," by Hanbei The Undying—a name that was likely given to him in much the same way Isshin of Ashina gave Sekiro his name. The Sculptor is also known as Orangutan (猩々, Shoujou), just as Sekiro is known as Wolf (狼, Ookami); Isshin gives Sekiro his name by condensing One-armed Wolf (隻腕の狼, Sekiwan no Ookami) into Sekiro (隻狼, Sekirou), while Hanbei does the same for the Sculptor, who is also one-armed, by condensing One-armed Orangutan (隻腕の猩々, Sekiwan no Shoujou) into Sekijo (隻猩, Sekijou).

  • Promotional material for the game regarding the Shinobi Prosthetic listed his title as Busshi of Aredera (荒れ寺の仏師, Aredera no Busshi) which means Sculptor of the Dilapidated Temple. Busshi refers specifically to a sculptor of Buddha statues.

  • According the description of the Shinobi Axe of the Monkey, his favored weapon was the black iron axe which would later become the Loaded Axe  prosthetic tool. "Bounding Monkey of the Sunken Valley" being apparently another nickname for Sculptor back when he was the Shinobi Orangutan. 

  • Reading the descriptions of the following items: Slender Finger, Malcontent's Ring, and Malcontent reveal that the Sculptor's partner during the time he trained in the Sunken Valley was a woman who (most likely) went by the codename "Kingfisher,". Though her ultimate fate is known (the Slender Finger is "found in the belly of the Guardian Ape," as per its description), both how this occurred and why the two shinobi went their separate ways (as the Sculptor expresses surprise upon you returning the finger to him), as well as the full extent of their relationship, is still unknown.
    • There is a slight quibble with whether or not "Kingfisher," was male or female, as the dialogue spoken by the Sculptor when you give him Monkey Booze refers to his partner as male ("His ring,") while all other mention of Kingfisher refers to him/her as female. In the Japanese dialogue, the Sculptor refers to his partner by ayatsu, (あやつ), which is gender neutral. The slender finger is expressly referred to as the finger of a young woman in both the English and Japanese examine texts. The ring found later on is then referred to as fitting a slender finger, further indicating that his partner was the woman to whom the finger belonged. This seems to simply be an error in translation, and the Monkey Booze dialogue should read 'her ring'. (The dialogue was corrected in Version 1.03)

  • According to dialogue with both Emma and from the Sculptor, we can deduce that it was explicitly the Sculptor who saved a young, orphaned Emma from starvation when the two met during the aftermath of a battle.

  • When afflicted by Dragonrot, Sculptor is adamant about being unable to die from it, hinting that he is aware of his humanity slipping away from him.

  • The Sculptor's missing left arm along with the Shinobi Prosthetic of Sekiro are clear tributes to Guts from Berserk Guts And His Prosthetic Arm. The former hero had his missing arm replaced by a metal prosthetic which functions as both a crossbow and a cannon. Its function is essentially identical to that of the Shinobi Prosthetic. It isn't until The Sculptor transforms into the Demon of Hatred that one can perceive the likeness of Manus, Father The Abyss. Like the Demon of Hatred The Demon Of Hatred's Ethereal Arm, The Father of The Abyss has a misshapen, supernatural left arm Manus' Abyss Arm - Credit To Sanadsk. The left arm is twisted to mirror both a vortex and The Dark Hand. Both The Sculptor's and The Demon of Hatred's monkey-like characteristics may derive from Manus who is himself known as The Primordial Man, yet is covered in fur and walks like an ape. According to tradition, the left arm is known as "the bad arm" or "the occult arm" and attributed to magic and the devil. Similarly contorted left arms appeared in Bloodborne as the arms of The Cleric Beast The Cleric Beast and Laurence The First Vicar Laurence, The First Vicar. Conceivably, The Sculptor is a Buddhist monk, tormented by "building flames", to strengthen the affinity with Laurence and Bloodborne's Cleric Beasts. 


Sculptor Notes & Trivia

  • Voiced by: Brian Cummings (English), Jin Urayama (Japanese). Jin Urayama is also known for voicing the character Cervantes de Leon in many titles of the Soulcalibur fighting game series.
  • Oddly enough, even though the Sculptor has left when the option becomes available: it still costs you money to upgrade your gear using the workbench in the Dilapidated Temple even though you're the only one working on said gear.

Concept Art





The Sculptor's necklace.



The Sculptor's Shine. What was contained within it is no longer there and there is a blood-trail leading away from it.

    • Anonymous

      15 Jun 2019 12:56  

      man, wtf, the budda statue that is where you fight seven ashina spears, ive gone there again by travelling and i already encountered it once. well, this time it said that missatge like it was my first time in that statue, does anyone know what happened?

      • Anonymous

        23 May 2019 04:58  

        I wonder why there was no unique dialogue when you bring the Shinobi axe to the temple seeing as it was his old weapon.

        • Anonymous

          17 May 2019 01:55  

          Anyone else think the Guardian Ape and it’s mate that you fight in the burrow are the Sculptor and Kingfisher? And that they were both partners AND romantically involved? You get his partner’s malcontent ring from Guardian Ape, Emma’s sake dialogue says she was saved by an ape while sculptor’s same sake dialogue says he saved Emma... which I guess could mean Kingfisher and the sculptor parted ways after she used the Rejuvinating Waters to try and acquire the Dragon’s Heritage? It’s one of the few times you actually see Immortaliry Severed...

          • Anonymous

            01 May 2019 15:12  

            What will happen to the cutscene if the first time you die is after the sculptor becomes the demon of hatred?

            • Anonymous

              17 Apr 2019 01:10  

              Where are we getting the name/term Kingfisher? Also, I always assumed that the person who trained with Sculptor was Dogen.

              • Anonymous

                12 Apr 2019 04:33  

                There is a moment that occurs where sculptor is left alone at the temple and says to sekiro “you will be the one to kill me, to have her do it would be...” This also I BELIEVE triggers mid game battle quotes during the Demonof Hatred Fight and also allows u to answer yes to the old priestess when she asks if you knew who he was before. I’ve played through 5 times and one time I was unable to get sculptor to say anything about me having to kill him because Emma wouldn’t leave after giving me the old bell chime. Anyone else get any of that or no?

                • Anonymous

                  04 Apr 2019 18:35  

                  The idols you use as checkpoints aren't made by him - he mentions at the beginning that the "true sculptor", the man who made the statue you pray to to get to the Hirata Estate, was the one who made the statues, explaining why they have power and you can use them as checkpoints.

                  • 01 Apr 2019 23:28  

                    Sculptor is holding his missing arm in pain and I can’t interact with him for whatever reason? I just killed (spoilers) Hanbei using the mortal blade. Just an interesting tidbit I think.

                    • Anonymous

                      01 Apr 2019 10:18  

                      Cleaned up the page; made some changes to his description to make it flow better/be more in-line with what we know from the Lore/Item descriptions; made stuff about the Demon of Rage slightly more vague; and added Trivia regarding stuff like his partner, relation to Emma, and his favored weapon being the Loaded Axe.

                      • Anonymous

                        31 Mar 2019 06:42  

                        When you go to the Dilapidated Temple after defeating Genichiro, there's a really weird dialogue between Sekiro and the Sculptor. For some reason, Sekiro thanks him for saving Kuro, even though there's definitely no dialogue, no eavesdropping piece, no item description or document in the game that would even suggest such a thing. Sekiro saying that to Sculptor out of the blue felt very weird, almost as if there was supposed to be some other dialogue that, for some reason, is missing from the game. It happened to me, my wife, and then again in my NG+ playthrough, and I am 100% positive that I'm not missing any dialogues right after defeating Genichiro.

                        • Anonymous

                          30 Mar 2019 20:55  

                          Isshin cut off his arm to prevent him becoming Shura. So can we say Genichiro did us a favor by cutting our arm off as well?

                          • Anonymous

                            30 Mar 2019 06:39  

                            I actually think Sculptor is his real father. Like Genichiro has done the same things, that his father Isshin has done to Sculptor. Wolf was an orphan, lost his hand, was raised away from his home, and had was on the way of becoming Shura.

                            • Anonymous

                              29 Mar 2019 05:16  

                              Was Kingfisher male or female? The Sculptor says 'he' in the monkey booze dialogue, but the item descriptions say she. Is this a translation error, or an oversight in the script?

                              • Anonymous

                                28 Mar 2019 19:25  

                                The Shinobi Axe of the Monkey is implied to belong to him, as he fits the user's description: a shinobi with a "monkey" nickname who lost his left arm.

                                • Anonymous

                                  27 Mar 2019 07:59  

                                  The Sculptor was a Shinobi named Orangutan. Orangutan grew up an orphan in the forests with either a female sibling or another female orphan, Kingfisher. They trained among the tall trees of the forest where a single slip meant death until one day they stumbled upon the grove of the Guardian Ape. Kingfisher was killed by the beast, and Orangutan slew it, driving his odachi through the ape's neck. Without his companion, Orangutan became a contract killer working for the Inner Ministry who sent him to slay Isshin Ashina, but during the course of the battle Orangutan gave in to his bloodlust and Isshin severed his left arm from his body. Defeated, Orangutan was rescued by Isshin and his personal friend, Dogen and was recruited to fight the Inner Ministry that had used him. Orangutan assisted Dogen on combing battlefields for survivors and on one such battlefield Orangutan found a lone orphaned girl searching the killing grounds for food. Orangutan fed her, and she followed him for a time before Dogen adopted her and trained her in the ways of medicine. Soon after, the Shinobi Prosthetic was perfected and Orangutan began fighting the ministry with Isshin in earnest. But as he trained with the tool and developed new ways to kill with it he began to feel the Shura bloodlust build within him again. He left Isshin's Service and moved to the dilapidated temple far outside the castle where he continues to carve the Buddha with the hopes that one day he can drive away the fires of hatred and carve a buddha with a kindly face like the one the Dogen carved for him.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    24 Mar 2019 17:04  

                                    There's an eavesdrop behind the temple if Sculptor is affliced with dragonrot and the doctor is sitting next to him, revealing that he's called Orangutan.

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