Seven Ashina Spears - Shume Masaji Oniwa

Location Ashina Reservoir (after set ablaze)
Weakness Mikiri counter followed by a perfect deflect
Reward Prayer Bead

Seven Ashina Spears - Shume Masaji Oniwa (葦名七本槍・鬼庭主馬雅次, Ashina Seven Spears - Oniwa Shume Masaji) is a Mini-Boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.


Seven Ashina Spears - Shume Masaji Oniwa Location

  • Found right after the "Ashina Reservoir" idol, after the castle enters the final attack phase.
  • This boss is optional.



Seven Ashina Spears - Shume Masaji Oniwa Rewards



Seven Ashina Spears - Shume Masaji Oniwa Strategies

Video Strategies


Strategy Writeup

Getting rid of the samurai general early:

As there is a respawning samurai general in the same arena, using the Finger Whistle prosthetic tool to lure him away and backstab him before fighting the mini-boss himself, makes the fight a lot more manageable. Using the upgraded finger whistle for a delayed sound also makes it easier to move away so you won't get spotted yourself. This can also be combined with the Puppeteer Ninjutsu, giving you a strong ally for the fight. The mini-boss will instantly aggro on to you once you attack the samurai general this way.
Alternatively, one can also use a consumable Gachiin's Sugar to sneak directly up to the general undetected.

Pupeteer and double backstab strategy(no sugar or upgraded whistle required):

It is possible to backstab Oniwa after the samurai general, making the fight trivial with pupeteer. You'll want to start the fight from the secret passage idol. To get there from the Ashina Reservoir idol, go to the branch that is on the left side of the battlefield(you'll need to run past the fight) and from there grapple over and make your way towards the passageway from the beginning of the game, which now has an idol in front of it. Rest there to reset the fight, and make your way back to approach from that branch. Now stealth and walk only a little bit into the fight area, going along the cliff on the right of the branch facing the enemies. The general will yellow triangle spot you. Now hang off the cliff. Wait for the general to approach and eventually turn back around, and then run up and backstab + pupeteer him. If done right you will be far enough from Oniwa that he will not be alerted. Now backstab him as well and finish up a relatively easy one bar fight with pupeteer assistance. Just approach Oniwa from the opposite side of the puppet, and only attack when he turns.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Example Attack Example Counter
Example Attack Example Counter
Phase 2
Example Attack Example Counter
Example Attack Example Counter



Seven Ashina Spears - Shume Masaji Oniwa Lore


Shume may be a close relative of Gyoubu, as they share a last name and both use long bladed spears. However, Oni roughly translates to "demon" in Japanese. Given that, in the english dub, Gyoubu is referred to as "Gyoubu the Demon" in an eavesdrop conversation, it's possible that "Oniwa" is a title or nickname rather than a family name.

Seven Ashina Spears - Shume Masaji Oniwa Notes & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      16 Mar 2020 16:57  

      Mega cheese. First puppeteer the general, then lure Shume near the cliff, if you can do that fast the puppet will do a thrust attack push Shume off te cliff leaving Shinobi Execution

      • Anonymous

        11 Mar 2020 02:46  

        Strategy that worked for me: 1. gaichin sugar backstab general 2. ran away to reset the boss 3. come back and backstab the boss 4. immediately puppeteer the rifleman 5. back off and let rifleman take aggro. 6. oil the boss and sparke axe him a couple times to deathblow

        • Anonymous

          24 Feb 2020 09:57  

          The main counter is to mikiri him and then deflect the Following move. He wil fell down on his knees, time to hit him in the back. Repeat.

          • Anonymous

            30 Dec 2019 06:06  

            An easy way, use a Gachinn sugar, target the general with the echo whistle and call him from the top of the stairs. Then move back and hide toward the flaming gate, he will not see you with the sugar active. When he turns to go back down the stairs stealth death blow on him then free stealth death blow on the seven spears also.

            • Anonymous

              30 Oct 2019 08:08  

              Fun little translation note; "Oniwa" is actually a title roughly meaning "Administrator of the Stables" (referring to 主馬寮 / "shume-ryō", or "Bureau of the Stables").

              • Anonymous

                27 Oct 2019 17:18  

                i got lucky with this fight because when i grappled to the branch nearby, the enemy glitched and fell off the cliff leaving me with just the mini boss

                • Anonymous

                  14 Sep 2019 07:18  

                  discovered a semi-cheese tonight (ok, maybe it's a full cheese): equip the spin-to-win axe and fistful of ash. first sneak under the house and around the edge of the cliff to get a free backstab. when he gets up and does his stomp-pose, throw an ash in his face and spin-axe him to the ground. as he gets up, ash him again, axe him again. he'll get a hit or two in, so use an ash as cover for healing. i rinsed and repeated this about 6 times and he was done.

                  • Anonymous

                    10 Sep 2019 20:49  

                    Guys there's an easy way run and pray at the secret door idol then come back and try to sneak backstab samurai guy near to mini boss and use puppetier jutsu he will drain one life point then fight becomes easy moving forward

                    • Anonymous

                      07 Jul 2019 03:30  

                      This guy is pretty easy when u equip ShadowRush , go to Branch & spam L1+R1 when u reach him just swing at him then return to the branch's furthest so that his spear won't hit you... GG took me exactly 15 seconds to kill him after i first Deathblowed him with my Gachiin Spiritfall... This dude is way easier than the first ****ing Ashina Spears Dude that killed me 12 times lol. Goodluck folks

                      • Anonymous

                        30 Jun 2019 23:51  

                        I've played through every dark souls multiple times, including bloodborne. This *****ing guy has been tougher for me to kill than most bosses across every game WTF am I doing wrong!?!?!? None of the advise in here helps, I've tried everything and exhausted most items. I can barely even hurt him!!!!!!!

                        • Anonymous

                          07 Jun 2019 16:58  

                          I read a comment section debate between Japanese people who couldn't decide whether Gyobu's role/title was 'Gyobu', 'Oniwa' or 'Oniwa-Gyobu'. This miniboss helps shed light on the issue imo. 'Oniwa' is possibly taken from the feudal Japanese role 'Oniwa-ban', a high ranking position who was in charge of gathering info and reporting directly to the shogun (including covert info from shinobi), although the 'oni' part is written in Sekiro with the kanji for demon, possibly as a nickname or due to Isshin being fancy with wordplay in his department names. Alternatively, Oniwa could be a surname since a historical figure using those characters exists, although his name was read 'Oniniwa', not Oniwa. 'Shume' is the name of a position (basically means horsemaster). 'Gyobu', probably short for 'gyobusho-ho', also relates to a real role. SO: since Sekiro's Gyobu introduces himself in Japanese as 'Oniwa Gyobu Masataka' and since the format [name]-[title]-[name] doesn't really scan for me, even in Japanese, my opinion is that Oniwa-Gyobu and Oniwa-Shume are both full titles/roles, whilst Masataka and Masaji represent their names. It's not certain, but I was persuaded by an anon comment on bnewg sokuho, so at least one Japanese person in the world agrees which gives me weeb armour.

                          • Anonymous

                            05 Jun 2019 13:00  

                            I did something different so I snuck up and death blowed him for one bar then I went to the guy sitting down and death blow bloodsmoked him and switched to puppeteer and death blow controlled the samurai and smashed his posture it was actually a lot of fun seeing it all come together like that lol

                            • Anonymous

                              28 May 2019 16:08  

                              I don't know why the strategy section makes it seem so complicated, there's a much easier and reliable way to kill the small general. Crouch and walk to the left of the area and then hang from ledge. While hanging target the general and use ANY finger whistle (you don't need to upgrade or anything). He will walk over, not see you, and then turn around and walk back. When he walks back just backstab him. Now you have a fair 1v1 with spear guy. If you used puppeteer ninjutsu or are good at mikiri countering, this boss will be down in no time.

                              • Anonymous

                                17 May 2019 10:59  

                                Strategy: There is a near dead foot soldier lying around, use him to trigger blood mist to stealth kill the small samurai, now you can fight a fair 1V1. Strategy 2: Ready the fire vent, rush to the cliff, wait for him to thrust attack, Mikiri counter, deflect the follow up attack, fire blast charge blast him down the cliff.

                                • Anonymous

                                  22 Apr 2019 06:30  

                                  Quick aggressive strategy: pop a Gachiin’s spiritfall and run behind the general. Deathblow him and puppeteer him. Then, run to the sitting bro and hit him, deathblow and puppeteer him as well. Then move to safety and pop a Ako’s Spiritfall to increase posture and vitality damage. While spear bro is preoccupied with the puppets, do double ichimonji attacks and you’ll quickly fill up his posture and get a deathblow. If you’re quick enough you can keep one of the puppets alive for phase 2 and then pop another Ako if necessary and quickly double ichi him and don’t let him lose his posture damage again otherwise it’s hard to get it back up.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    21 Apr 2019 00:41  

                                    Here is a strat that i used to beat him in about a minute: 1. Use a gachiins sugar and kill the general next to him, then quit out of the game. This will reset the boss and your position. 2. Sneak up on the goon to your left and kill him, (Make sure you have the ninjutsu bestowal, you can get from killing the headless ape and his wife after snake eyes shirahagi, this will require you to kill the guardian ape). 3. Activate bestowal and the red sugar (i forgot what it was called) or even better, a yasharikus sugar. 4. Perform a backstab deathblow on oniwa. 5. Be as aggressive as possible. If you are aggresive, you can cancle out his perilous attacks. The only attack to watch out for is the spin to win attack, which you can just deflect.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      17 Apr 2019 02:33  

                                      To cheese the second phase... just get on the branch (hope he doesnt fall), throw oil, flame vent, hit a bunch of times, dash back to the branch, repeat.

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