If standing on the ground while struck by a lightning attack, the status abnormality "Shock" is inflicted. This occurs regardless of whether the attack was guarded or not.

Shock causes electricity to run through one's body, dealing huge damage to Vitality and also stunning them briefly.

Shock is a Status Abnormality in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The Shock effect can afflict both enemies and the player character, dealing great damage to hitpoints and even stunning them.


How to Cure Shock

Players can increase their Shock resistance by using the Eel Liver item.

The Mist Raven prosthetic tool and the Sakura Dance combat art are two alternative ways to redirect lightning from lightning attacks.

  • Jumping and deflecting lightning attacks normally does not prevent a small amount of chip damage, and this damage is not affected by Eel Liver.
  • The Mist Raven is the ONLY way of preventing chip damage from lightning attacks from ALL possible enemies that can perform lightning attacks.
  • Sakura Dance also prevents chip damage from MOST attacks, with a few exceptions:
    • The Naginata-wielding purple Okami Warrior has 3 lightning attacks: a thrust attack, a vertical slash, and a horizontal sweep. Sakura Dance is unable to prevent chip damage from the thrust and the vertical slash.
    • The sword-wielding purple Okami Warrior has 2 lightning attacks: a thrust attack and a downward slash after its Floating Passage combo. Sakura Dance is unable to prevent chip damage from the thrust attack.
    • Interestingly enough, these same attacks are also the only lightning attacks in the game that do NOT give chip damage if the lightning is deflected via jumping and deflecting the normal way (with Mid-Air Deflection).  This may be a bug/oversight by the developers.

Sekiro might obtain the Shock status if he is hit by a Shock attack. Enemies with Shock attacks include:


How to Inflict Shock

Sekiro can use use the "Lightning Reversal" skill to capture lightning in mid-air and deflect it back to the attacker.  This is ideally done if the Mid-Air Deflection skill has been acquired.  Right before an attack lands, jump into the air and hold the block button (L1).  If successfully performed, the standard block or deflect sound will be heard, and by pressing the attack button (R1), the lightning can be redirected almost instantly.  This appears to work even if the attack is simply blocked and not deflected.  However, most players will simply jump into the air without pressing L1 afterwards, which still allows the lightning to be redirected, but the redirection of the lightning will be delayed, potentially leading to the player touching the ground again getting shocked before successfully redirecting the lightning. 


Enemies Weak to Shock


Enemies Resistant to Shock

The following enemies are resistant to Shock:

  • Example
  • Example



Status Abnormalities
Burn  ♦  Enfeebled  ♦  Poison  ♦  Terror


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    • Anonymous

      when you're caught on by shock mid-air but simultaneously your poisture broke, you cannot fire the lightning back.

      • Anonymous

        Average sakura dance and hold block mid-air and reverse it to get rid of any damage fans vs average accept the damage spam R1 and reverse it enjoyers

        • Anonymous

          This honestly feels really inconsistent. Sometimes it works, sometimes I do it and nothing actually happens. I’m doing the exact same thing on the exact same enemies/bosses. Any clue why?

          • Anonymous

            Shock in this game is really well done and balanced. Cool to have a status abnormality where you don't simply take damage.

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