If standing on the ground while struck by a lightning attack, the status abnormality "Shock" is inflicted. This occurs regardless of whether the attack was guarded or not.

Shock causes electricity to run through one's body, dealing huge damage to Vitality and also stunning them briefly.

Shock is a Status Abnormality in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The Shock effect can afflict both enemies and the player character, dealing great damage to hitpoints and even stunning them.


How to Cure Shock

Players can increase their Shock resistance by using the Eel Liver item.

Sekiro might obtain the Shock status if he is hit by a Shock attack. Enemies with Shock attacks include:


How to Inflict Shock

Sekiro can use use the "Lightning Reversal" skill to capture lightning in mid-air and deflect it back to the attacker.


Enemies Weak to Shock


Enemies Resistant to Shock

The following enemies are resistant to Shock:

  • Example
  • Example



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