Shura Ending in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is page relates to a specific ending in Sekiro that is unlocked by a series of choices made throughout the game.



The "Shura Ending" is the quickest cycle to play. 

In Buddhism Asura is a demi-god or titan of addiction to negativity. To be an asura is to be a human obsessed with violence, wrath, anger, and a hunger for fighting. In the context of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice a "Shura" is an individual that has lost themselves to the thirst for blood and has no emotional connection to this world beyond seeking the next person to cut down.

Sekiro can become a shura but in doing loses everything and everyone. 



  • The First Steps To Destruction:
  • Obey The Iron Code:
    • When you are prompted to either break or upholdThe Iron Code - Sekiro must follow it to achieve the shura ending.
  • Walk The Path:
    • Sekiro must defeat those who stand before him. There are two unique bosses unlocked by following this path. The First Boss & The Second Bosss. (Spoiler Warning)
  • Embrace What You Have Become:
    • Once Sekiro has defeated the bosses he will obtain the final item before finally being recognised as shura. You have done it.... but at what cost?



You will be locked out from the remainder of the game for this cycle. Once you are shura you can no longer progress through the game and will need to start a new game cycle to explore what you have missed.

Completing this ending unlocks One Mind - a combat art skill which might be appealing for subsequent game cycles.


Lore, Trivia, and Further Reading

In traditional Japanese Mythology, Shura are known as Asura. Asura is addicted to wrath, deception, and violence. They are unable to resolve their issues without violence and are said to be like eagles flying above all and looking down on everything.

The leaders of the Asura are called Asurinda, Asura-Lord, and there are several leaders for multiple factions. The main named leaders are Vemacitrin, Rāhu , and Pahārāda.

It is said that the Asuras celebrated with all the Gods on the night Sakra become its ruler. They celebrated by drinking a wine so strong that when Sakra noticed what they were drinking he forbade the others from taking part. Being drunk and weakened the Asura were unable to resist when Sakra have them thrown out and cast down from where all the other Gods were. Where the Asura now live is referred to as "The Asura Realm".


Hints & Tips

  • ???


    • 12 May 2019 03:50  

      Personally, this is the true NG ending tbh, a brief tutorial of a sort before you get into the full game in NG+. It’s like the whole NG, Wolf is actually having a nightmare about what he COULD become if he stays on the Iron Code’s path

      • Anonymous

        29 Apr 2019 12:30  

        SPOILERS I really have a big issue with this ending I just wanted to obey the Iron Code I didn’t want to kill owl. Not only that but I didn’t know when making the choice that I would be locked from the rest of the game. I also want to know, why do we not get Owls sword that Wolf picks up in the cutscene?

        • Anonymous

          22 Apr 2019 04:17  

          I don't know what I did differently during my Shura playthrough but the requirements seem to be a little more than retrieving The Lotus of the Palace and The Shelter Stone. After I got them Ashina castle was not locked out. This is presumably because of the alternative ways you can get to them? When I did it I did not go through Senpou Temple area completely yet, so I did not do the Inner Sanctum part (Folding Screen Monkeys/Mortal Blade). I am going to assume that getting the Mortal Blade is actually a requirement, which isn't stated otherwise in the description. I was not able to get Owl to appear until after I went through that section and got it.

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