Effect Shoots shuriken stars, dealing damage
Capacity 1 shuriken star
Upgrades 3 shuriken stars and stun effect

Shuriken is a special Prosthetic Tool in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, equipped via the Prosthetic Arm and used alongside the primary weapon, the Katana.


A small yet deadly ranged weapon, 'shuriken' translates literally as 'hidden hand blade'. 


How to use Shuriken

  • The basic version of the Shuriken fires off 1 Star, dealing damage to the targeted enemy
  • The upgraded version of the Shuriken fires off 3 Stars, and not only deals damage but also has a small stun effect on the targeted enemy.
  • How do they fire? How does the player aim? (Controls)
  • Is there a reticule or crosshair of some kind? 


Where to find Shuriken in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

  • The Shuriken is found at ??
  • Upgrades for the Shuriken are found at ??


Shuriken Notes

These Weapons, varying from Shuriken (throwing stars) to the Flame Vent and the Loaded Axe, are equipped via the Prosthetic Arm and can be swapped out on the fly, allowing for creative and innovative combat solutions to complement the Shinobi's use of the Katana.


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