Slender Finger


 The slender finger of a young woman. Can be fitted to the Shinobi Prosthetic to create a Prosthetic Tool.

Found in the belly of the Guardian Ape, it is partially digested. There is a shinobi technique called the Finger Whistle that can drive beasts wild.

The one who used it before clearly used it for this purpose, as evidenced by the finger's open hole.

Slender Finger is a special Upgrade Material in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. As an upgrade material, it is required for upgrading certain Prosthetic Tools, and the player will need to defeat specific Enemies in order to find it.


Slender Finger Usage

Where to Find Slender Finger

  • The only Slender Finger in the game is dropped by the Guardian Ape boss upon defeat.

Slender Finger Notes & Trivia

  • Players can carry a maximum of 99 materials.

  • The description of the Slender Finger, along with the descriptions of the Malcontent's Ring and Malcontent, each give us the most information available in the game regarding whom it was exactly that accompanied the Sculptor during his time spent training in the Sunken Valley. In this case, we learn that the Sculptor's partner was female and that she somehow met an unfortunate end which involved the Guardian Ape.

  • Though her ultimate fate is known (the Slender Finger is "found in the belly of the Guardian Ape," after all), both how this occurred and why the Sculptor and his partner went their separate ways (as the Sculptor expresses surprise upon you returning the finger to him), as well as the full extent of their relationship, is still unknown.





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    • Anonymous

      Kingfisher being (allegedly) the young female shinobi partner of the sculptor kinda reminds me of lady maria being the young hunter student of gehrman from bloodborne. She also died before him (presumably)

      • Anonymous

        If this is Kingfisher I believe this presumed death was recent. Evidence below: The finger looks mostly intact. The whole digestion process takes about 5 hours. This means it must've been ingested recently Upon arrival the ape looks to be eating something The wound on it's face looks relatively fresh. There is no scar tissue or even a scab present

        • Anonymous

          "The shinobi who used it before." Maybe this shinobi, who the sculptor refers to as HE, is not the same person who the finger was originally attached to who is a SHE. If this is so, then "Kingfisher" may refer to the woman who the finger belonged to, the ring itself, or the original owner of the ring. The sculptor also mentioned that he and his partner were both "rogue shinobis". Besides the sculptor and sekiro, only Owl was the other person mentioned as rogue shinobi in the game (mentioned by Juzou and Masanari if you eavesdrop on them during Hirata Estate revisited). Could it be, that Owl and Orangutan were once buddies?

          • Anonymous

            I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that the owner of this hand is Tomoe. It's a bit of a stretch but let it be known on 4/21/2019

            • Anonymous

              Is the finger Kingfisher's own finger? I assumed that it was a severed finger owned by kingfisher. The sentence "as evidenced by the open hole" implies that a hole is bored into the finger, which obviously wouldn't be done to a finger that was still attached to someone.

              • Anonymous

                The Sculptor says, when you treat him to Monkey Sake, that he trained with another shinobi in the Sunken Valley. The sculptor’s partner played an eerie tune through their hole-bearing finger, he says. This other shinobi was the “Kingfisher”, as the prosthetic whistle tool’s description states. Also, the sculptor trained like a monkey, leaping amidst the rocks, as he puts it. He must be the “Bounding Monkey of the Sunken Valley”, as per the shinobi axe’s description (though that’s pretty obvious).

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