Snake Eyes Shirahagi

snakeeyespoinson (1)
Location Ashina Depths
Deathblow Markers 2
Useful Tools Flame Vent
Shinobi Firecracker
Mist Raven
XP NG: 1030 NG+: 2833
Sen NG: 140 NG+: 468
Reward 1x  Prayer Bead

Snake Eyes Shirahagi (蛇の目・白萩, Snake Eyes Shirahagi) is a Mini-Boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This Complete Snake Eyes Shirahagi Mini-Boss Guide gives you strategies on how to beat Snake Eyes Shirahagi easily, as well as tips, tricks and lore notes. Mini-Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and usually have two (2) or more health bars. This means they require at least two (2) Deathblows in order to kill, they are generally much more difficult than normal enemies, and they drop some of the best loot in the game. 



Snake Eyes Shirahagi Location

Where to find Snake Eyes Shirahagi in Sekiro?

  • Ashina Depths: can be found in the Poison Pool area of the depths guarding the fog wall which leads to the Guardian Ape's Burrow and Hidden Forest.
  • This mini-boss is not optional. You must defeat her in order to progress to the Hidden Forest. 
  • Both mini-bosses are armed with highly customized Hiya-zutsu (an early example of man-portable artillery), which they can fire in quick succession. Also much like their "Snake Eye" name implies, they have superior vision and can target the player with pinpoint accuracy both on ground and in the air beyond visual range once detected. Although at closer ranges their shots can be blocked (at high cost to posture), at longer ranges Snake Eyes employs fin-discarding bo-hiya (gunpowder propelled rocket/sabot) which can only be blocked by the Loaded Umbrella.



Snake Eyes Shirahagi Rewards

What do you get from defeating Snake Eyes Shirahagi in Sekiro?


Snake Eyes Shirahagi Notes & Tips

  • While their name literally means Snake Eyes (蛇の目), this term is most often used to refer to a bull's eye pattern ◉. This play-on-words is likely in reference to their marksmanship skill; their names can thus also be as read Bull's Eye Shirahagi/Shirafuji.
  • Fuji and Hagi are both the name of a type of flower in Japanese. The prefix Shira simply means white.
  • You can Backstab Deathblow one health bar off this Mini-boss.
  • Using the Flame Vent is very effective, particularly the Flame Blast attack of the Spring-load Flame Vent.
  • This Mini-boss can be stunned effectively with the Shinobi Firecracker.
  • You can use the Mist Raven to get behind her and attack into her back.
  • Unlike Shirafugi, she is not affected by the Poison of Sabimaru so it is not recommended.
  • You can lead her to the poison pool and then hide to cause her to stay in the poison and slowly take damage. This drains her vitality bar over a course of several minutes enabling the player to deathblow her easily.


Snake Eyes Shirahagi Lore

  • The Snake Eyes are an elite group of warrior women inhabiting the Gun Fort of the Sunken Valley. Their two greatest warriors, Shirafuji and Shirahagi, guard each of the entrances to the Fort—with Shirafuji guarding the topmost entrance, while Shirahagi guards the bottom-most entrance to the Fort.
  • Shirahagi, Snake Eyes Shirafuji, O'rin of the Water, and the enemies found in the Gun Fort all descendants of the Okami Clan  Okami Clan mentioned by various items, which is why they all share a weakness to poison. As explained in the description of the Sabimaru prosthetic tool: "Wielded in wars of old, the blade's blue rust was used to drive off inhuman Okami warrior women. Even now, it is likely to be effective against their descendants."
  • Unlike other descendants of the Okami, however, Shirahagi seems to have gained an immense tolerance for poison due to having lived at the bottom of the poisonous Ashina Depths.
  • Their many bandages are probably for treating lesions caused by imbibing the Rejuvenating Waters, much like those exhibited by Zombies of the Abandoned Dungeon abandoned dungeon zombie lesions thumb1. In previous titles, bandages often indicated lesions caused by either or the Scourge of Beasts cleric beast vicar amelia thumb1 or the gradual Hollowing of Undead bandaged hollow prisoner lost bastille concept art thumb1. Both of these pathologies involve necrosis, losing one's mind, and potentially mutating. It's possible the gunner women are a tribute to the pryromancing Witch of Izalith, tied to both chaos and deformity. The Rejuvenating Waters corrupt men to the point that they no longer live as men, instead they become monsters incapable of feeling pain or fear.


Snake Eyes Shirahagi Mini-Boss Guide Strategies

Sekiro Snake Eyes Shirahagi Video Strategies


Sekiro Snake Eyes Shirahagi Strategy Write-up

From the Poison Pool Idol, grapple onto the Buddha Hand and then to the edge of the land nearby. Run towards the right enemy and use a death blow on her. Attack the remaining rifle enemy and sneak towards Snake Eyes Shirahagi. Use a sneak death blow on her, wait for her to get up then use double Ichimonji. He will usually follow up with a grab attack do dash back twice and counter attack her. From here players can use Shinobi Firecracker, attack twice and repeat until he is defeated. Staying close will cut down on the chance of her shooting you but will increase his grab attempts. Players can deflect his attacks to damage his posture.

Strategy One:

This boss can become quite easy once you use this cheese method, there is a Sculptor Idol at the back of the area that you can use to heal etc. Once you rest there go around and kill all the gunners, there are two by a tent on the left, one on the far right, just past where you came in on a wooden structure, one in the middle (has a cannon) and the boss who is by the fog gate. Leave the boss alone for now and you can even leave the guy in the middle alone, after you kill all the other gunners draw the boss into the poison swamp on your way back to the Sculptor Idol, there is a grapple point above the idol, after grappling jump up the cliff to a small perch area where you are safe from the boss' attacks. Stay there as the boss' health slowly depletes, you can go away and come back if you want but remember to jump down and deliver a deathblow, once you've done this, go back up to your spot and wait again for her health to deplete before finishing her off.


Strategy Two:

Since Shirahagi has such a high damage output, it's best to minimize your time fighting her by taking away a life-bar doing a sneak deathblow. This can easily be achieved without alerting her to your presence by rushing from the Poison Pool Sculptor's Idol towards her. This idol can be found on the left side of the cavern (entering it from the Ashina Depths Idol entrance) behind a cliff and a Buddha statue. Once you rest at the idol, you can go to the nearest tent with the two minor gunners and take them out. If Snake Eyes Shirahagi sees you, you need to rest and try this step over again. After taking the gunners out at the tent, you can sneak around Snake Eyes Shirahagi (your left side, her right side) and come behind to deliver the sneak deathblow. It is not necessary to use a Gachiin's sugar, but if you're having trouble with the tactic you can try using one. 

Use of sugars is additionally recommended to minimize damage taken and maximize damage dealt; although not absolutely necessary. Once you get her down on health, trying to break her posture is easier than downing her health.

Be warned that the other enemies can be alerted to your presence when fighting Shirahagi, and players can only kill the two minor gunners by the tent closest to the Poison Pool Idol before doing the sneak deathblow, since Shirahagi will most likely see you and attack. Her aggro range exceeds the size of the cave so, once she spots you, it's impossible to make her lose track of you unless you rest at an idol. This strategy is especially effective being used right before using the strategy One as seen above. 

Strategy Three:

This is a way to speed up Strategy One. As long as you can target Snake Eyes, wait for her to shoot and then use Phantom Kunai with long press of the attack button. It will do huge damage to her and you should be able to do one life bar without running out of spirit. Use the Ceremonial Tanto to recharge if you didn't use a stealth kill before. This can be done anyway actually and you don't need to cheese her into poison water.

Strategy Four:

This boss cam easily be beaten by, backing them into the ledge, preferably the one next om the statue to the left. Once the boss against the ledge, they cannot back step away to shot you, be aggressive to slasher when she tries to shot. This will limit her to effectively 2 attacks, her kick and her grab. The kick will be followed up with a shot that can be deflected or dodged. The grab can be handled in the same way. be sure to get right back in her face and attack after dodging away. other than that spam the attack button to chip away at her posture, this strategy is quick and if done right will require minimal healing.


Snake Eyes Shirahagi Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      The spiral spear is very effective due to its penatration qualities. If you charge her with it she'll try and swing at you and just get skewered. Very low spirit cost means you can easily deplete an entire health bar without even coming close to running out. Combine that with the stealth blow and this fight is much less frustrating.

      • Anonymous

        This entry is misleading. She’s not immune to poison. I got her down to her first deathblow by accident when I hid on a stand to heal after killing the mob enemies; she walks right into the bog and poisons herself. Set the controller down, make a sandwich, come back and shuriken her for the deathblow, then go back to hiding.

        • Anonymous

          If you kill the guardian ape first, he'll head down here and smash up the place, so they'll only be two canon wielders around the boss, both of which can be stealth killed before she notices you.

          I'm really surprised this isn't on this page, unless I missed it

          • Anonymous

            The charged spear can be used to rush her down and pull her back to you. Deals high poise damage and lets you stand close for a sword trade. just beware of her grab and its very, very doable and fast

            • Anonymous

              Having beaten every other Soulsborne game, I can say with reasonable certainty that this is the most annoying are in any one. Seemingly impossible to kill anyone else without pulling the miniboss, seemingly impossible to reset once you have...

              • Anonymous

                If I try fighting her in the poison, I get slowed and take damage over time; If I hide to lure her back on land, she regains all of her posture. The boss is rewarded for being stupid and standing in the poison.

                • Anonymous

                  Sekiro's katana deals like 1 HP and no poise damage while this ***** smashes me twice with a ****ing pipe and I'm gone.
                  I like this game but some fights feel really ****ing unfair and stupid. Feels like I gotta cheese half of the mobs to even stand a chance.

                  • Anonymous

                    She can be lured on top of the tent with the two other gunners after a sneak deathblow and then if you position it right (her on top of the tent, you hugging one of the tentpoles) you can wait for her hit/shot/grab combos and then jump up, hitting once. It will take several minutes to whittle her hp down for a deathblow but if you, like me, struggled with her parry timings this can cheese the fight pretty consistently unless you time jumps wrong and take a blast right to the face (it... happened to me more times than i dare to admit)

                    • Anonymous

                      Seems to be immune to poison swamp now, and the cannoneers were changed to basic shotgunners. From-Soft reminding we have to play the game the way they want us to.

                      • Anonymous

                        Only miniboss or boss in NG+ that has taken more than 3 attempts. Ended up puppeteering all 3 cannon dudes to get it over with.

                        • Anonymous

                          Is it virtually impossible to poison this retarded boss on ng+ or something? I've spent 22 emblems with my piercing sabimaru - and nothing, no effect completely.

                          • Anonymous

                            These guys and all the gunner enemies seem pretty heavily inspired by the lepers from Princess Mononoke. The bandages, guns, everything.

                            • Anonymous

                              If you use puppeteer ninjitsu on one of the cannon wielding enemies on the cliff or the platform they'll do most of the work for you.

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