Spear Adept is an enemy in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.


Spear Adept Locations

  • Three can be found just outside the temple building that has the Main Hall Idol Statue
  • Two more can be found with some Bandits and Monks in the surrounding areas just prior to reaching the Shugendo Sculptor’s Idol.


Spear Adept Rewards


Spear Adept Notes & Tips

  • These enemies fight wielding a Naginata, and are very agile and aggressive. Avoid confronting more than one at the same time as they can quickly overwhelm the player.
  • They tend to perform jumping attacks that can be intercepted with an aerial Deathblow.
  • The spring-loaded axe spin-to-win attack is a reliable way to take them down, they may get some attacks in but they do little damage and  you have hyperarmor.


  • Senpou Temple was seized by an obsession for the Undying, which corrupted their teachings and style. The monks exhibit atrophy, blindness, and grayish or green skin Sickness Details - Senpou Monk, which is how FromSoftware will often render the undead Hollow Undead, DS2. In Dark Souls, the state of Undeath means gradually rotting, going mad, and potentially mutating. Doujun, who is a Senpou Monk, confirms that the research into the Rejuvenating Waters caused a kind of zombification, as his Abandoned Dungeon is full of deformed undead. The Rejuvenating Waters corrupt men to the point that they no longer live as men, instead they become monsters incapable of feeling pain or fear. They are referred to as "degenerates" by Isshin and are responsible for kidnapping and killing the Children of Rejuvenation.


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    • Anonymous

      28 May 2019 17:49  

      Try luring partway down the stairs, then get the high ground and back them into the pagoda/towards the cliff

      • Anonymous

        20 May 2019 19:33  

        If you're trying to get past the two standing back to back at the main hall, there is a pretty cheesey, but stylish, way to get past them and the third that usually joins the fight. Take a gachiin's sugar and creep up to them from the side, so they are looking either direction. They will spot you if you take too long, so make sure to get in there quickly and deliver a stealth deathblow on one of them. Then use your bloodsmoke ninjitsu to disappear again and deathblow the second one. If you're quick and time it right, the third won't even notice, but even if he does, it's 1-on-1 instead of 3-on-1 so you at least stand a chance.

        • Anonymous

          08 May 2019 00:46  

          I found these guys so hard to beat at first but i tried being ultra aggressive and it worked, just keep swinging at them none stop and they will go down because they are bad at deflects

          • Anonymous

            29 Apr 2019 20:32  

            These guys have very high posture, strong defense, and tremendous burst damage potential. Their moveset also has a good tendency to keep them just out of your sword's range. Anti-air deathblows are the quickest way to deal with them, but can sometimes be risky land because the start-up animation for their aerial attack is very short and can deal substantial damage right your deathblow starts. A method I've found some success with is to bait a jump, and try to land a shuriken to anti-air them, then as they get up, hit them with the loaded axe for a massive amount of posture damage.

            • Anonymous

              16 Apr 2019 04:43  

              These are the most busted enemies in the entire game. They are manageable enough on your first playthrough but become completely broken on a second playthrough with hard mode. I would say they are more "difficult" than any mini-boss but they aren't really difficult, just not balanced in the slightest. They also don't obey the general rules of combat for dealing with every other humanoid enemy in the game and require kiting and just complete avoidance until they commit to one big swing after which you can get a few hits in (that is, if you're not fighting more than one at the same time. Because otherwise you will have no time to swing). Once I got past them I just avoid them like the plague now. Breezing through NG+ with demon bell + no kuro's charm but facing even just one of these guys honestly sucks the fun right out of the game for me.

              • Anonymous

                06 Apr 2019 21:41  

                No idea what they drop on 1st playthru, I killed all 3 of them outside Main Hall and they gave me a Bulging Coin Purse.

                • Anonymous

                  02 Apr 2019 05:52  

                  These guys are hell on hard mode. Their short-range swings are actually double attacks, so perfectly parrying both hits is out of the question. Getting hit when trying to land the anti-air is pretty much a 1HKO.

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