Spiral Spear


A Loaded Spear with a spiral chiseled into the blade. Costs Spirit Emblems to use.

Sharp thrust attacks from this Prosthetic Tool damage an enemy's Vitality and Posture, even through their guard.

The spear's spiral creates a corkscrew shockwave that gouges and rends as it penetrates.

Spirit Emblem Cost 1

Spiral Spear is a Prosthetic Tool Upgrade in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, equipped via the Prosthetic Arm and which can be used alongside the primary weapon, the Kusabimaru, in the other, biological, hand.

These Tools, varying from the Loaded Shuriken to the Shinobi Firecracker, are equipped via the Prosthetic Arm and can be swapped out on the fly, allowing for creative and innovative solutions to the many exploratory challenges the player may face. 


How to use Spiral Spear

  • R2: Thrust
  • R2 Again: Pull
  • Hold R2: Three thrusts in succession
  • Damage: Roughly 2x base
  • Spirit Emblem Cost: 1




Where to find Spiral Spear in Sekiro


Spiral Spear Notes & TIps

  • You do not lose access to the previous versions when you upgrade.
  • The Prosthetic Tool Upgrades Tree is unlocked after obtaining the Mechanical Barrel.
  • Damage dealt varies greatly between different enemies, 0.85-1x health 0.9-1.8x posture from basic attack; 1-2.4x health 2.4-3.2x posture for charged one; 0.1-0.2x health for pulling back move. Generally works better against large enemies with less full-body armor.




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    • Anonymous

      Spiral Spear is the tool of choice against both Snake Eyes and Drunkard Class mini bosses. Spam the loaded R2 attack to annihilate their posture.

      • Anonymous

        The tool takes care of the second stage of the guardian ape boss in just a few hits. Outside of that it's good for group fights as it does a massive amount of damage, can close ground quickly, and can easily hit multiple enemies at once.

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