Spirit Emblem

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 A paper doll required for using Prosthetic Tools.

Spirit Emblems harbor the souls of the dead. Only a shinobi could find a use for such a thing.

Spirit Emblem is an Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is used for Prosthetic Tool attacks, advanced Combat Arts, Ninjutsu Techniques and Spiritfall buffs.


 Spirit Emblem Usage

  • Spirit Emblems are required to activate prosthetic tools, and are consumed each time these abilities are used.


How to Find Spirit Emblem

  • Dropped by Enemies upon death. These fly towards Sekiro for automatic collection, when they are released.
  • Scattered occasionally throughout the landscape, they automatically come to you as you walk near them.
  • The maximum of +5 temporary Spirit Emblems can be gained by the Ceremonial Tanto, for up to three times until Resting.
    • This  can provide with up to 15 additional Spirit Emblems collectively. So the highest possible amount of Spirit Emblems that can be used per state instance could reach 35 units.
  • Purchased from Sculptor's Idols for initially 10 Sen each. This increases after specific points in the game (see Notes and Tips).


Spirit Emblem Locations

  • Dilapidated Temple - After fitting your first Prosthetic Tool.
  • Ashina Reservoir Revisited - From Ashina Castle Idol, walk a little bit back toward where praying woman is, and jump and grapple to make it across the moat. If you fall, you'll find the item and grapple back up.
  • Hirata Estate - From the Estate Path Idol, grappling up twice to the highest structure allows you to drop down in a side section that contains the item.
  • Hirata Estate - From the Bamboo Thicket Slope Sculptor's Idol, go forward and grapple then, drop into the water and swim upstream past a bridge and grapple onto the branch where you'll find the item to the right side of the Contact Mendicine.
  • Hirata Estate - From the Bamboo Thicket Slope Sculptor's Idol, head up the slope and obtain the item where there are 2 Archers and 1Torch-bearer.
  • Hirata Estate - From the Hirata Estate - Main Hall Idol, make your way to the rooftops of the burning buildings, drop when it ends, then use the underfloors to double back and get into the main state. You'll find the item along with a Divine Confetti.
  • Ashina Outkskirts- Near the Outskirts Wall - Stairway Idol, defeat the rooster and continue further down. Close to the area with the reddish hue would be the item.
  • Ashina Outkskirts- After eavesdropping on Red Eyes, through the broken planks in the back and the player would encounter the item.
  • Ashina Outkskirts- After encountering the Underbridge Valley Idol the spirit emblem will be close by.
  • Ashina Outkskirts- When first encountering the great serpent, there will be a nearby cave in which you will encounter a cave containing the item.
  • Ashina Reservoir- From Ashina Castle Idol, walk a little bit back toward where a praying woman is. Within the moat is the item.
  • Ashina Castle- From the yellowish edge, Go up this path and grapple onto the roof of the building, there's the item.
  • Ashina Castle- In the same area as the post before, after defeating the enemies. As you return to the main building you will find the item.
  • Ashina Castle- Across the moat of the praying woman. The item would be there.
  • Ashina Castle- In the area where you will fight the monkeys the item would be there.
  • Ashina Castle Revisited- Dropping down to the moat there would the item.
  • Sunken Valley - 3 can be found past the Gun Fort Idol next to a cave.
  • Sunken Valley Passage - From the pack of monkeys, 3x can be looted near the feet of the Buddha statue.
  • Sunken Valley Passage - Inside the Serpent's Cave, once the snake notices Sekiro, go to the left of the pillar and drop down, then jump and grab the ledge to find 4x of this item.
  • Ashina Depths - 1x can be collected on a branch path that leads towards the rooftop of the temple of the Mist Noble, while 2 more can be found around the temple.
  • Mibu Village - 1 can be found past a tree at the village by the shore.
  • Mibu Village - You'll find a path with Spirit Emblems near the Watermill Idol.
  • Mibu Village - 6 can be found on the 2nd floor of the house of drinking NPC.
  • Abandoned Dungeon - In the part of the Onward and Left of the abandoned dungeon, there would be the described grapple areas where it would describe the area where the item is.
  • Fountainhead Palace - Once you've reached the vista of the celestial palace, go forward and grapple to the ledge ahead, and continue until you reach the palace level. Walk toward a tree to pick up 2x. While inside one of the rooms you first encounter has one hiding behind a destructible screen.
  • Fountainhead Palace - 2 can be found if you accidentally fall into the water and make it back to shallow ground from the rooftops across the bridge that was destoyed by the Great Carp.
  • Fountainhead Palace - 2 can be found past 2 guards that are leading towards the Great Sakura Idol.
  • Fountainhead Palace - 3 can be found near the area of the merchant, Pot Noble Koremori.
  • Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo - In the part of the walkthrough named "Broken Bridge". A rat enemy would have the item nearby.
  • Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo - In the part of the walkthrough named "Toward the Temple". from the Ni-Oh gate go right from the gate and into the tall grass. You'll be able to ambush some patrolling monks on a path ahead. Loot 1x Ako's Sugar from near the main path, then continue right toward 4x Spirit Emblem.
  • Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo - In the part of the walkthrough named "Continue On", the items would be in one of the branches.
  • Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo - In the part of the walkthrough named "Straw & Blades". After defeating  torch-wielding warrior and an archer. The item would be in the corner of the courtyard.
  • Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo - In the part of the walkthrough named "Shugendp Idol" the grapple point near an entrance into a cave that leads to the Shugendo Sculptor's Idol. The item would be nearby.
  • Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo - In the part of the walkthrough named "Down The Slope", In the lower area contains multiple items containing the Spirit Emblem.
  • Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo - In the part of the walkthrough named "Senpou Esoteric Text", after defeating the 2 poisonous lizards the items would drop. This is the area before going to the Pagoda.


Spirit Emblem Notes & Tips

  • Can initially carry a max of 15 (extras go into storage and are added to the player's inventory to top them back up to full when they rest at an Idol), but:
  • Can increase the max amount carried by a total of 4 by skilling A Shinobi's Karma: BodyA Shinobi's Karma: Mind, Sculptor's Karma: Blood and Sculptor's Karma: Scars from the skill trees.
    • Later the 5th bonus can be obtained by killing the bull in fountainhead palace and obtaining A Beast's Karma.
  • Storage can carry a maximum amount of 999.
  • Spirit Emblems prices increase as the game progresses. The price increases by 10 sen after killing the following bosses: Genichiro, Headless Ape, Corrupted Monk, Great Shinobi Owl.
  • In NG+, the price remains 50 sen.



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    • Anonymous

      Spirit emblems are manifestations of regret. As such, it isn't realistic that you can buy them. What actually happens is that the Wolf wastes his Sen on Gacha games and then realizes what a terrible decision that was.

      • Anonymous

        I heard so many people whining about how expensive spirit emblems are, that it put me off wanting to use them and made me HEAVILY favor my sword, only to realize they never get more expensive than 50 sen, even in NG+. Man, y'all a bunch of babies!

        • Anonymous

          I just dumped whatever leftover sen I didn't have a use for and didn't want to lose on death into emblems before heading out and never really struggled with supplies, even spamming prosthetics/arts to exhaustion. I was surprised by how much of an issue it seems to be for a lot of folks. I'm curious why there's such a big disparity in experience here that you have people upset feeling like they have to spend a ton of time farming emblems, but then there's also a bunch of people who barely realize you could even run out at all.

          • Anonymous

            Half of the comments here are really funny and missing the entire point of why people use their prosthetic weapons often

            Are we using our prosthetic weapons too often? Maybe.
            Why do we use them so often when we could just fight normal enemies like normal people? Because we want to do cool ninja **** with cool ninja weapons we spent half the game upgrading

            • Anonymous

              I never found myself having to farm spirit embers, and its not like I'm a master of Sekiro's combat. The game is constantly throughing the things at you. Spirit embers are found throughout the environment, pretty much all enemies have a good chance to drop them, and a defeated mini boss will usually drop a ton. Even the few times I got stuck on bosses and burned through a lot of them, I never ran out.

              Maybe its just I've always gotten lucky with drop rates, but even if you're a low skill player (like me), the only times I could see you having to farm them are:
              1. You're are relying on prosthetic tools to deal damage to basic enemys.
              2. You're are spamming prosthetic tools to cheese bosses or mini bosses.

              The prosthetic tools aren't supposed to be a primary source of damage; they're supposed to be used sparingly and situationally at moments in combat when they will be most effective.

              • Anonymous

                I felt like posting a general reply to the complainers, since the same arguments are being used towards this mechanic, as Quicksilver Bullets in Bloodborne.

                Throughout a stage, killing enemies naturally replenishes your Emblem uses, giving you a higher surplus than what you normally use.
                Unless you actually find yourself chewing through your entire stock while going through a stage - such as an overreliance on Sabimaru in the early game, or spamming Firecrackers, or Lazulite Axe spins.
                And the amount of Sen you get *also* increases in areas, as the games go on, in tandem with the Spirit Emblem prices - after you have defeated certain bosses

                I believe I'm right to say it's just baddies blaming mechanics design (specifically limited so as to not be exploited) for why they find themselves at zero item stock.
                Rightfully punished for being bad.
                I have no problem calling it as I see it.

                If the game allowed you to infinitely spam Okinaga's Flame and spinning axes, completely trivializing some enemies, they'd find a way to complain about that too.

                It's never supposed to be your main tool of attack, it's entirely supplemental.

                • Anonymous

                  Plain bad game design, classic FromSoft, make a good game with occasionally **** design decisions which fanboys will still defend Making them a finite resource and increasing price through the game makes no sense. Pretty much forces grind in mid game which is so obviously bad design, and can be fixed so easily, by making them reset on rest, like estus. Just use cheat engine to get them, no reason not to do so.

                  • Anonymous

                    Shouldn’t have been an actual item. I don’t see how grinding to get sen to get these is a fun and good mechanic

                    • Anonymous

                      ***** that***** item, they had a really great mechanic with prothetics, but had to ruin it. They couldve just made it refill at the bf but no. Now theyre basically limited to be used at boss fights.

                      • Grind the estate memory with mibu balloons. Don't bother with Sinister Burden which will slow you down. Stock up before fighting Genichiro. Go for both virtuous deeds asap as they really add up and you need thousands of sen.

                        • Anonymous

                          Unreasonable hostility aside, the guy below me is kinda right. This is a fantasized version of the Sengoku period, but this isn't a Souls setting either; it's set in a fictionalized version of the real world, so it has to make sense in a real way to some extent. Souls of the dead in the form of paper being the sole cost of your gadgets & skills is pretty lazy game design-wise and doesn't really make sense in a A=>B manner of speaking. How does soul paper turn into a metal shuriken? It kinda makes sense for the Flame Vent and a few others, but why do you need them to use a physical retractible axe or spear that's attached to your arm? Spirit Emblems fit in the story thematically, but they haven't really been implemented logically as a mechanic. Though it wasn't a focus because it was mostly hidden, Bloodborne did this better with 'Story in Stats', such as Eileen possibly being from Cainhurst due to her defense values making sense. But I digress, ninjutsu hasn't really been implemented well either, since it feels like an afterthought and you can go without it 99% of the time. Prosthetic tools should really have their own ammo or usage count, with a tool that allows you to replenish them after a channel time and cost spirit emblems. Also it would be better if spirit emblems were the cost for everything else; namely combat arts, ninjutsu, and item tools/infinite consumables. There should have been more ninjutsu than just three, and not have them constrained to deathblows. Finger Whistle, Divine Abduction and Mist Raven definitely should have been ninjutsu. So to let players play around some more, each spirit emblem upgrade should grant three instead of one, increasing the cap to 30. To offset this, actions that cost spirit emblems would have incrementing cost that increases with repetitive use. For example, say Whirlwind Slash costs 1 SP. If you use it again immediately after or use any other action that cost SP (Like I mentioned in the Combat Arts page[27 Jul 2019 04:58] that we should be allowed 2 combat arts instead of 1), the cost would add to 2 and so on. There would also be skills that cost 0 or even -1, meaning they don't cost SP on the 1st and 2nd casts. Each cost stack would last 7 seconds which can be shortened by learning a passive skill. Also to balance this stacking cost and fix the mechanic in general, you wouldn't buy spirit emblems anymore (really gold for souls from a statue? It makes sense to learn skills, pray and confront memories, and even cure dragonrot, which is mystical in a sense, but how does a statue convert sen into soul paper?); instead you have a small chance of earning a spirit emblem with each perfect deflect, which encourages gitting gud in Sekiro. Also, amount of sen dropped doesn't increase with each NG. Really, it trivializes so many things that a lot of items lose their worth. Not to mention, the only tool that uses sen is kinda pointless.

                          • Anonymous

                            Shitty unexplained mechanic. What kind of a shuriken requires paper dolls to be activated? Such a massive downgrade from the storytelling of Dark Souls

                            • Anonymous

                              this totally kills the pace in mid-late game, suddenly i'm always out of resources, means i barely get to use my cool gadgets, means i die more often, so i can't afford anything or make any progress. back to running in circle and farming. oh boy! that's just bad game design.

                              • Anonymous

                                after i defeat genichiro the cost raised to 20, i didn't find the ape, but after defeat corrupted monk that guards the stone it raises to 30, i guess it raised if you defeat plot point boss

                                • Anonymous

                                  tbh, I never farmed for emblems, never bought them either. idk whats with the outcry in the comment section, I racked up 250 emblems in early mid game just by playing the game and killing enemies. dont spam your tools, use them situationally, your sword is more reliable than any tools u have

                                  • Anonymous

                                    If you’re smart at the beginning of the game there is not much worth buying so sink your money into spirit emblems so you don’t lose all you’re money when you die. This is what I did and never had to farm for them

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Anyone else getting a glitch where you randomly lose stored emblems? It's really frustrating, I'm trying to build up a stock for when I use them up in boss battles, but I keep suddenly getting from several hundred emblems to 0 without actually using them :/

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