Status Abnormalities in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are special conditions that negatively affect for the player character and enemies in the game. Frequently referred to as "Status Ailments" or "Status Effects", these abnormal states must be taken into consideration for both attacking and defending.

"Status Abnormalities" have a variety of negative effects in battle. Before an abnormality is fully inflicted, a Resistance Gauge is shown. When the Resistance Gauge is full, Wolf becomes Afflicted. There are items which suppress the Resistance Gauge or outright cure these abnormalities.

There are 5 total possible status effects in game. They are listed below. Visit the individual pages for further detail on enemy resistances, weaknesses, and how to cure Sekiro from them.


Status Abnormalities in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice


fire burning status abnormality sekiro wiki guide


Being hit by too many fire-based attacks will eventually apply the "Burn" status abnormality. Guarding Fire attacks does not prevent Burn gauge from rising.

While burning, flames are visible on your body, you'll stop regenerating Posture and will gradually lose Vitality for the duration.


poison status abnormality sekiro wiki guide


Repeatedly getting hit by poison-based attacks will apply the "Poison" status abnormality. Guarding such attacks does not prevent Poison from accumulating.

Poison affects the body and mind when it enters the body, gradually reducing Vitality over time.


shock abonormality sekiro wiki guide


If standing on the ground while struck by a lightning attack, the status abnormality "Shock" is inflicted. This occurs regardless of whether the attack was guarded or not.

Shock causes electricity to run through one's body, dealing huge damage to Vitality and also stunning them briefly.



terror status abnormality sekiro wiki guide


Taking damage from apparition-type enemies will fill the mind and body with Terror. Guarding such attacks does not prevent Terror from accumulating.

Those overcome with Terror are known to die.


enfeebled status abnormality sekiro wiki guide


The incantations of the flute-playing nobles of Fountainhead Palace cause those nearby to lose their vitality and will to live.

Becoming Enfeebled drastically reduces your max health and speed, and prevents use of most abilities and items, including resurrection. The effect does wear off after about a minute, if you survive that long. Uncertain as to which items, if any, reduce buildup.


status abonormality placeholder sekiro wiki guide

Medicine Ban

Only occurs during the Great Shinobi Owl boss fight and prevents the use of most healing items and buffs. Different from other status abnormalities, it applies instantly without a gauge filling up first.

There seems to be no translation in game, but the Japanese Kanji displayed when it hits mean "prohibit" and "medicine".


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