Taro Persimmon

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A conspicuously red persimmon at the peak of its ripeness, commonly called a "Taro persimmon."
Greatly increases Posture recovery for a time, even when attacking or taking damage.
The Ashina Taro Troop are practically raised on these fruits, which is why they all know the best time to pick them.

Taro Persimmon is a Quick Item Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This item can be used to progress a quest for the Endings of the game.


Taro Persimmon Usage

  • Giving the Taro Persimmon to the Divine Child of Rejuvenation after she becomes sick and specifically asks for a Persimmon triggers unique dialogue and progresses her questline. (It is also confirmed to consume the Taro Persimmon.)

    • Taro Persimmon Dialogue: "I brought a persimmon. (Oh my!) Eat it. (Yes, I will. (Munch... munch...munch...) Oh my... this is...!) What about it? (So wonderfully sweet and delicious. Persimmons are truly crimson gems...)"
  • One may give the Child either a normal Persimmon or the Taro Persimmon in order to continue her unique questline, which culminates in unlocking the Return (Dragon's Homecoming) ending. (Refer to the Divine Child of Rejuvenation or Ending guide pages for specifics.)


How to Find the Taro Persimmon

  • Use the Divine Abduction Prosthetic Tool on Kotaro after giving him the White Pinwheel, then find and speak with him again in the Halls of Illusion. (Note: this is the only known way of getting this particular item. Doing anything else with Kotaro will result in him NEVER giving you this item.)


Taro Persimmon Notes & Tips

  • You will need at least one Persimmon, or the Taro Persimmon, in order to finish the Divine Child of Rejuvenation questline. If she becomes sick again after you have given her one or the other, simply give her another Persimmon to progress the quest, as it sometimes loops if you do things out of order or incorrectly. (Because both items are relatively "rare" however, take care to only use them for progressing the Divine Child's questline.)



  • Diospyros - particularly Diospyros kaki - is the national fruit of Japan. Diospyros is found all over Mibu Village mibu village ebony tree persimmons thumb2, which likely caused these trees to absorb great amounts of Rejuvenating Water. The trees produce a deep dark heartwood which makes for excellent firewood and can be polished to a glass-like shine. For this reason, Diospyros is also called "the ebony tree". The viscera of Great Serpents are, allegedly, a lot like persimmons The name of the genus means "divine fruit" and it's theorized to have inspired the mythological lotus tree, the fruit of which took away all worries. "Taro" is a Japanese name for boys, From Japanese 太 (ta) meaning "thick, big" and 郎 (rou) meaning "son".

  • Lore theory: The line "Persimmons become blood, blood becomes rice," found in the item description for the Persimmon implies that the reason why the Divine Child gets sick when you continue to ask her for Rice is because she is literally killing herself to create the rice she gives you.

  • Lore Theory: The Taro Troop referenced by the item description all seem to be the huge, dim-witted enemies found in various places around the game. Because of their high Posture, and the line explaining the troop are "practically raised on these fruits," it can be assumed that a steady diet of Taro Persimmons mutates humans into hulking, but rather dumb, brutes.




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    • Anonymous

      You can give her more than one persimmon and giving her Taro persimmon becomes a separate option after giving her the initial fruit. Don't get confused like I did and waste it (and all my other persimmon) the initial time as it will give you no additional dialogue

      • Anonymous

        It doesn't matter if you give her the taro persimmon or the usual persimmon after she becomes sick, both will trigger her unique questline. The difference is only that she'll have an unique dialogue if you give her the taro persimmon. She'll naturally consume the persimmon that is higher on your inventory list. You can still offer her taro persimmon and a persimmon after she became sick. But both will trigger the same dialogue. So the correct way to do this is option A: 1. Wait until she gets sick (either by giving the rice to the old hag and progressing her quest or by eating the rice by yourself until she becomes sick) 2. She will ask you for a persimmon because she became sick OPTION A: 3A. Discard all normal persimmon from your inventory and leave the taro persimmon in your inventory. 4A. Since you only have the taro-persimmon in your inventory, you'll heal her sickness with the taro persimmon and that will trigger the unique dialogue. OPTION B (not recommended if you want to hear the unique dialogue): 3B. Don't discard your normal persimmon. She might eat one of them if they're higher in your inventory than the taro persimmon 4B. You won't hear an unqiue dialogue if she ate the normal persimmon from your inventory and you cannot trigger that dialogue until NG+.

        • Anonymous

          it's not necessary to consume all the rice to see her becoming sick. i fed two pieces to old hags as they asked, i had one piece left and she appeared to be sick during next visit. giving Taro persimmon is simply an additional option, to hear she likes it most and that's all.

          • Anonymous

            ***Thought i'd post this here since I don't believe anybody has been crystal clear about how to get the additional Taro Persimmon dialogue*** In order to get the additional dialogue from the Taro Persimmon you must first use the Divine Abduction tool on Kotaro to send him to the Illusion Hall. Speak with him in the Illusion Hall to obtain the Taro Persimmon from him. Afterwards, you will need to consume any rice you may have and make the Divine Child of Rejuvenation sick. Then once you have triggered the sickness, choose the [Give Persimmon] option like usual. Speak with her again immediately. Upon speaking with her, you will see an additional option to [Give Taro Persimmon] which will provide additional dialogue. Hope this was helpful!

            • Anonymous

              'Giving her the Taro Persimmon gained as a reward for helping Kotaro triggers additional dialogue and does not consume the item.' I'm pretty certain that this is false. My Taro Persimmon was definitely consumed after choosing this option.

              • Anonymous

                For some reason I gave her the Taro Persimmon All I got was the regular dialogue when you give her a Persimmon and she ate the Taro Persimmon instead of giving it back?

                • Anonymous

                  Taro Persimmon Usage seems WAY off unless there is some requirement, as I can't seem to give it to the Divine Child of Rejuvenation

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