Tengu of Ashina

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Location Ashina Outskirts
Ashina Castle

Tengu of Ashina (葦名の天狗, Ashina no Tengu) is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Tengu of Ashina asks you to help him clear out the rats of Ashina Castle, and offers to fight with you if you do.


Tengu of Ashina Information

  • Location: Ashina Outskirts, just after the Gyoubu Oniwa fight. Head up the steps and into the nearby building to find him kneeling over a corpse.
  • Progression: Tengu of Ashina moves to the Sunken Valley entrance Ashina Castle - Serpent Shrine Idol, after you first complete Ashina Castle. He leaves you a note letting you know where to find him.
  • Combat: Players may not kill Tengu of Ashina.


Associated Quests

  • He will ask you to help him kill some "rats" (Assassins) and give you the Rat Description.
  • Once you kill the rats up ahead past the next Sculptor's Idol in the right garden-like locale (there are three, but only the lone "rat" with the basket hat is necessary for the quest) return and he will give you the Ashina Esoteric Text. Note that despite being quest targets these enemies will still respawn after resting. 
  • After you beat Genichiro Ashina on top of the castle, Kuro sends you to talk to Isshin Ashina. As soon as you have talked with him, Tengu will move to the Great Serpent Shrine. He will ask if you have mastered any Secret Techniques (the 'ultimate skill' at the end of any skill tree). If you have, he will award you the Mushin Esoteric Text. After this he leaves this area.
  • If you progress the story to when the Ashina Castle first gets attacked by the Interior Ministry, Tengu leaves and a mini-boss takes his place. If you didn't receive the Mushin Esoteric Text from him before then simply go to Isshin Ashina, in his watchtower room,(most likely after the attack is over) talking to him will yield the same line of dialogue, where he asked if you learned any secret techniques, and if yes he will give you the Mushin Esoteric Text.
  • Finally, after obtaining the Divine Dragon's Tears, you can speak to Emma, who will give you the text if have mastered a secret technique but not already received the text from Tengu.


  • When you first encounter him:
    • Another rat.


      Ah, but those eyes... a starving wolf. Before I kill you, tell me your name. Tell me your name!


      No name to give? You shinobi are all the same. You die nameless, wish no one to mourn you. However... Your left arm. A prosthetic shinobi arm, it reminds me of... (Bursts out laughing) That's it... a one-armed Wolf. I like it! Which means... Sekiro This is what I shall name you.

      Who... are you?

      I am the Tengu of Ashina! Come, Sekiro. Care to hunt some rats with me?

      ... What?

      Rats have snuck into Ashina. Scurrying about like they own the place. There are all kinds of rats out there... And they must be cut down.  Every last one of them! It seems you have a talent for killing. Allow me to help you hone that talent. What'll it be, Sekiro?! Will you hunt rats with me?

      Very well.

      Excellent! You'll need this if you're with me, Sekiro.

      What is this...?

      The face of a rat, and where it makes its home. Go and kill it! If you do, I will give you something that will aid you in battle.

Notes & Tips

  • Voiced by: Andre Sogliuzzo (English), Tetsuo Kanao (Japanese).
    • Tetsuo Kanao is also known for voicing Bui in Yu Yu Hakusho and Sekishusai Yagya in Nioh.
  • In Japanese folklore, a tengu is a type of yōkai or supernatural entity that punishes any corrupt samurai or Buddhist monks for their misdeeds.
    • The mask and robes that Tengu wears is reminiscent of a yamabushi tengu, which is characterized by having a red face with a long nose, and having birdlike wings.
  • It is later revealed that his true identity is Lord Isshin Ashina. He is the one who nicknamed the Wolf  'Sekiro'.
    • Tengu's cloak and mask can be found hanging on the wall behind Isshin Ashina at Ashina Castle.
  • Can't catch Dragonrot.

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    • Anonymous

      knew about Tengus from folklore and didnt trust him, when he gave me the note i thought the "rats" were innocent people who he wanted to kill for no reason. then i learned about the kidnapping...

      • Anonymous

        Wait, after defeatimg Genichiro at top of castle, they send me to meet Isshin in his room....but Tengu also moved to serpent shine.....?

        How does he move so fast from top of castle all the way down to the shrine?

        • Anonymous

          It occurred to me pretty late but once he coughed at the end of his quest I realized it was Isshin lol. Had to take a quick look at his hair and how tall he was just to double check. I would have never noticed this on my first playthrough.

          • Anonymous

            I faced the final boss and didn’t realize it until now but only this NPC knew about the nickname Sekiro and Isshin says “face me, Sekiro!”. I heard that line 400 times as I died to him and just now realized this a week later

            • Anonymous

              The biggest clue that it's actually Isshin are all the dead Shadow Longswordsmen lying about. Who could take on so many but the greatest swordsman in Ashina?

              • Anonymous

                What happens if you attack him at the serpent shrine? My sword is out when near him. I'm not going to do it, but if anyone is is willing, I am curious what happens.

                • Anonymous

                  After Ashina Castle is attacked at the end of the game, I ran back down the forest path that leads to the Great Serpent Shrine (where he asks you if you have mastered anything) and there is now a miniboss there along with a lot of dogs. Long story short, I ran into the room with the Sculptors Idol and found Tengu lying dead on the floor (presumably killed by the new miniboss). It confuses me because I also thought Tengu and Isshan were the same. After getting the text from him I never went back, is it possible he never moved and was killed??? Has anyone else seen this or is it just me?

                  • Anonymous

                    Its obvious that he is Isshin, why are so many people confused? The first guy to ever name you Sekiro is Tengu, and right after you talk to Isshin for the first time he calls you Sekiro as well, hinting "Hey it was me back then with a mask who gave you your name."

                    • Anonymous

                      Tengu is not isshin, you can see tengu outside in the roofs after the cutscene where owl and kuro talks if you go out in the roofs and not talk to owl after.

                      • Anonymous

                        Fun Fact: Tengu is Isshin Ashina. You can see Tengu's Mask and coat at Isshin's room hanging on the wall. Also he's the one that give you the Ashina Esoteric text. When Tengu is on Serpent Shrine, Isshin cannot be found in his room.

                        • Anonymous

                          His english voice actor sounds VERY FAMILIAR. Either Ds3 or Bloodborne, and can't wrap my head around it! Drives me nuts!

                          • Anonymous

                            Quick note, Tengu's cloak and mask are NOT hanging behind Isshin at the castle if you've not encountered the Tengu or if you only encountered him once. A friend watching me stream commented on how it was weird that his gear wasn't hanging there later in the game when it was there for her at that point.

                            • Anonymous

                              You have to meet Tengu before Isshin appears in his tower. If you missed him you'll be tasked to go meet him to progress anyways. Emma pretty much tells you to go meet him when you show her the letter. You should only do this if you want to hear a little more extra dialogue from Emma. Other than that, nothing else changes.

                              • Anonymous

                                There,is a letter addressed to Emma ,in Lord Isshin Ashina room, which mentions that the Tengu will take care of the rats.If you reach it before the boss battle with Genichiro on top of the Ashina Castle.

                                • Anonymous

                                  For me tengu is stuck at first location with the rats, even after i completed the quest, I cant find him in his tower or at the serpent shrine

                                  • Anonymous

                                    How do I get back here after ashina is attacked? Demon of hatred is located where gyoubou was so I'm not sure how to get there now, building where the old lady tengu was

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Good to note that for his first quest is you have happened to kill the “rats” before speaking to him, he doesn’t make you do it again rather just talk to him once more and you can complete the quest

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Maybe not having his hidden identity in a note which could be considered a massive spoiler is a better alternative?

                                        • Anonymous

                                          You meet him again at the great serpent shrine. If you have completed the Ashina arts he will give you a new esoteric text.

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