Test Subject

Location Abandoned Dungeon
XP NG: 47
NG+: ??
Sen N/A
Drops Pacifying Agent
Bite Down
Weaknesses Flame Vent

Test Subject is an enemy in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.


Test Subject Location

  • They are only encountered in the Abandoned Dungeon: one at the entrance, one next to a wooden beam, two on the ledge before the Underground Waterway Sculptor's Idol, one next to the offering tower, and one in a cave below the Bottomless Hole.


Test Subject Drops


Test Subject Notes & Tips

  • Effective Prosthetic Tools:
    • A strike from the Loaded Axe will almost completely break their posture.
    • The Loaded Umbrella completely nullifies their grab attack and can also deflect it, which cannot be done normally.
    • The Shinobi Firecracker stuns them for a few seconds, leaving them open for attack.
    • They catch on fire after one blast from the Flame Vent.
  • Ineffective Prosthetic Tools:
    • They cannot be dragged with the Loaded Spear.
    • The Mist Raven is ineffective against them.
    • Sabimaru is not very effective at poisoning them, as they die from the weapon's damage before the poison inflicts.
  • Once grabbed, rapidly alternating Block and Attack will allow Sekiro to struggle out of the grab and much of its damage early. 
  • Once dealt a Deathblow these enemies will revive once.
    • They will instantly die after a single Deathblow if the player performs it while using Stealth, even when standing back up after reviving.
    • Fire has the same effect.
  • Upon spotting the player, they slowly walk towards Sekiro with a begging hand-gesture, and will attempt to grab him shortly after.
    • If they grab the player, button mashing is effective to completely avoid taking any damage.
  • Since they move slowly and have only one, very slow attack, they can be easily out-ranged and out-maneuvered.


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    • Anonymous

      easiest way i've found to kill them is to use the flame umbrella and projected force after hitting them one or twice, they die basically instantly to it and don't get up since thier fire resistance is so bad they instantly catch on fire from the attack

      • Anonymous

        I was surprised that using Mortal Blade didn't stop them from getting back up again. But maybe that's cause they're not truly infested

        • Anonymous

          You can prevent them from “resurrecting” just by hitting them with fire. Not very efficient, but hey, in case you’re in a hurry.

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