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Location Hirata Estate

The Owl (梟, Fukurō), real name Ukonzaemon Usui (薄井 右近左衛門, Usui Ukonzaemon) is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. He is an incredibly experienced master shinobi that adopted a young, orphaned Sekiro during the aftermath of the bloody conflict between the Ashina and Tamura clans. Soon after, Usui became a mentor to the boy and would go on to show him both the ways of the Shinobi and the Iron Code at the heart of his teachings. 

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  • Voiced by: Darin De Paul (English) Takaya Hashi (Japanese).
    • Takaya Hashi is also known for voicing Toki and Amiba from Fist of the North Star; Kakuzu from the anime Naruto: Shippuden; Muno (Flint) from the Pokémon series; Brewster in the Animal Crossing movie; Revenant from the game Apex Legends, Reinhardt from the game Overwatch, Samuel Hayden from DOOM (2016) along with its sequel DOOM Eternal, and Slayer from the videogame Guilty Gear Xrd: -REVELATOR-.
  • His real name, as revealed in the 'Shura' Ending, is Ukonzaemon Usui (薄井 右近左衛門, Usui Ukonzaemon). His first name is Ukonzaemon, consisting of the characters 右, right, 近, close, 左, left, 衛, protect, and 門, gate. His last name consists of 薄, thin or dilute, and 井, well. His surname appears to be a reference to Usui Forest. According to the Mist Raven's Feathers, Usui Forest is said to contain many birds of prey, such as perhaps owls. Usui's Forest is also mentioned in the description of Lady Butterfly's Phantom Kunai. Ukonzaemon seems to be a variation on a common given name. For instance, Jinzaemon has a similar name.
    • Ukon refers to a member of the Ukonoe-fu, or the 2nd (lit. "Right") Royal Guards. Saemon (individual form of zaemon) refers to a member of the Saemon-fu, or the 1st (lit. "Left") Gatekeepers (of the Imperial Palace). In the Sengoku period (the period of Sekiro), samurai often use these court titles as their de facto names, even when they did not officially hold these positions in the Court.
    • The name connotes his chief status of a certain shinobi clan, since only upper and upper-middle class persons such as aristocrats, samurai warriors, and samurai-equivalent local leaders can use these court titles as their names.
  • In the 'Shura' ending, he is backstabbed just as he did Sekiro in the Hidden Temple at Hirata Estate.
  • He doesn't actually get to say his full name in either version of the audio. In the Japanese audio, you don't get to hear his full first name, as it comes last, but in the English audio you don't get to hear his full last name, as it comes last instead. Piecing them together allows us to recreate his whole name properly.
  • A part of his character is possibly based on Sadamitsu Usui (碓井貞光; 10–11th centuries), a semi-legendary samurai and one of the Four Godly Heroes of Yorimitsu/Raiko.
    • Yorimitsu (also known as Raiko) was a bureaucrat/politician-type samurai in the real history, but in folklore he and his four prominent generals (including Sadamitsu Usui) were regarded as the greatest demon hunters of Japan.
    • According to a legend, Sadamitsu killed a great serpent that lived in the Usui Pass, a misty valley and the birthplace of Sadamitsu. The Sekiro lore that the Owl (possibly) comes from the Usui Forest, a misty place, is in accordance with this legend. It is also possibly related to an in-game boss fight that his adopted son Sekiro kills a great serpent in the Sunken Valley Passage.
    • The most well-known legend is that Sadamitsu discovered an orphan of low birth called Kintaro who had an exceptional talent as a hero and a demon hunter. Later Kintaro became a samurai called Kintoki Sakata, another of the Four Godly Heroes. Kintaro/Kintoki even surpassed the fame of Sadamitsu. Every Japanese knows the name of the hero Kintaro. This story also matches with the story the Owl discovered a talented orphan who would be later called Sekiro and was surpassed by his own adopted son.


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    • Anonymous

      Owl doesn't get enough appreciation as one of the actual villains in Fromsoft games, they're not as rare as some make them out to be, but Pontiff, Laurence, Mohg, and Owl all fit the bill IMO, and Owl definitely is the best one.

      • Anonymous

        Well, I guess we now know that Owl abandoned Sekiro in the Usui forest when he was a child, and never expected him to live/return.

        • Anonymous

          Funny thing that tells you Owl was faking it; if you hit him after he tells you to take the back door into Hirata, there will be that rippling effect that sort of negates your attack. This in-game effect is reserved for characters who you can approach with your sword out but aren't supposed to kill. A lot of dying characters have this too, but it is replaced by a blood spatter if you let them say their dialogue and die. The other character who have this are the children Kotaro is supposed to protect. If you send him to the Hall of Illusions, and strike the air around Kotaro, there will be a rippling effect too, indicating their presence. In any case, Owl faked his death all along and the clue was right there in front of us when he did it.

          • Anonymous

            Who in the world thinks Owl is noble??? Dude is an opportunistic, manipulative b*stard throughout the entire story. The only noble thing he did in the entire story was adopting Wolf. Aside from that, he leads the bandits into the Hirata Estate, kills Wolf from behind after he defeats Lady Butterfly, steals the Everblossom branch and kills the tree, attempts to have Wolf forsake Kuro for his plans, tries to manipulate Kuro into accepting him into the immortal oath for his own gain, then intends to take Kuro as a prisoner in order to utilize the Dragon's Blood until Wolf kills him. He's only out for himself the whole time.

            • Anonymous

              The reason he adopts Sekiro must be because Sekiro is completely fearless and points Owl's sword at himself, earning Owl'a surprise respect. Even after he was cut he didn't flinch. Maybe that has to do with the 3rd rule of the iron code, fear is absolute. On another note, there must be something about a shinobi not revealing his proper name. Sekiro never reveals his name, and as soon as owl reveals his name Sekiro kills him. All the shinobis have fake animal names.

              • Anonymous

                I think the collapsed owl in hirata estate is an illusion. Im in ng+ right now and when I hit him he gets a bit blurry, as if hes not really there.

                • Did anyone else notice that when you meet owl in the burning courtyard, he says almost the exact same thing that Eileen the Crow says to you outside the cathedral in bloodborne?

                  • Anonymous

                    I didn't like Sekiro as much as I thought I would, way too restricting and kinda linear, but holy shieeet fighting *him* is so enjoyable!

                    • Anonymous

                      Probably inspired by Gut's foster father from berserk, since he takes in a war orphan to mostly exploit and betray, considering fromsoft are huge fans of berserk.

                      • Anonymous

                        I’ve been a huge fan of your work and site. You always do a thorough job of explains classes and game mechanics, which is greatly appreciated. YouTube had a gaffe this morning that I wanted to point out. There was no need to put (Father) in the video title. It’s a unnecessary spoiler for people that haven’t gotten to that point yet, myself included. Aside from that, keep up the great work. YouTube

                        • Anonymous

                          He has the 2nd Mortal Blade for some reason before the end boss. I noticed when looking up the endings I missed but I thought people should know and think about how and why for the Owl and End Boss Guy

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