Toxic Memorial Mob

toxic memorial mob1

Location Sunken Valley

Toxic Memorial Mob is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Toxic Memorial Mob ...


Toxic Memorial Mob Information

  • Location: Sunken Valley near the bottom before the Serpent Cave. Go to the Bodhisattva Valley Idol, turn around and fall into the poison ravine. The Toxic Memorial Mob is past the white monkey and to the right.
  • Progression: N/A
  • Combat: Players  may not kill Toxic Mob.
  • Rewards: N/A


Associated Quests

  • Questline Information and Progression
  • Related NPCs
  • Endings impact



  • (Starting dialogue): "Care to purchase an offering?"
  • (Talk option) "Hey, you there. Don't go into that cave up ahead. Inside is an old shrine where the Serpent God dwells. And if the Serpent God swallows you, you can't buy any more offerings now can you? (Hacking cough...)"
  • (Exit dialogue): "May the departed rest in peace... (Cough, hack...)"

 Vendor Inventory

Item and Quantity Price
Pellet x5 80 Sen
Dragon's Blood Droplet x2 180 Sen
Green Mossy Gourd 1800 Sen
Antidote Powder (unlimited) 120 Sen
Heavy Coin Purse x5 550 Sen
Yellow Gunpowder x2 270 Sen

Notes & Tips

  • Voiced by: ??
  • Trivia and such go here




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    • Anonymous

      I think he carries the Dragon’s Blood Droplet in NG, but not NG+ for some reason (tested on my current character).

      • Anonymous

        This guy's got balls of steel. He's selling stuff in a poison swamp located between a giant serpent god and a crazed immortal gorilla.

        • Anonymous

          I could be wrong about this but I swear his skin colour used to be green but now he’s wearing a mask with some green on it. Maybe I saw it wrong on my first play through though.

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