Treasure Carp is an enemy in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. A Treasure Carp is characterized as a large orange fish that is agile and quick to escape once it is found. Upon successfully capturing and killing one, these enemies drop an important item called Treasure Carp Scales, which serves as a currency that can be traded in for a variety of unique items at the merchants, Pot Noble Harunaga and Pot Noble Koremori.

Treasure Carp Location

Treasure Carp Rewards

Treasure Carp Notes & Tips

  • Treasure Carp Scales are used to in trade for unique items sold by the merchants Pot Noble Harunaga and Pot Noble Koremori.
  • Treasure Carps do not attack the player. However, if it spots the player, it will flee and disappear after a few seconds. However, it will respawn within about 10 seconds, and in the same spot every time.
    • Therefore, an easy strategy is to simply spawn camp them every time they flee. Note: they may not respawn if the player is in the exact spot they spawn, so try moving over a bit if it doesn't spawn.
  • Treasure Carps do not respawn if the player rests or travel between Sculptor's Idols, meaning they are limited enemies and will be permanently killed in that specific playthrough.
  • Underwater Carp can be killed from land by using a charged up Loaded Spear Thrust type Prosthetic Tool Upgrade. They can also be killed, albeit hard to time, by slowly swimming up closely behind one and then charging a sword melee to thrust forward (sometimes a quick sword melee follow up is needed to land the blow). This allows almost immediate access to 5 scales very early in the game.
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    • Anonymous

      In the early game, the trick here is to HOLD attack and NOT to tap it. Simple attacks never reach them but thrust attacks get them almost all the time.

      • Anonymous

        There is a secret in the late game to get 5 free scales. Travel to the Flower Viewing Stage, then enter the Mibu House, and kill the 2 or 3 old okami there. To your right there is a small square pond. You can dive into it and there will be a hole leading into a secret room with a chest containing "Water Of The Palace". Now travel to the Wedding Cave Entrance in Ashina Depths and go into the house where the villagers are at the entrance (you can get in by sneaking under the floorboards and activating a shinobi door there). Give the Village Priest the water to drink. Go back to any idol and rest, then return to the house. The priest will have turned into a Okami flute player. Kill him and he will drop 5 scales. Really useful!

        • (This was a reply, I re-framed as a comment in case anyone is struggling) To kill them, find the spawn point, hide in the plants, behind something or below them and watch their pattern. Swim up from beneath with a lunging stab. Helps to wait until they're near the walls if you can, so you get some time to swim up after they see you. It's not fun, but once you get the hang of it and understand their patterns and line of sight, you will become an apex predator that never misses! You don't need to resurface for them to spawn. You can wait directly where they spawn and they immediately see you and swim off, so be careful where you wait. It's better to stay down and try to catch where they're coming from so you can exploit it.

          • Anonymous

            Another way is Using Sheruken. fills there posture to 100% so they cant move then you can swim right up to them

            • Anonymous

              use Loaded Spear, always hits when theyre near the surface and is way more reliable then charge attacking

              • Anonymous

                This might be a spoiler for some, but at a certain point in the game you'll get a technique that lets you swim underwater and get them pretty easily, so don't waste your time and get back to them once you that skill. The first 5 scales should be used for the secret weapon art thou, so you can go ahead and farm those in the memory

                • Anonymous

                  Guys you can hit the deep ones while locked on with a thrust attack (hold the attack button) when they're at their highest point, probably less risk of spooking them.

                  • Anonymous

                    Hey guys, I figured out how to hit the deep ones. Don't lock on to them, just go above and look straight down, then attack. It also helps to wait until they are clearest, it means they're highest in the water.

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